Best Sneeze Guard for 2024

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has left no country untouched, so it becomes even essential to get the right gear to safeguard yourself from the virus!

    Lockdowns around the globe are easing, and people are getting back to work to save the drowning economy. If you are also one of those who have to rush to the office, then you need the right protective equipment to ensure added safety.

    Wearing a PPE kit is not an option, but using a sneeze guard is a viable option. Most of the folks are using sneeze guards for desks to stay safe and protected at their workplace.

    In this article, we have reviewed the best sneeze guards you can get to keep yourself safe all the time.

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    Top Sneeze Guard Glass Reviewed and Compared

    After extensive research and spending hours, we are here with a list of the best sneeze guards you should get.

    These sneeze protectors are made using glass so you can easily see through them without interrupting your line of sight.

    1. Sneeze Guard – Economy 32″ x 24″ Protective Freestanding Shield with Transaction Window for Offices and Stores

    If your job involves you sitting at the reception or on the cash counter, then this acrylic sneeze guard for the counter is what you need.

    Made using high-quality acrylic the sneeze protector is shatter-proof, and it won’t break easily. The surface prevents the water droplets from adhering to it, and you can remain safe behind this shield.

    There are no tools required for the installation, and you can place them on the counter to create an obstacle between you and the airborne sneeze particles.

    The countertop sneeze guard is ideal to use regularly, and you can clean or sanitize it at the end of the day. Furthermore, the sneeze guard is cost-effective and will deliver the real value on the investment by protecting you from bacteria.

    The size of the sneeze protector is 31-1/2” wide x 23-1/2” high, and you can even order a customized piece if you have a bigger reception table or area.

    What We Like

    • Ready to install
    • Thick acrylic shield for better resistance against shattering
    • Lightweight
    • Completely transparent

    2. HeatMax 30 x 30 Freestanding Protective Sneeze Guard

    HeatMax is here with a three-piece commercial sneeze guard that will protect you from all sides. Unlike, a single shield, you get better protection with this protector.

    Installing the shield requires no tools, and you can easily slide the three panes together, and voila the sneeze guard is ready for the job.

    The reason why this sneeze guard frame is an ideal choice for retail chains and other businesses is due to the engraving marked on it. The shield comes with “Thank You & Stay Safe!” engraved on it to greet your customers well.

    Moreover, there is a cash window available in the sneeze guard for the reception desk so you can easily collect the cash without removing the shield.

    Using HeatMax freestanding sneeze guard stands is way more convenient than using face shields. Lastly, this is a USA-made glass shield, and you can expect excellent durability and lifespan from it.

    The dimensions of this shield are: 30 x 8 x 30 inches

    What We Like

    • Better overall protection
    • 8-inches thick to prevent shattering easily
    • Durable
    • The cash window makes it ideal for cash counters

    3. SPEEDYORDERS Protective Sneeze Guard

    Here is another high-quality sneeze guard that will protect you while you are on the job attending to customers. The acrylic shield is entirely transparent, and you can easily interact with the customers without any hassles.

    Unlike glass shields, this one is better and more shatter-proof. You can install the sneeze protector in seconds without using any tools. It is a one-piece sneeze guard and is ideal for placing on counters, receptions, and kitchens.

    The thickness of the shield is ¼”, and it is thick enough to deliver a considerable lifespan. You can clean the screen using a dilute rubbing alcohol or soap solution, and it is ready to serve you as well for the very next day.

    The manufacturer offers multiple sizes ranging from 60W x 60Hcm (23.6″ x 23.6″) to 120W x 90H cm (47.2″ x 35.4″). Make sure to remove the peel attached to the shield before using it.

    What We Like

    • Strong material
    • Comes with a stand
    • Available in multiple sizes so no need to wait for fabrication

    4. Sneeze Guard by Versa Products

    Check out this sneeze guard for desks from Versa Products that will stop the sneeze particles coming from all directions. This is a three-piece protector so you will get added protection from all sizes.

    Installing the protector is as easy as a breeze, and you can set it up in some minutes. Made using acrylic, it can withstand decent force, and you can expect remarkable longevity from this shield.

