Best 4K Projectors for Incredible Home Theater Entertainment 2024

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    If you are looking for the best 4K projectors of 2024, then your search ends here!

    In this article, we have enlisted all the top projectors of 2024 that are perfect for multiple tasks. Whether you want to enjoy watching an HD movie or you want to play games, having a 4K projector is a good idea.

    Selecting the right projector is a bit tricky as there are numerous options available in the market. But we have made it easier for you with these best 4K projector reviews.

    Check out the reviews to decide what projector you should buy.

    best 4K projector reviews

    Top 8 4K Projectors Reviewed and Compared

    1. Optoma UHD50 True 4K Ultra High Definition DLP Home Theater Projector

    Optoma is a prominent name in the industry that manufactures high-quality 4K projectors and here’s such a model that will make you go wow.  

    The projector is perfect for every purpose, and you can enjoy the quality offered by 8.3 million addressable pixels. Furthermore, it is an HDR compatible device and comes with flexible mounts for installing it on the ceiling.

    Ultimate Contrast 

    The contrast offered by the projector is unrivaled, and you will also believe the same after having this projector by your side. Optoma 4K projector has a contrast ratio of 500,000:1 combined with HDR and you will get the best picture quality with it. 

    Easy to Install 

    You can install the projector pretty quickly as it comes ready to use. There are multiple connectivity ports available, and you can connect the projector using the desired port as per your requirements.

    As soon as the projector powers on, you will see the picture projected on the screen, and you are good to go.

    Excellent Heat Dissipation 

    The projector offers excellent heat dissipation, and you won’t be facing any overheating issues with this 4K projector. The cooling fans installed inside the shell are efficient, and they draw all the heat out of the projector so that you can enjoy it uninterruptedly.

    UHD50 4K UHD DLP Home Theater Projector Review


    • Brilliant resolution
    • Fantastic connectivity using HDMI port
    • Easy keystone correction
    • Phenomenal contrast
    • Supports HDR


    • A bit pricey
    • No wireless connectivity
    • Life of the lamp could be better

    Who Should Buy it?

    If you need a 4K projector with fantastic picture quality, then go for Optoma 4K projector. You can use the device for home and office, and it works pretty well with smartphones as well. 

    Lastly, the DLP chip system eliminates the need for any alignment, and you can set it up in minutes.

    2. BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

    Here is a powerful 4K gaming projector that comes under the brand name BenQ. The projector is simply fantastic, and you can connect it with a multitude of gaming devices, including Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PS4.

    The projector has an active HDMI port, and you can connect your gaming console in minutes with the projector.

    Incredible Audio 

    The projector comes loaded with an integrated 5 watts speaker, so there is no need to connect an additional speaker system. Furthermore, the availability of equalizer improves the audio, and you can set the right balance of sound depending on your requirements.

    Specific Game Modes

    BenQ TH685 is a gaming-specific projector, and you will surely enjoy playing games on it using the specific modes. In addition, you can even use the projector for some other purposes as well, but the dedicated gaming mode makes it a good option just for gaming.

    Pro Performance 

    You can expect unrivaled performance with this projector because it has everything you need. The projected screen is far bigger as compared to 4K TVs so you will see everything clearly without giving any strain to your eyes.

    Benq Gaming Projector 4K Review


    • Sharp images
    • The minimal strain on eyes
    • Low input lag
    • Interesting gaming mode


    • No wireless connectivity
    • Some users complained about the picture quality

    Who Should Buy it?

    This 4K projector from BenQ is perfect for gamers. Also, you can use it to watch moves and shows while ditching the 4K TV.

    The projector has an aesthetic design, and the powerful cooling fans ensure decent performance over a prolonged period.

    3. BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR10 and HLG

    Here is another 4K projector from BenQ that has better quality as compared to its counterparts. From contrast to the resolution and attention to detail, the projector has got a mix of the best stuff you should get in 2024.

