Best Computer Printers Review and Buyer’s Guide 2024

    Technology is rapidly expanding, and several of the best computer printers have seen remarkable growth. From better ink efficiency to higher quality, there are countless new additions. They even have better connectivity, smart controls, and app supports.

    Are you looking for computer desk printers to assist you in everyday work? Then you are in the right place. Here you have the best computer printer reviews that consider several factors. Connectivity options, performance, quality, and affordability are all well-researched before bringing you this review.

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    It could be a daunting task to find the right printer. After all, you might be looking for a budget-friendly option or something for home office use. There are many with better marketing schemes and offers that could entice you. However, this guide will break through all of the fluff to bring you specific information.

    Furthermore, there is a buyer’s guide, and some frequently asked questions to ease the process for you. So let’s start with:

    Here is a list of 8 Best Computer Printers Reviewed:

    1. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

    • Print Speed: 10-7 PPM
    • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
    • Dimension: 14.4 x 17.5 x 5 Inches
    • Weight: 11.93 Pounds

    HP is known for providing remarkable printers, and here you get a proper wireless printer with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a multi-function printer that brings you print, scan, and copy without any problem. The smart technology refines the quality to provide you sharp and crip prints, whether it is photos or texts.

    If you don’t want to invest too much in the inks, you can register with HP’s instant ink program. They deliver inks at home with minimal membership cost, including shipping and recycling. If you are not sure about subscribing, you can try their first two months free trial.

    You can connect the printer with Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage. It is compatible with the phone to connect, scan, and use your phone’s camera for printing. It has dual-band WIFI connectivity for excellent connectivity.

    It is one of the inkjet printers all in one compatibility. Thus, you get multiple paper size support from legal and standards to big envelopes. Additionally, you get a one-year warranty on the hardware and the remarkable customer support of HP.


    • All-in-one printer with broad compatibility, paper support
    • HP printers with Bluetooth
    • Color and black & white printer at remarkable speed
    • HP membership for better services and support
    • Works on all types of paper


    • Doesn’t have USB support
    • Doesn’t have an Ethernet cable option

    2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing

    • Print Speed: 8-5 IPM
    • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan Fax
    • Dimension: 17.2 x 11.7 x 7.5 Inches
    • Weight: 13 Pounds

    In the world of competent computer printers Canon is another pioneer in providing world-class products. Here you have one with wireless connectivity and Canon Print app compatibility. You can conveniently use other devices to provide print commands.

    It is full of features with Mopria print, automatic switch on and off, built-in ADF, Air print, and much more. Additionally, it offers USB connectivity to cover ‘truly universal’ support. Its smart control makes it a breeze to monitor ink levels with proper notifications.

    More importantly, it works with Alexa. Thus, you can give it any command to even print your to-do list, reminders, and much more. Alexa’s smart assistance also works to detect ink capacity and provide better information.

    It offers you scan, copy, print, and even faxing options as an all-in-one inkjet printer. The most striking feature of this printer remains its broad compatibility with various apps. Whether you want to customize photos, messages, or more, it is well-versed.


    • An affordable choice for inkjet home printers
    • Four in one functions, fantastic for a single choice and investment
    • Complete connectivity compatibility and smart apps support


    • Doesn’t support dual-band wifi
    • Slow printing speed

    3. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

    • Print Speed: 8.5-6 PPM
    • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
    • Dimension: 14.33 x 17.72 x 8.54 Inches
    • Weight: 12.37 Pounds

    Are you looking for printers for home use? Here’s another great printer from HP with multiple function support, wireless printing, and a touchscreen to meet modern utility. You have AirPrint support for versatile printing options. It works with HP smart app that makes it easier for you to connect with smartphones and other devices. You can order toner or even use a cloud database to print.

    In other words, you get similar features as the previous one in the list. However, you have a laser printer quality that brings you lab-like results. You have a quiet, noiseless performance with HP printers scan to computer ease. It is a compact design with a reasonably lightweight build. However, it is still highly durable.

    If you need an auto-document feeder, this one is an excellent choice. You can integrate the optional high-yield cartridges if you want. It is energy-star certified and brings you around eight to nine prints per minute for black and white. For colored, you get around six prints per minute


    • Easy to set up
    • Very user-friendly to operate
    • Automatic ink delivery and much more with membership
    • Remarkable printing quality


    • Requires you to subscribe to HP to print more
    • No USB printing option

    4. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

    • Print Speed: 22-18 PPM
    • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
    • Dimension: 10.94 x 17.3 x 13.48 Inches
    • Weight: 24.1 Pounds

    In the recent requirement of printers home office has become another category. It is where you might need a printer good for both home and office use. These kinds of printers are great for people who have an office at home or work from home. Here you have a printer that offers 22 printers per minute in black ink and up to 18 in color.

