Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door Reviews

    Endura Flap Wall Mount Dog Door

    Are you looking for the best flap wall mount door for your pet? Well, you have arrived at the right place! If you own a dog, then it is a necessity to have a flap mount door installed in your premises so that your furry friend can go out without any hassles. Pets cannot open the large doors, so it is ideal to have a perfect door installed for them.

    It would be best if you have a flap door that promises excellent durability and protects your home from the harsh climate. When we talk about the best flap wall mount door, then the only product that strikes our mind is Endura Flap Wall Mount Dog Door.

    This wall mount door has a double flap, so it will provide more protection to your home. Also, the door is very durable, so you can rest assured that it will last longer, even if your beloved pet keeps using it all the time.

    endura flap double flap wall mount pet door large

    Endura Flap Wall Mount Dog Door Reviews

    Endura Flap Wall Mount Dog Door is the first choice of every pet owner when it comes to a reliable flap mount door for their home. The reason behind this is the durability and ease of installation the door offers. This door has strong magnets that are useful if you have big breeds like Pit Bull and German Shepard.

    Features of Endura Flap Wall Mount Dog Door

    Sturdy Build Quality

    The pet door has a sturdy build quality and is made using high-quality materials. The frame of the door is made using aluminum, so there is no chance that it will break easily. Also, aluminum resists corrosion, and you can rest assured that the door will remain as it is even after a long time of using it.

    Also, the aluminum frame keeps other components secure in place, and the pet door remains functional and appropriately working at all times.

    Mountable on Wall, Door, and Even Windows

    You can install this pet door on walls, windows, and even doors based on your requirements. This pet door doesn’t require any challenging assembly. All the components are available in the box, and therefore you can install the door following the instruction manual.

    It is a safe solution as the door will protect your house from the scorching weather.

    Powerful Magnets

    The magnets holding the flap of this pet door are powerful and robust. This pet door is available in multiple sizes based on your pet size. Every size option has a different set of powerful magnets so as to make it easier for your pet to use the flap door.

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

    You have the option to use two flaps or a single flap based on your requirements and climatic conditions.

    Wind Resistance

    As discussed earlier, this wall mount dog door from the Endura Flap is a sturdy product. The door can resist wind of up to 50MPH and can prevent it from entering into your home. The same is the case with scorching heat. The door offers superior insulation and can resist harsh weather. Overall, if you live in an area with hard climatic conditions, this wall mount dog door is something you need.

    Available in Multiple Sizes

    This pet wall mount door is available in a plethora of sizes, making it easier for you to pick the right one for your pet. The sizes include XL, Large, Medium, and Small Flap. The small and medium sizes have single flaps as they are ideal for small pets. On the other hand, large and extra-large doors have two flaps as they are for bigger pets.

    Easy to Use

    The frame and the body of the Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door are robust. Still, it will make it easy for your pet to use it. No matter you own a cat or a dog, this door is will work flawlessly for your furry friend to come out of the house whenever they like.

    endura flap wall mount pet door reviews

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

    The Good

    • Durable and sturdy
    • Secure locking mechanism
    • Fits on walls, doors, and windows
    • Made with high-quality materials

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

    The Bad

    • Expensive
    • Installation is a bit complicated for the beginners

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

    The Verdict

    Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door will never disappoint you when it comes to performance. The door is made in the US, and thus you can expect superior build quality.

    FAQs - Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

    Does Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door Include the Wall Mount and the Actual Doggy Door?

    Yes, when you buy Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door, everything comes included in the packaging. You will get a wall-mount and a doggy door with it. Also, there is no need to purchase anything separately for the installation.

    What Is the Rough Cut Opening Size for this Wall Mount Pet Door?

    The size of the rough cut will depend on the size of the flap door you are going to purchase. For your ease, you can use the frame of the door to measure the size of the rough cut. Take a pencil or a marker to highlight the area using the door's frame as a reference to get the best rough cut for the best fit.

    However, we recommend you to check out the table mentioned below to check the size of the rough cut-out.

    How to Choose the Size of the Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door?

    Selecting the perfect size of the flap door is indispensable to ensure that your pets get easy access to the door. If the door is too big for your pet, then the pet won't be able to access it due to powerful magnets. Similarly, a small door opening is not comfortable for a big pet.

    Here is a reference table that will make it convenient for you to select the ideal size for your pet.

    Flap Size

    Flap Dimensions

    Rough Cut-Out

    Outside Frame Dimensions

    Sample Step Over

    Recommended Pet Height

    Small Single 6”w X 11”h  8 5/8”w X15”h 19 7/16”w X16”h 3” Up to 13.”
    Double 6”w X 10”h Up to 12”
    Medium Single 8”w X 15”h  10 5/8”w X 19 1/8”h 11 ½”w X20”h 4” Up to 18”
    Double 8”w X 14”h Up to 17”
    Large Single 10”w X 19”h  12 5/8”w X 23 1/16”h 13 9/16”w X24”h 5” Up to 23”
    Double 10”w X 18”h Up to 22”
    Extra Large Single 12”w X 23”h  14 11/16”w X 27 1/81’h 15 5/8”w X 28”h 7” Up to 29”
    Double 12”w X 22”h Up to 28.”

    All the dimensions are in inches, and you can use this table to get the best door for your pet.


    There are multiple reasons why most pet owners across the US are choosing Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door for their pets. Now it is your turn to reward your beloved pet with ultimate comfort by gifting him this flap pet door.

    Make sure to review the dimension table to ensure that you are buying the best size according to your pet.

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