    The manufacturer sells each piece separately, and it’s up to you whether you need a single piece or three pieces for added protection.

    The particular sneeze guard is 1/4” in thickness, and the acrylic material adds more durability to it. Versa manufactures the shield in the USA so quality is something you can count on.

    In a nutshell, this durable sneeze protector is perfect for nail salons, restaurants, offices, and other such places where multiple people visit every day.

    What We Like

    • Handy design
    • Easy to clean
    • Manufactured in the US

    5. SneezeDefense Acrylic Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

    SneezeDefense is here with a sneeze guard for office that is more durable than acrylic shields. The protector is made using Plexiglas which’s better and durable as compared to acrylic. 

    Designed especially for the receptions and counters, this freestanding sneeze guard is just excellent. Also, the cash window available at the bottom allows you to deal in cash, and you can also exchange papers and documents through it.

    Furthermore, the shield is resistant to shattering and impacts, and the stand keeps it stable even if someone touches it accidentally.

    You can clean and sanitize the shield using diluted rubbing alcohol, and it’s ready to use for another day. There is no need for us any tools, and you can assemble the shield on the go.

    Size: 23″W x 35″H – 48″W x 24″H

    What We Like

    • Easy to install
    • Tough and durable
    • Made in the USA

    6. Sneeze Guard Portable Plastic Shield for Counter

    If you are looking for a sneeze guard for the reception desk, then look no more! Here is durable sneeze guard acrylic made using the best quality materials. The sneeze guard’s plastic is durable, and you can expect it to last longer.

    The shield is easy to install, and you don’t need any tools for it. After installing this sneeze guard for the office, you can minimize the exposure for sneezing and coughing.

    There is a big cash window available on the shield so you can use it on cash counters as well. Cleaning the shield is also easy, and a dilute mixture of soap or rubbing alcohol is enough to disinfect the sneeze guard.

    There is only one size available, i.e., 35H X 24W, and you cannot get a protector customized at the time.

    What We Like

    • Tough against exposure
    • Versatile
    • Easy to install
    • Freestanding design

    7. Desktop 2-in-1 Sneeze Guard

    This portable sneeze guard will protect you all the time, and you can easily install it on your office desk or counter. The very durable acrylic is resistant to impact and shattering so it won’t break easily just like glass sneeze guards.

    The manufacturer offers a stand with the shield, and you can install it in minutes. There is no need to use any tools for assembling the protector. Also, it is big enough in size to protect you from the exposure of sneezing and coughing.

    The sneeze guard glass thickness is around ¼” and you can expect remarkable durability from it. The best part about this versatile sneeze guard is that you can get it customized as per your needs.

    If you need an office or a restaurant where you need multiple sneeze guards, then you can reach out to the manufacturer about your requirements.

    Cleaning the shield is also an easy task, and you can use dilute soap mix or rubbing alcohol to clean it in minutes.

    What We Like

    • Multiple mounting options
    • Customization available
    • Features holes to be hung from the ceiling

    8. Sneeze, Guard – Portable Freestanding Shield with Transaction Window

    Here is another quality sneeze guard that comes with the option to get it customized. Made using ¼” thick acrylic the shield is highly durable and resistant to shattering.

    You can assemble the protector in minutes without using any tools. The manufacturer offers stands with the shield, so it stands freely without any support.

    Also, it is highly suitable for offices, restaurants, and other places with counters. You can even place it on your desk without using any support.

    Cleaning the shield is easy, and you can disinfect it using dilute rubbing alcohol. The manufacturer offers customization options so you can get the best suitable shield for your needs.

    The size readily available is 36” x 32”, but you can get different sizes after discussing your requirements with the manufacturer.

    What We Like

    • Easy to mount
    • Durable
    • Cash window available

    9. Carlisle 924803 Acrylic Adjustable Single-Sided Sneeze Guard

    Protecting food is necessary for restaurants these days, and if you belong to the food industry, then you can’t agree more.

    With this sneeze guard, you can protect the food from airborne particles, and it will remain protected from getting contaminated.

