Brother MFC J995DW

    If we have to give Brother Mfc-j995dw a review, then we can say that this multifunctional printer provides the right combination of functionality and performance. It has all the capabilities that small offices would love.

    This printer comes with auto-two-sided printing and can print and scan to diverse memory devices. These are saliently two features that we don’t see with any other printers.

    Rendering the MFC J995DW Review, an outstanding all-in-one printer with modest print and copy capacity, it is the best for small and home-based offices.

    brother inkvestment mfc-j995dw review

    In order to connect your printer with your tablet or smartphone frequently, the wireless protocols facilitate you much better, devoid of being linked to a router or network. Moreover, this printer helps you, so you could easily connect your mobile devices to your printer by merely touching some options on your screen.

    Significant features

    This Tank System of Revolutionary INKvestment utilizes clean, familiar cartridges that hold extra ink and work with an inner tank of ink storage. It is an all-in-one latest printer that is best for multipurpose functioning. Whether if you want to print/copy/scan or fax, by all the ways, this printer works exceptionally well. Besides, its functionality is precise by its salient features:

    Brother MFC J995DW 1

    The advantages of this new technology are mostly comfort. Moreover, brother investment MFC-j995dw does have a gauge that records how many sheets you have printed and calculates how many you have more. Rather than showing the highly inaccurate ink volume signs, the printer controls the ink volumes. It informs you when they are down, and you can request new cartridges straight from the control panel.

    Ultimately, as with the prior variant of INKvestment, the MFC-J995DW arrives in both a non-XL edition and an XL edition. Nevertheless, the distinction with the preceding model is that the XL edition comes with ink cartridges of three packs that are fairly large.

    The MFC-J995DW XL, on the other side, comes only with one pack, but the tanks alone will carry double as much ink — or up to the worth of two years, based on how often you print, of course.

    Entry-Level Speed

    At a pace of 12 pages per minute (ppm), Brother rated MFC J995DW for monochrome pages and ten ppm for color pages. It’s comparable to the 10ppm we’ve seen on the MFC J775DW, plus it is quicker than the Canon G4210. The MFC-J995DW score here shows that it more aimed at the mild-use workplace.

    INKvestment Tank

    The MFC-J995DW, an innovative version released by Brother, is best for its ink-cost-savings structure. This INKvestment-Tank-Extended-Print is the best choice for you. INKvestment technology stands on modern cartridges.

    When you’re low, you can purchase and refill bullets, but the cartridges discharged into internal secondary tanks.

    brother mfc-j995dw all-in-one inkjet printer

    Brother Inkvestment MFC J995DW Review & FAQ's 2023

    Frequently bought together

    Automatic document feeder

    Lets you automatically load multiple-page documents into an all-in-one printer for scanning or copying.

    First-rate Graphics and Text

    The MFC-J995DW prints and copies vivid graphic and picture material well enough to be used in most commercial scenarios. As standard, the text is smooth, well-shaped, and highly readable at about 4 or 5 points.

    You’ll never have any issues in printing test photographs in MFC-J995DW. Apart from this, it looks precise and well-detailed. It is very much suitable for most small businesses, education, and family use.

    Viable Running Costs

    While the MFC-J995DW offers reasonable running costs on its purchase price, at about 1 cent a sheet, the MFC-J995DW prints black pages, and at less than 5 cents, prints color pages.

    Too Many Good Choices

    No doubt, Brother Printers run forever, and for the manufacturer’s supports, this comes with a two-year guarantee. The MFC-J995DW is undoubtedly a great purchase. If you want a higher volume, the faster and more powerful one, take a look at this printer. The brother MFC-j995dw all-in-one inkjet printer is an excellent option for moderate daily use in a small office.

    Brother MFC-J995DW All-in-one Inkjet Printer

    Brother Inkvestment MFC J995DW Review & FAQ's 2023


    • At per page Meager cost
    • Fast at the text, graphics, and printing
    • Copying speeds and quick scanning
    • It can print automatically on both sides of the paper
    Brother Inkvestment MFC J995DW Review & FAQ's 2023


    • Color-photo scans are Mediocre
    • Little bit costly

    FAQs - Brother Inkvestment MFC-J995DW Review

    Does brother MFC j995dw have fax?

    Yes, this device has fax functions. It can send and receives FAXes when properly installed and wired to a landline phone. This is just an inkjet style printer that utilizes one black and three color cartridges and gives colored prints. On the other hand, a laser printer requires one black toner cartridge for black printing only.

    There are laser printers that can also print in color. However, they are quite costly to print because they use one black toner cartridge and three color toner cartridges that are a little bit costly.

    Where does the paper tray mount? Front, back or on a side?

    It's right in front of the unit. There's a little handle that you will pull out and lift the lid to put the document under it. Nevertheless, on the back of the machine, you get a separate media tray. At a time, it can carry just one sheet, which makes it tough for this device to print manifold pictures on glossy paper or commercial papers on card stock or other specialized media.

    Upon installing the board, the touch screen shows a notification that the manual feed slot set. However, the 50-sheet output tray of the MFC-J995DW and the 20-sheet document feeder are not well suited for major purposes. A lot more surprising is the duplexer, which allows two-sided printing and is fast.

    Can we use this printer as a scanner?

    Yes, you can use this printer as a scanner since it is the all-in-one proven to be the best quick scanner. Also, this can easily record a 600 dpi JPEG in just 38.5 seconds, much advanced than the average of 1 minute and 10 seconds.

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    This excellent user interface begins with the brother inkvestment MFC j995dw full display touch screen. An elegant and flexible GUI is a one-of-a-kind feature. And you would find it on more expensive options (like HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw, for example).

    We discovered this to be the most user-friendly system for navigating the multiple copying, printing, scanning, and fax functions of the MFC-J995DW. If you often print charts and graphs, don’t like to waste so much on ink, and use it for a copier/scanner/faxer / then Brother MFC J995DW is a good choice.

    It offers all the additional features of a multi-function printer. Also, it has an attractive interface of the touch screen. It manages to maintain bold and vibrant graphics, although keeping ink consumption to a minimal level. Nonetheless, it tends to make the text look a bit blotchy. This isn’t a problem if you’re printing 12 point fonts and beyond.

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