    It offers automatic two-sided printing if you initiate the command. There is an automatic document feeder with 35 extra sheets. Furthermore, you can put up to 250 sheets in a single load. The printer comes with a colored touchscreen display for ease of controls.

    The printer comes with all standard features and ease of HP, including the app compatibility. It has a direct scan to mail command for more convenience. Unlike other HP printers on the list, this one supports USB printing. Thus, it is undoubtedly a universal connectivity printer.

    It is a compact printer with a great capacity to organize documents. You can assign it smart tasks and simplify the printing process. With HP’s subscriptions, you will always get high-grade inks. It allows you to print remotely and monitor ink capacity.

    The wifi connectivity is remarkable, with robust connectivity and a 3-stage setup. While it might take longer to set up initially, it is highly efficient in the long run. For professional requirements, it has password connectivity and other safety measures.


    • High-speed printing 22-18 PPM
    • Better security and compact size
    • Automatic feeder and two-sided printer
    • Smart controls for ease of printing
    • Supports USB printing


    • HP requires a subscription to work the printers
    • Might require extra time to setup

    5. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

    • Print Speed: 32 PPM
    • Functions: Print
    • Dimension: 14.2 x 14 x 7.2 Inches
    • Weight: 15.9 Pounds

    Here you have a superb inkjet printer cheap and reliable with up to 32 prints per minute but in monochrome. In other words, this is a good choice for a simple black and white work and office printing. It has a fantastic 250 pages capacity to minimize the requirement to refill it frequently.

    The feeder supports various paper sizes. It brings you a well-versed connectivity option with wireless controls. Thus, you can connect it with any device and send a printing command. It has an automatic two-sided printing option and a toner saver mode to save on the ink if you don’t need high-quality prints.

    It works with Wifi or USB connectivity seamlessly. Additionally, you get smart apps support from Airprint to Brother’s original app. It even supports the cloud database for added convenience. Overall, it is a perfect choice for a small-scale business or home use where you don’t need colored prints.

    It is highly reliable with a one-year warranty. If you’re looking for cheap inkjet printers that provide remarkable performance, this will suit your requirements. 


    • Very feasible investment and remarkable performance
    • Can print up to 32 pages per minute
    • Proper wireless functionality with USB support
    • Smart apps support
    • User-friendly toner-saver option and much more


    • Only prints black and white
    • It just gets the work done, not a very well-versed printer
    • Might pose some problem with connectivity

    6. Brother HL-L3210CW Compact Digital Color Printer

    • Print Speed: 19 PPM
    • Functions: Print
    • Dimension: 18.1 x 16.1 x 9.9 Inches
    • Weight: 37.8 Pounds

    If you like the affordability of Brother’s printers, here’s the one with a color printing option and laser printing technology. It has a remarkable speed whether you need black and white or color prints at 19 prints per minute. You can assign 250 sheets at once in the feeder.

    This is a wireless printer with Wifi and USB connectivity. It has a high yield toner for better printing quality, but you can also use toner saver mode. Overall, the quality is very crisp for the price you pay. This printer aims to make laser printing with color a highly affordable choice.

    However, it is quite heavy with a bulky design. For aesthetics, weight, and dimension, it doesn’t offer much. Therefore, if you need a home or office printer that does the printer’s job, it is the right choice. As mentioned before, affordable printers Brother offers sustainable performance as a unique selling point.  


    • Color and black and white printing at an affordable rate
    • Wifi and USB connectivity for wireless and wired printing requirement
    • A capacious feeder with 250 sheet storage


    • It is a laser printer that’s great for precision but not for quality
    • Supports the latest connectivity, not older Wifi or Bluetooth

    7. Epson EcoTank ET-M1170 Wireless Monochrome Supertank Printer

    • Print Speed: 20 PPM
    • Functions: Print
    • Dimension: 13.7 x 14.8 x 5.9 Inches
    • Weight: 12.58 Pounds

    For monochrome computer printers Epson brings you fantastic quality and value for money. Epson EcoTank is one of the best supertank printers available in the market. It brings you remarkable quality for ink and performance. Therefore, you can save up to 75% of the cost with each print.

    Apart from the primary ink cartridge, you have a replacement ink bottle to print up to 6,000 pages non-stop. This emergency backup certainly proves to be effective. You have Precision core printing technology to deliver exceptionally sharp quality.

    It is an instant printer that doesn’t take warm-up time and starts printing immediately. Epson has a promo to offer unlimited ink supply for up to 2 years. You can check for eligibility. There’s no need for you to spend on expensive toner cartilage anymore. Here you have a printer with a two-year warranty.