    The adjustable resin sheet allows you to focus it on the food so that no contaminants can stick to the food. Also, the shield is portable, and you can transport it here and there to use for other essential items as well.

    The frame attached to the acrylic resin is durable, and it will last longer. Furthermore, the black finish will last longer on the aluminum frame so you will surely find this sneeze guard as a good investment.

    However, the weight of the sneeze guard is a bit more due to its size and robust frame. The size available is 4.5 x 21.6 x 1 inches, and you can use multiple protectors together if you need a sneeze guard for the buffet.

    What We Like

    • Easy to use
    • The durable acrylic resin sheet
    • Robust frame

    10. Cambro FSG480110 Sneeze Guard

    Here is another sneeze guard for buffet and restaurants that will protect the food from all types of airborne bacteria and particles. The front and top of the protector have an acrylic resin sheet that protects the food from these particles.

    Also, the robust frame stands still, and the sneeze guard remains stable at its place. You can adjust the single-size sneeze guard easily while leaving room for people to take the food on the go.

    The thickness of the sheet is fantastic, and it will last longer than you think. Handling the sneeze guard is a bit hectic as it weighs 25 pounds due to the robust frame.

    You can use it on all types of tables and food counters to keep the food safe while keeping the buffet on.

    What We Like

    • Great construction
    • Ideal for restaurants and buffets
    • Adjustable acrylic sheet

    Buyer’s Guide: Features to consider before buying the best sneeze protector

    Sneeze Guard by Versa Products, Personal Protection Shield - BestCartReviews

    Buying the best sneeze protector, but it would be great to check some features before you purchase one. Here is the list of features you need to check to make a good buying decision.


    The first feature to consider is the type of sneeze guards. Do you need it for your office or restaurant; there are multiple types of protectors available so you should make your decision accordingly.

    Sneeze protectors with sash windows are ideal for stores, and other places where handling the cash is necessary. Whereas, there are some sneeze guards on self-service food areas available as well that are ideal for restaurants and buffets.


    Next, check the material of the sneeze protector. Generally, sneeze protectors are made using acrylic, and plexiglass which is two durable materials. Also, these are easy to clean, so there won’t be an issue in disinfecting these protectors.


    Next comes the size of the sneeze guard. You should get a sneeze guard that fits your desk and protect you from airborne particles and germs.

    Some manufacturers even offer customizations so you can get a sneeze protector customized for your needs.


    The last factor is the price. Mostly all the sneeze protectors are affordable, and you can get one easily considering your protection.

    However, some options cost more based on their quality.

    Benefits of using Sneeze Guards

    There are multiple benefits of using a sneeze guard or glass partition in your office and other areas in the workplace.  As an example, using a sneeze guard will act as a barrier between you and the customers.

    Even if someone sneezes, then you will remain protected behind the shield without using face shields. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits of using sneeze guards in buffets and restaurants as these protect from getting contaminated.

    <strong>Best Sneeze Guards</strong> FAQs

    What is a sneeze guard?

    A sneeze guard acts as a barrier between you and other people. Mostly, these are made using acrylic and plexiglass that is durable and easy to clean.

    In short, a sneeze guard is a transparent shield that keeps you safe from the particles and droplets oozed by sneezing and coughing by people.

    Are sneeze guards effective?

    Yes, sneeze guards are very effective, and that's the reason why most of the offices, stores, and restaurants are using them.

    You will also believe the effectiveness of a sneeze protector after using it.

    How to install a sneeze guard?

    Installing a sneeze guard is easy, and you don't need any tools for it. Most of them are ready to assemble, and you can connect different panes together to set it up.

    What is a sneeze guard used for?

    A sneeze guard is used to protect the person from droplets and other airborne particles. You can use a sneeze guard on your office desk to prevent getting infected from any virus while interacting with the customers and colleagues.

    Final Verdict

    Get any of these best sneeze guards and enjoy its benefits while staying protected from germs and viruses.

    In this article, we have reviewed all types of sneeze protectors, including best for offices and restaurants. You can even pick a protector if you work in a retail store or any other place that involves interacting with the customers.

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