petsafe extreme weather dog and cat door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

Living in an area with extreme temperature is quite challenging. As you have to take care of yourself and your pet. This Pet safe Extreme Weather Pet Door is very safe and provides proper insulation while protecting your pet from the harsh weather.

If you are thinking of getting a dog door for your pooch, then it’s a nice idea.

The main reason to install these pet doors is to make your pets comfortable.

petsafe extreme weather dog and cat door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

According to the latest figure, around 45% of the population all over the globe have a dog or any other pet in their homes. If you make them sit inside the houses, they feel bored, shorten up their joy, and also feel uncomfortable.

So, what can be the surpassed option to make them feel comfortable and enjoy is the Pet Safe Extreme Weather pet door?

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

This dog door will make the life of the pet, and you’re easier. You don’t have to open the door whenever your pet needs to move out. On the other hand, your furry companion can enjoy their life to the fullest while living a happy life. In the market, you will get the end number of pet doors, but this one is extremely significant in all aspects.

This Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door is highly durable and resistant. You don’t have to change the door every often. However, the double-flop design makes this product very unique that helps in keeping the cold or hot weather outside the home.

So, before choosing any other PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door for your pet, ensure that you gaze at the below features first and then take any decision of buying.

Advanced Features of PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

Available in three different sizes

This PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door is available in three different sizes according to the health of the pet you have. Means small, medium, and large. However, before this, the Pet Safe door is just for 100 lbs pets, but this excellent invention has made the household owners more comfortable and insulated.

On the other hand, every size of a pet can quickly come inside the home and go outside via this pet door comfortably.

Easy to install

This PetSafe Door for the pets is straightforward to invest in varied types of walls, like siding, brick, and concrete. However, it can be installed indoors as well, no matter what type of wood is that. Thus, you no need to call a handyman to install it. The company has given step-by-step instructions along with a cut-out template to make the household owner frame the pet door.

Additionally, it can be installed in interior or exterior doors, wall entry, and best for patio panel.

Highly durable

It is made up of aluminum frame as well as a plastic telescoping tunnel, which is highly durable and resistant. This means you don’t have to change the pet door very often. However, the double-flap design has made this product more unique and extraordinary in many ways.

This means the two replaceable flaps help the cold or hot weather outside the house while delivering high efficiency.

World-class quality

The brand called Pet Safe is one of the leading and trusted brands in Pet Behaviour, containment, and creative innovations for more than 30 years. They are helping pets to live a happy and healthy life. Thus, all the material used in this PetSafe Extreme Weather Door is of world-class quality that offers durability for the long term.

Electronic Smart Door

This PetSafe Door works with electricity means it keeps the stray pets out of the house. If your pet is wearing Smart Key, then only they have access to enter inside.

Replaceable flaps

The three-tier flap system is made up of plastic as it is light in weight and easy to open by pets. So, they might need replacement sooner, but it is nor costly nor challenging to replace.

Easy to clean

In context with lightweight material and advanced features, this PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet door is elementary to clean. This means you can easily open them and sweep them whenever you want according to your convenience. Additionally, you can wash them for proper cleaning and then install them in their place.

Paintable frame

The frame of this Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door has a paintable frame that allows you to match the color with your wall. As it can look very awkward if it is installed in the wall with different shade and can waste the overall look of the home.

petsafe extreme weather dog door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

Frequently bought together

Bestseller No. 1
PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door - Aluminum Frame Pet Door - X-Large
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR ENERGY BILL: PetSafe brand’s most energy-efficient pet door will protect your...
  • ENCOURAGE EXERCISE AND INDEPENDENCE: Give your cats and dogs freedom to go in or out without...
  • 3-FLAP INSULATION: Insulated to block 3 times more thermal energy than a standard pet door, and...

Petsafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

What we like

  • Value of money
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent and resistant dog door
  • Highly durable plastic frame
  • Easily fits most of the doors
  • Maximum energy efficient
  • 3-flap system delivers added protection from all types of weather
  • Pet access door
PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t have a lock system
  • Not suitable for the night as it keeps you awake

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door FAQs

How to install Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door?

If you talk about installing a Pet Door, it is not a complicated endeavor as the company has given detailed instructions in the template. Still, if you don't get it so let's have a look into it: -

* Trace the template on the door while using masking tape
* Next, drill the holes at each corner so that you can maneuver the jigsaw and cut that space
* After that, you can easily attach the Pet Safe door according to the instructions given in the manual

Overall, this whole process is straightforward and simple, which you can do on your own.

What are the sizes of the Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door?

This Pet Safe Extreme Weather Pet Door comes in three sizes, which you can buy according to your pet size that is Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large.

Why is it called Energy Efficient Pet Door?

This well-designed Pet Door offers maximum energy efficiency, which is 3-1/2 times more than the standard Pet Door with a single flap. This means it protects the home from extreme temperatures when you offer your pet the freedom to move outside.


Final Thoughts

These are the advanced features offered by PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door. The Pet Door delivers a lot of convenience to both pet and owner. We would recommend it to you as it is a decent product to fortify your pet in the extreme climate.

The best part is that it is highly affordable and durable.

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