    Additionally, the design of the 4k ultra HD projector is superb, and you can use it for multiple tasks like gaming, office presentations, and for other general purposes.

    Factory Calibrated 

    There’s no doubt that you have to calibrate every other projector after unboxing it, but this is not the case with BenQ HT3550. The 4K projector comes factory calibrated so that you can set it up in minutes.

    There is no need to invest your precious time in calibrating the projector, and that’s why it is a convenient 4K projector available in 2024.

    Active Iris and Dynamic Black Technology 

    The active iris and dynamic black technology work in coordination to enhance the quality of images. The picture will be perfectly bright, with stunning visuals. Also, HT3550 offers impressive contrast with superb picture depth, clarity, and details.

    Variety of Preset Modes 

    BenQ HT3550 offers a variety of preset modes, and that improves your experience with the projector dramatically. There are different modes available including movies, TV, high brightness so you can quickly select what’s your preference to get a tailor-made view just for you. 

    BenQ 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR10 and HLG Review


    • Factory calibrated
    • Amazing visuals
    • Audio is good
    • Short throw, bigger zoom


    • Expensive
    • No voice assistant support

    Who Should Buy it?

    This 4k projector with a short throw from BenQ is ideal for the users who don’t want to compromise with the quality. The projector has a plethora of preset modes, and the availability of a short throw lens makes it a superior choice. 

    If you don’t mind spending some more dollars, then you should go for this 4K projector.

    4. KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

    Are you looking for a 4K portable projector that fits inside your pocket? Well, Kodak Luma 350 is what you should buy. The compact projector is high on specifications, and you even connect it wirelessly with your devices. 

    Overall, the projector offers cinema-like quality and is ideal for watching movies and playing games.

    Plug and Play 

    The projector comes ready to use, and you can set it up straight away after taking it out form the box. There is no need to download any software and upgrade any firmware as the projector has all the essential things already in place.

    Android OS

    Kodak Luma supports Android OS. After connecting the projector with Wi-Fi, you can download multiple apps like Netflix, and other such apps to enjoy anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the projector is very compact so you can fit it inside your pocket just like a tablet.

    Screen Mirroring 

    How about getting your smartphone’s screen on the projector? Sounds good, right?

    After downloading the DLNA and Miracast app, you can connect your smartphone with a projector. Setting up a wireless connection is easy and requires merely 2 minutes if you know how to do it.

    KODAK Portable Smart Projector Review


    • Compact and powerful
    • Widescreen format
    • Portable
    • Built-in speaker
    • Buttons with backlit support


    • You cannot screen mirror copyrighted content
    • Audio isn’t excellent

    Who Should Buy it?

    If you want to enjoy the genuinely sensational portable projector, then Kodak Luma makes the right choice. The projector fits inside your pocket, and you can take it wherever you want. 

    Lastly, it is affordable, so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a 4K projector. 

    5. Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Home Theater Projector with HDR 

    If you are willing to spend some more money on the quality, then Optoma HZ39HDR is a good option. The 4K projector supports HDR, and you can expect sharp visuals and stunning picture quality with it.

    Also, the extensive list of ports let you connect easily with the projector, and you can connect a variety of devices like TVs, phones, PC, and gaming consoles.

    Easy Installation 

    The projector is easy to install, and you will find it pretty simple to adjust the keystone. The adjustable trigger will allow you to adjust the keystone in some minutes so that you can even use the projector in small rooms.

    Integrated Audio 

    The projector houses a 10-watt speaker that offers magnificent sound quality. You won’t feel the need of connecting any separate speaker, as the built-in one is enough to make things right.

    The speaker quality will suffice your needs if you want to play games or watch movies. However, if more people want to use the projector in a bigger room, then a separate speaker system may be required.

    Fully 3D

    Optoma HZ39HDR is a completely 3D projector that displays 3D content. The projector supports BluRay for 3D content, but there are no 3D glasses available with it. 

