Top 8 Best Toilets 2024

    Are you looking for the best toilet which is convenient as well as stunning in looks? Well, it is something really important for a house with perfect decor around. I have gone across many modern toilets from different manufacturers to find the current best model. It is surely a tough task to find a perfect model with all top-notch features and design.

    This is because of the availability of numerous options from different manufacturers. Besides, you can find some features and designs with almost similar claims from the company which creates even more confusion. But, my research can help you sort out your problem in choosing the best toilet from a vast number of options.

    Best Toilets - Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated - BestCartReviews

     I did complete research on all kinds of Toilets and picked up some of the best toilet brands that can be the perfect choice for your requirements. Besides, I have ranked all of them based on features, build quality, look, and convenience level as well.

    All you have to do is go through the considerable factors on my buying guide and go through my best toilet reviews based on the factors. I am sure that you will surely find the best deal form the market with the toilet that meets your requirements and expectations.

    Product Descriptions

    1. Toto MS604114CEF#01 UltraMax II Toilet

    This MS604114CEF#01 UltraMax II One-piece Elongated Toilet can be your topmost preference if you are looking for a toilet that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. The sleek one-piece design accompanied by an incredibly smooth glaze is one of masterpieces for the classic interior designs.

    One of the best things about the one-piece toilet from Toto is that you do not need to worry about leaks like two-piece ones. Toto-s Tornado flushes that leave 1.28 gallons of water with a free rim design. This creates a highly efficient centrifugal action to rinse the whole bowl at a time.

    The smooth glaze around the bowl and Tornado Bowl reduces the toilet cleaning frequency to almost zero. Besides, the height and the comfortable seat position of this toilet is the best choice for a wide range of users. It is close to the best toilet available in the market, but all you have to consider is your bathroom size.

    The SanaGloss Glaze of the bowl prevents debris, mold, or bacteria from sticking around the bowl due to the absence of holes or pores around the rim. Thus, you will not need to clean the bowl using more water or harsh chemicals anytime soon.

    Pros: –

    • CEFIONTECT glaze to prevent dirt or debris from adhering
    • A comfortable seat position and height
    • Solid, high impact plastic is durable
    • Compliant with ADA, WaterSense, CEC, and CAL Green

    Cons: –

    • Has a slightly larger footprint but the seat position is quite comfortable
    • You should consider your bathroom size due to the bulky one-piece design

    2. KOHLER K-4007-O Toilet

    KOHLER San Souci Toilet White - BestCartReviews

    8 Best Modern Toilets: Brands, Ratings, Reviews, & FAQ's

    A compact-sized toilet footprint with sleek curves can be a great choice for a medium-sized bathroom with a glossy finish all around. This K-4007-O Toilet from Kohler is one such model which can meet your requirement from design and space perspective. It is probably the best Kohler toilets seen around in this price range.

    The low-profile design of this Kohler Toilet is also accompanied by Aqua Piston canister which can provide 1.28-gallon flush saving up to 16,500 gallons per year. Additionally, single flush gravity is quite efficient using the force of gravity and precise engineered tanks.

    Furthermore, this Kohler toilet comes with a Grip-Tight Q3 seat. It is an innovative technology that is comfortable for the users and at the same time prevents the slamming of the seat. Both cleaning and installation are simplified to a great extent in this toilet.

    Additionally, the streamlined design of the bowl is easy to clean as there are no spaces for the dirt to hide. The small size footprint with efficient performance in flushing makes it enlisted in the best toilets for small bathrooms.

    Also to know about how self-contained toilets are helpful to the environment you must keep yourself updated.

    Pros: –

    • Can save 16,500 gallons of water per year from flush
    • Grip tight Q3 seat to protect the seat from slamming
    • Round front bowl saves a lot of space
    • Meets strict EPA performance

    Cons: –

    • Small footprint can be a problem for some users but universally accepted seat design
    • One year manufacturer warranty is provided but it is quite durable

    3. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

    A classic build accompanied by the long term warranty makes a toilet trustworthy and easy to recommend. This Self-contained composting Toilet from Nature’s head is one such trustworthy model with 5 long years of manufacturer warranty.