    It supports both Wifi and direct Ethernet connectivity. Overall, you have a highly reliable and qualitative printing unit with Epson computer printers.


    • Long-lasting performance with 100% ink usage
    • Remarkable ink capacity and backup
    • Inkjet monochrome printer for better quality
    • Wireless and Ethernet connectivity
    • Very sleek and compact design


    • The unlimited ink promo might be limited or vary from user to user
    • Expensive for a monochrome printer

    8. Pantum M6552NW Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

    • Print Speed: 23 PPM
    • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
    • Dimension: 16.42 x 12.01 x 11.85 Inches
    • Weight: 18.74 Pounds

    Here’s another monochrome printer, but the one that supports multiple paper types. It has the clarity and precision of a laser printer for truly smudge-proof printing. You get three-in-one functionality with printing, copy, and scanning. If you need computer printers cheap in price, this one will suit your requirement.

    It has a sleek design and makes for one of the best computer desk printers. For connectivity, you have high-speed USB and Wifi support. It has iOS and Android connectivity, and you also get the smart app of Pantum for added leisure. Furthermore, it supports the Google cloud database for flexibility in printing.

    You get 23 prints per minute with an automatic document feeder. The LCD control panel certainly looks stylish and enticing to use. More importantly, you get a single-place for toner cartridge.


    • One of the most straightforward computer desk printers
    • Energy-saving, easy Wifi setup and remarkable quality
    • Highly efficient with high-speed printing
    • Cheap but value for money


    • It is a monochrome printer
    • Not an inkjet printer

    Buyers Guide For Best Printers

    If you’re confused about making a decision, here is a quick guide to help you. Now you will have a short explanation to help you understand why these factors matter. So without further ado, let’s begin the guide. Here’s everything you need to look for in a printer:

    HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printers, HP Instant Ink, Works with Alexa by BestCartReviews

    Connectivity Option: Modern printers require you to have better connectivity options. There’s no doubt that wired or corded connectivity is old-school. While you should undoubtedly have a USB option, it would be better to get printers with Bluetooth, Wifi, and other variety of options.

    App Support: Many modern and convenient apps make printing easy. You can set or edit pictures and define the type of printing you need. Among these, Air Printer would undoubtedly be the most crucial compatibility because of its extensive support and compatibility. So check it out.

    Printing Speed: For home use, printing speed might not be a vital consideration. If you have excessive work or requirement to print too many pages, consider a printer with better speed. It is especially essential in case of emergencies or fast filing work.

    Page Support: There are different kinds of papers available on the market. Not just the size, but the material also matters. You might want the one that supports the right type of paper size and material. For this, you can consider what you would require regularly.

    Size And Weight: Compact size and sleek design is certainly a huge requirement. Easy storage and placement on desks and other compartments would be essential to get the right printer type.

    Ink Efficiency: People often overlook the cost that comes in the form of ink expenses. You have to consider various toner requirements, quality requirements, the printer’s efficiency, and much more. The overall cost of each print will strongly depend upon the ink efficiency of your printer.

    You will already consider the budget and other requirements as it is. So this guide doesn’t consider these options. It is to help you get the best future-proof printers available in your budget. Given below are some frequently asked questions to further assist you with a decision and other requirements.

    What are PPM and IPM?

    PPM means pages per minute. If you ever wonder how many pages a printer can print per minute, this is what you look for. IPM is similar and stands for image per minute. However, it can have a significant difference in the performance of the printer.

    IPM is more accurate as it works according to word documents, excel, and other platforms. A printer that offers around 50 PPM could potentially offer up to 100 IPM. Images don't have to cover the entire page. It could be a small segment. Thus, PPM is better to decide overall speed while IPM is better to choose the printer's precision.

    What does a wireless printer mean?

    A wireless printer doesn't necessarily mean that you will get printers with Bluetooth. It could be limited to Wifi and smart apps functionality. You should check for connectivity options thoroughly to ensure you are getting what you need.

    What type of ink should I use for my printer?

    It's always better to use the ink recommended by your printer's manufacturer. If you need better precision and efficiency with value for money, this is what you should aim for. However, you can try different companies and providers if you'd like, but that's not recommended.

    Are there any deals available on Black Friday?

    Yes, hopefully you will get a plethora of deals on Black Friday. For more information about the Black Friday sales, stay tuned with us.


    We hope that the questions further simplified the process for you. The printer’s PPM may vary according to the page’s details and the type of page you’re using. Hopefully, the buyer’s guide and other questions make it easier for you to choose the right printer for a computer desk or other uses.

    Now you can choose the best printer that meets your requirement. Whether it is a premium-grade investment or something more budget-friendly. From inkjet printers to laser, monochrome, and color, you have a complete list. This is the best list of high-performing computer printers.

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