    If you have 3D glasses available with your gaming console, then you can use them with the projector to view 3-dimensional pictures on it.

    Optoma Laser Home Theater Projector Reviews


    • Superb audio
    • Best-in-class picture quality
    • Dual HDMI ports
    • MicroUSB port available


    • No wireless connectivity
    • No 3D glasses available
    • Pricey

    Who Should Buy it?

    Not all 4K projectors are 3D, so if you want to experience 3D, then Optoma HZ39HDR should be your choice. The projector is easy to install, and you can use it for a variety of purposes, like watching movies, playing games, and much more.

    6. ViewSonic 4K Projector with 3500 Lumens HDR Support and Dual HDMI

    ViewSonic is here with a 4K projector that’s fit for day and night. The high brightness projector will keep you entertained round the clock, so it’s worth every single penny.

    There is a remote available with it also the controls are available on the deck so you can control the projector in both ways.

    Multiple Connectivity Ports 

    The multiple connectivity ports available on the 4K projector allow you to connect multiple devices with it. From speakers to headphones and USB devices, you can connect a variety of devices in a couple of minutes.

    Also, the projector has dual HDMI ports so there won’t be an issue in connecting different devices simultaneously.

    Long-lasting lamp

    Generally, the lamps of 4K projectors don’t last longer as compared to other projectors, but with the ViewSonic projector, you can expect a decent lifespan from the lamp. 

    The lamp can last around 15,000 hours, depending on how you are using the projector.  The manufacturer offers a warranty on the projector, so you get extra assurance with it.

    10W Speaker 

    The 10W speaker housed in the projector offers fantastic audio so you can rely on it. The room-filling audio eliminates the need for using a separate speaker, so you don’t have to spend anything extra on the projector.

    ViewSonic 4K Projector with 3500 Lumens HDR Support Reviews


    • Backlit remote control
    • Long-lasting lamp
    • Dual HDMI ports
    • Supports HDR


    • No wireless connectivity
    • A bit pricey

    Who Should Buy it?

    You should buy this 4k ultra HD projector if you need one with a powerful built-in speaker. The projector works well for a prolonged time, and the innards don’t get heated due to the cooling fans.

    You can connect a variety of devices with the projector, including smartphones, tablets, phones, TV, PC and much more.

    7. UUO Native 1080P Projector 6000 Lux Led Projector

    UUO Native 1080p 4K projector has a lot of awesome features that you will definitely consider as an option. The projector comes with auto power-off that turns the projector off in case it reaches beyond the permitted temperature range.

    Also, the 300″ large screen offers more entertainment and fun, and your experience with this projector will be really different and fantastic.

    Electronic Keystone Correction 

    You can correct the vertical and horizontal keystone using the remote control. There is no need to indulge in fussy manual processes when you can do it with a few clicks.  The projector also supports manual keystone correction for the users who like to do it manually.

    Wide Compatibility

    The projector has a wide compatibility, and you can connect it with multiple devices ranging from speakers to smartphones and gaming consoles. 

    You can even connect Chromecast and Fire TV Stick with it, so there is no need to buy a 4K TV when you have this projector.

    Larger and Better Screen 

    The projector has a larger and better screen as compared to other models available in the market. The size of the screen is around 300″ if you place the projector 120′ away from the screen. Whether you have a conference room or a small place, you can use this projector with ease.

    UUO Native FHD Projector Lux Led Projector Reviews


    • Easy to set up
    • Handy controls
    • Bigger screen
    • Good audio
    • Electronic keystone correction
    • Affordable


    • After-sales service is not that good
    • Heat dissipation is problematic

    Who Should Buy it?

    If you want a 4k projector for a home under $300, then UUO Native 1080p 4K projector should be your choice. The projector is handy and easy to set up. Moreover, you can connect different devices with the projector using the multiple connectivity ports available on it.