    One of the best things about this Nature’s Head toilet is that it can be used anywhere in the time of electricity or plumbing problems. It is easy to move and contains one of the most efficient tank systems that never release any foul odor. Besides, a low volume air circulation is also built in to circulate air and make the environment smell better.

    This self-contained portable toilet has a rugged design meant for marine use with all stainless hardware. Thus you can rely on the durability and long-lasting performance of the tank system. If you are looking for a self-contained toilet then this is the best value toilet 2024 that you can find.

    Nature’s head self-contained toilet also has a huge capacity tank that is sufficient for 2 people for 4 to 6 weeks. It gets empty in just 5 minutes. Moreover, it is backed up by the most reliable customer service as guaranteed by the manufacturer.

    Pros: –

    • Portable self-contained toilet to be used anywhere
    • Low volume air circulation
    • Highly durable with all stainless hardware
    • 5 years of manufacturer warranty

    Cons: –

    • Not best for the home without extra space although there is no foul odor
    • Capacity is limited for 2 people but the tank has a huge capacity.

    4. Ove Decors 735H Smart Bidet Toilet

    A modern toilet with smart features like effective cleansing and automatic flushing can be quite convenient. This 735H model of Smart Bidet Toilet is infused with all those essential smart features which enlist its name in Best Modern Toilet 2024.

    Automatic flush is one of the most convenient features for the users providing hands-free flushing maintaining cleanliness. Besides, you can choose from multiple settings such as water sprayer pressure, dryer, and heater as well.

    Excellent design with a sleek look simplifies the cleaning process while you can adjust water and heat seat temperature too. A single flush is quite efficient and uses 20% less water than that of the 1.6-gallon toilets. It is EPA and WaterSense Certified toilet.

    You don’t even have to control the flushing manually as remote control functions can help you configure the pressure, and dry settings as well. The seat is elongated which provides extreme comfort for all users while ensuring hygienic conditions.

    Pros: –

    • Automatic flushing on departure
    • Sleek look with convenient LED night light
    • WaterSense certified and compliant to EPA
    • Remote control functions to heat seat and all other functions

    Cons: –

    • Intelligent toilet but quite hard to install
    • Should be cleaned once in a while but is quite easy to clean as well

    5. TOTO MW6042044CEFG#01 Elongated Toilet with C200 Bidet Seat

    Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet - BestCartReviews

    8 Best Modern Toilets: Brands, Ratings, Reviews, & FAQ's

    The MW6042044CEFG#01 elongated Toilet from Toto comes with some of the advanced features that made me select it besides the normal model. It has all the normal features from TOTO such as Tornado Flush and Universal seat height which is comfortable for most users.

    One of the best features that I have noticed in this toilet is the reliability of control using different temperature adjustments. Even pressure controls can be variable as per user preferences. This increases the level of comfort to a great thus making it one of the best bidet toilets 2024.

    This toilet from TOTO is also capable of preventing the water by misting the toilet bowl. Incoming water supply is used for this to stop the waste from adhering around the bowl. Besides, the Washlet is designed to conceal the power cord and water supply.

    An automatic air deodorizer is also infused in this toilet to remove any foul odor from the environment while sitting on the seat. CEFIONTECT glaze can reduce the bowl friction to a great extent when combined with TORNADO FLUSH.

    Pros: –

    • PREMISTING feature using the incoming water supply
    • Five adjustable options for temperature, pressure, oscillation and pulsing stream
    • Warm air dryer with Heated Seat
    • CEFIONTECT glaze and TORNADO flush

    Cons: –

    • One year of warranty but the build is solid
    • Additional installation needs to be purchased separately but the price is quiet on the budget side.

    6. Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet

    An Elongated Toilet with a sleek design to suit all kinds of bathroom styles can probably be a safe choice. This Wellworth Elongated toilet from Kohler is also one such model that can suit a wide range of bathroom styles. It is one of the top reasons that I have chosen this model over others.