    Buyers’ Guide: Factors to look for while buying a 4K projector

    Optoma UHD50 True 4K Ultra High Definition DLP Home Theater Projector for Entertainment and Movies

    This buyer’s guide will assist you in buying the best 4K projectors with ease. Our review team has also compared the entire list of 4K projector based on these factors.


    The foremost thing you should consider is why you are buying a 4K projector. Are you buying it for entertainment? Or you need it for some professional purposes. 

    You should select a 4K projector depending on your requirements. If you need one for office use, then go for portable projectors. Fixed and heavy 4K projectors are good for home because you don’t have to change their placement multiple times.


    The next vital factor is the contrast of the projector. The contrast is the difference between the white and dark point. As an example, if a projector has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, then the white point is 1000 times brighter as compared to the dark point.


    All the projectors listed in this article have 4K resolution so you can pick any of these depending on your budget. We know you are here for best 4K projectors and that’s why we have only reviewed the best projectors only.


    The audio quality of a 4K projector should be good so that you can enjoy it without connecting a separate set of speakers. Check the audio technology used in the projectors as some models come with Dolby Technology and SRS sound.

    Connectivity Ports 

    Have a look at the connection ports available with the projector like HDMI ports, VGA ports and other such ports you are going to use. Some projectors have dual ports, and you can connect multiple devices with them simultaneously. 

    Easy to Set Up

    Generally, most of the best 4K projectors are easy to set up, and you can install them pretty quickly following the instruction manual. All the projectors reviewed in this article are easy to install so you won’t be spending hours installing one at your home or office.

    Voice Assistant Support 

    Some 4K projectors come with voice assistant support, and you can connect Alexa or Google Home to give commands to these devices. Make sure to check this feature beforehand as it is available in selected models only.


    Lastly, make sure to consider your budget as well to avoid overspending. This list of best 4K projectors covers affordable as well as a top-end projector for every budget. We have suggested the best affordable and top-level projector in the conclusion part so that you can easily make the best choice.

    Are 4k projectors worth it?

    Yes, best 4K projectors will reward you with a crystal clear picture, and you will surely love the fantastic quality of these projectors. Whether you love gaming or you need a projector for watching movies at home, having a 4K device is a must.

    What is the best 4k projector?

    It depends on multiple factors like the type of audio and quality you are looking for. There are many best 4K projectors available in this list, so choosing an ideal one will be easier for you. Lastly, make sure to check the buying guide to select the best device for the money.

    Is a 4k projector as good as a 4k TV?

    We cannot compare a 4K TV with a 4K projector due to the substantial difference. However, in some aspects, a TV 4K projector is better than a TV. You will get a 4K projector for a reasonable price as compared to a 4K TV.

    Also, a projector is much more portable than a TV so you will surely enjoy these benefits with a projector only.

    Why is a projector better than a TV?

    A 4K projector is better than a TV when compared on various aspects like portability, affordability, and much more. In short, 4K projectors are more versatile, and you can get it for an affordable price when compared to a 4K TV.

    Is the projector better than TV for eyes?

    There are multiple scientific studies that claim that projectors are better for your eyes as compared to TVs. The reason behind it is that a projector produces much bigger images than a TV so your eyes will strain less than watching TV.

    Also, projectors reflect the light, whereas 4K TVs emit it which is dangerous for eyes if watched for a prolonged time.

    Benefits of 4K Projectors for Home Entertainment 2024

    Are you looking for the best 4K projector for home entertainment? Well, there are multiple benefits you can experience with it like ultimate eye comfort, portability and value for money. Go through this article to find out some more benefits you can experience with a 4K projector.

    Final Thoughts

    These are the best 4K projectors available in 2024, and you can get any of these to enjoy a fantastic experience. The projectors are easy to set up, and you can install them without any professional help. We recommend you go through the buying guide and FAQ section as well to select the best 4K projector for your requirements.

    The best projector on this list is BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR10 and HLG due to its fantastic features. However, if you need a budget option then go with KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector.

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