    I have witnessed the installation procedure of several toilets but this model from Kohler has the most simplified installation process by all means. It requires 3 bolt installations which can save a lot of time.

    This standard height toilet bowl is comfortable enough to be elongated and has a good sturdy design over the bowl. Low water flush is also one of the best features in this toilet that makes it an ideal choice for middle-class households.

    You can adjust the water level of flushing from the tank and this will save a lot of water. Besides, it provides impressive bulk waste flushing performance. You will not need to clean the bowl frequently due to the world-class bowl cleanliness with zero chances of dust to adhere.

    Pros: –

    • Installation is pretty easy
    • Study bowl for extreme cleanliness
    • The standard height toilet bowl is comfortable for a wide range of users
    • The design suits all bathroom styles easily

    Cons: –

    • No advanced adjustment options but the seat are comfortable enough
    • No heat seat settings are present being a standard model for all bathroom styles

    7. American Standard 2886218.020  Elongated Toilet

    If you are looking for a water-efficient toilet that can save water besides providing good flush operation then this 2886218.020 toilet from American Standard is my suggestion for you. It is a water-efficient gravity flush toilet with high efficiency for water savings.

    You can choose from full or partial flush to save water. Besides, optimal UHET performance is guaranteed with Siphon Jet Bowl Technology using PowerWash rim. This toilet from American Standard also comes with a chrome-plated top mounted push button actuator.

    There is no need for frequent cleaning due to the fully glazed trapway that helps to prevent debris or clogs to adhere on the surface of the bowl. A sanitary bar is also placed on the bowl to maintain cleanliness and hygienic conditions while sitting.

    You can trust the manufacturer on the durability and long-lasting flush performance due to 5 years of manufacturer warranty. Additionally, there is also a limited lifetime warranty on chinawares. If you are looking for a water-efficient toilet, this is probably the best budget toilet in 2024.

    Pros: –

    • Siphon Jet bowl technology for power wash
    • Top mounted push button actuator
    • Dual flush option to choose from
    • 5 years warranty on mechanical parts and a limited lifetime warranty on chinaware

    Cons: –

    • No heat adjustment settings but the seat are quite comfortable
    • Gravity flush toilet is slow but water efficient

    8. American Standard 288DA114.020 Toilet

    Water-saving is one of the core goals of this toilet from American Standard. It has a flush rate of 1.1 GPF and is certified by EPF. But, there are no compromises made in the performance. It is a compact size toilet which can save a lot of space in bathrooms.

    EverClean surface is built on the bowl to inhibit the growth of odor and stain that may cause mold, mildew, and bacteria on the surface. The fully glazed trapway of 2 inches also prevents clogging or adhering to debris or waste on the bowl.

    A 15-inch rim is present on the bowl which is comfortable to a wide range of users. Besides, the elongated bowl simplifies the ease of use and reduces the maintenance to a great extent as well. PowerWash is highly efficient in cleaning the bowl by scrubbing in each flush.

    This toilet from American Standard stays clean for longer due to the EverClean surface, sanitary bar, and the bowl as well. You can also trust the quality and durability of the toilet due to 5 years of manufacturer warranty on mechanical parts and a limited lifetime warranty on china wares.

    Pros: –

    • Easy floor-mounted installation
    • PowerWash rim with scrub during flush
    • High efficient toilet with fully glazed trap away
    • CAL Green and CEC certified with 5 years of warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on chinawares

    Cons: –

    • No adjustable settings for heat, temperature, and pressure
    • 15” rim with normal height may not be best for all users.

    What factors should you consider to get the best toilet?

    Smart Bidet Toilet Elongated One Piece Modern Desing, Automatic Flushing - BestCartReviews

    8 Best Modern Toilets: Brands, Ratings, Reviews, & FAQ's

    Choosing the best model of the toilet for your bathroom from a vast range of options could be quite frustrating. The reasons for this are the availability of numerous options and the fact that all of them have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Thus, understanding the basic features of a good toilet is essential to differentiate a toilet model from others. Some of these essential considerable factors include

    Toilet types: – There are two types of toilets that are designed for specific users. You have to prefer one of these for your bathrooms based on your preferences and the space available in your bathroom. The two types of toilets are

    One-piece toilets: – These are the standard toilets that don’t need any separate flush tank. The tank is directly attached to the body made up of ceramic material. Using these types of toilets will reduce the chances of leakage to a great extent. Almost all of the one-piece toilets are floor mount type with the “S” or “P” trap model.

    The closed rim model delivers the water pressure required to flush out the solid water. These are easy to operate and suitable for small bathrooms. I can easily recommend these toilets if your requirements meet their applications.

    Two-piece toilets: – These are the couplet closet with the unique design having the weight range of a maximum 45 Kgs. There are several designs available in this type from different manufacturers. Some of the two-piece types are for wall mount installation.

    Both of these types are made for different types of users based on their preferences and type of bathrooms.

    • Type of bowls: – Elongated and round bowls are the two types of bowls commonly seen these days. The elongated models are known to provide a good comfort level to the users with varying sizes and surfaces. On the other hand, round bowels are good only when you have less space in the bathroom.
    • Type of flush systems: – The two common flush systems that are found in the toilets these days include gravity flush systems or pressure-assisted ones. Pressure assisted systems are considered the powerful flush system that washes away the clogging easily.

    On the other hand, the gravity flush system is the standard and common flushing system that creates water siphoning action. Pressure assisted ones are powerful but require more maintenance besides being loud. Gravity flush systems are quiet and require less maintenance. I would always prefer less maintenance and long-lasting over powerful performance.

    • Comfort level: – From the factors mentioned above, you should have got clarity on the comfort levels. But, there is more to it. You should consider buying a toilet only when they are infused with some more convenient features as it is surely a long term investment. Some of the most essential aspects, in this case, would be the suitable height. While elongated and two-piece types have a wide range of options, the standard model is easy to choose from.
    • Durability: – A toilet is what is used every day for many years continuously. Thus durability of the toilet plays a significant role before considering them to buy. Some are made of high impact plastics while others are made from ceramic materials. The warranty period provided by the company says it all. As per me, one should consider the materials besides the warranty period as well.
    • Automated features: – You should probably go with a feature-rich option among all the types and companies. An automated toilet is one with hands-free flush accompanied with the options to adjust the temperature of the seat, pressure of the sprayed water, etc.

    How to choose the best toilet as per your requirement?

    The best toilet can be referred to as the toilet model which fulfills all your requirements and ticks off all your expectations in comfort level. You can just look out for these features to ensure the toilet that you are buying is best as per your expectations.

    • A standard toilet: – A round shaped toilet can be one of the best toilets for you if you are looking for simple yet powerful flush performance. As the tank comes attached to the body, it is quite fast and reliable for small bathrooms.

    All you have to do is to choose the height that will be comfortable for you and your best toilet model is ready for you. I would probably recommend these simple-looking toilets as they last longer and don’t need much installation process.

    • Water-efficient toilet: – Water-efficient toilets can be of any type but are focused mainly on saving the water with reliable flush performance. Mostly, the elongated seat model with wall mount is noticed with these features.

    You can either prefer Watersense Certification or automated features like dual flushing options or Power Washer options. You can look here to know about the importance of water saving.  Japan has gone one step ahead of all other countries with water efficiency and has brought a restroom revolution.

    • Self-contained toilet: – A self-contained toilet is a portable toilet with a large-sized tank below the seat to collect wastes. It can be the best choice for you if you are facing electricity or plumbing issues in your house. Such toilets require less space and can be used anywhere. You have to just change the bag in the tank once in a while. These are for emergencies but are efficient in controlling foul odor.
    • Elongated toilet with automated features: -Elongated toilet with the hands-free operation is surely the best option if it is budget-friendly. Such features include remote adjustments of temperature, water pressure control, and many more. These are for high-level cleanliness and are surely the best choice.
    • Custom height toilets: –There are wall hung toilets that can change the height of the seats based on the preferences of the users. These are close to the perfect toilets that can be preferred by anyone. There are no ideal toilets with all compelling features around, but a toilet with all smart functions, powerful flush, and the comfortable surface is surely close to the perfect model of toilet.

    You can just go through all these features and decide which can be the best model of toilets for your choice. Apart from this, are you fond of getting an advanced bathroom amazingly decorative then you will love to spend more time in your bathroom cum bedroom.

    Best Toilets 2024 FAQs

    What does the EPA WaterSense label mean?

    EPA refers to the Environmental Protection Agency and water is a US-based EPA program. It is designed specially to encourage water efficiency. A product labeled with EPA WaterSense certification is known to have good water efficiency. Each water-efficient product is certified independently to meet every single EPA WaterSense Criteria.

    How long can a toilet’s component survive?

    The lifespan of a toilet is expected to be more than 100 years as they are made up of a material that lasts longer. But, it can vary if you choose the toilets going out of the line, such as automated toilets infused with advanced features. Such modern toilets have a separate lifespan of every component infused in the toilets and also depend on the frequency of usage.

    Should I consider a warranty as an important factor?

    You should surely consider the warranty as an essential factor for a toilet. This depicts the confidence of the manufacturer on the product. Most of the toilers are made from the hard impact plastics or hard ceramics that lasts longer than your expectations. Buts, many manufacturers are providing 5 long years of warranty and can be trusted with all your money.

    Should I consider buying a top flushing toilet?

    Top mounted push button is surely a convenient feature while using the toilet as they are easy to reach and easy to operate when compared to the side-mounted ones. Companies like American Standard make the most reliable push actuators. But, you should look for the convenient height of the seat to reach and surely the flush system performance as well.

    Which is the most powerful flushing system in toilets?

    Centrifugal wash action or pressure-assisted flush action is considered the powerful flush action that washes away all debris and waste from the bowl. But, companies are coming up with some great flushing systems like PowerWash system with scrub for clean flush and many more. A safe choice would be a power load flush system with good water efficiency as well.

    Should I consider toilets with a higher seat position?

    It depends on individual preferences. If you are of good height then a higher seat position with perfect reach to the flush button would be a great choice for you. But, in this case, an adjustable wall mounted toilet seat can be a smart preference for all your belongings of different heights.

    Can I go to expensive toilets?

    A higher price range comes with reliable features as well. You can get a good automated elongated bidet seat toilet with everything customizable in it. But, you should look out for the durability of such an automated system and surely consider the maintenance required for them. If it comes with a long term warranty, then expensive toilets are surely worthwhile.

    What should I choose between a round and elongated toilet?

    Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. But, you should look for the toilet that suits your bathroom and your requirements. Well, the basic difference is elongated requires more space in the bathroom while being comfortable. Rounded ones are also comfortable but it may be congested for tall people.

    Which toilet brand should I prefer?

    You should look out for factors like build quality, warranty period before blindly going for a random company. However, companies like Kohler and Toto are renowned to provide a longer warranty with good flush systems and other features. You can also go with the modern toilets provided by Ove Decors if you are into it.

    Are self-contained toilets a good choice?

    Although these portable toilets can serve well with a large bag capacity and additional features like Air circulators, they are meant for emergency purposes only. It can be used as a backup in your home while facing electricity or plumbing issues. A self-contained toilet from Nature’s Head comes with a rugged stainless body that is highly durable.

    Wrapping Up – Which one is the winner?

    There can be one or two mixed thoughts in your mind about choosing the best product that satisfies your requirements. Well, the buying guide and information about the best toilets should have helped you to a great extent. By now, you should understand that the best toilet is one which should be individually preferred based on several considerable factors of which price is undoubtedly the most essential factor.

    As per my opinion, the 735H model from Ove Decors is the best choice that can fulfill my requirements. The reasons to prefer it are being automatic, remotely adjustable options, and utmost cleanliness.  It has almost no cons from a broader view but lies on the expensive side. As I said, there is no single perfect model but it just has to suit the requirements perfectly. But, hold your chair to know about some mind boggling facts about smart futuristic toilets.

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