Toaster ovens are commonly used for warming frozen food, roasting vegetables, and preparing easy breakfasts.

    You probably know how difficult it is to clean a toaster oven tray after cooking a tasty meal because it’s usually covered in grime, crumbs, and grease.

    In the event that leftovers are left in the oven for an extended period of time, there may be food contamination. It is important to clean your toaster oven tray weekly to keep it in good condition.

    If you follow these steps, cleaning the toaster oven tray will be much easier. Getting it clean does not require being an expert.

    What to use to clean the toaster oven tray?

    What not to use to clean the toaster oven tray?

    Step By Step Guide To Clean Your Toaster Oven Tray 2024

    The user’s manual that comes with every appliance contains specific instructions for its proper care and maintenance. Check the manual before you start cleaning.

    How to Clean a Toaster Oven Tray

    In the absence of a manual, use the following method.

    • Make sure the toaster oven is unplugged before cleaning. Be sure to let it cool completely before handling it.
    • Start by removing the oven tray and baking rack.
    • Wear protective cleaning gloves when cleaning oven baking trays to ensure your hands aren’t contaminated by grease or grime.
    • If a toaster oven tray has baked-on grease and stubborn residue, you can carefully scrub it off with a sponge and soapy water.

    Cleaning toaster oven liquid

    You can use a sink or a tub filled with hot water and mix baking soda and white vinegar to clean your baking tray.

    In the event that your sink isn’t large enough, use a plastic storage bin or the bathtub.

    • For at least an hour, soak the baking tray in soap, allowing the soap to remove all grease and oil.
    • Scrub the baking tray with a soft cloth or sponge and hot, soapy water to remove all dirt and grime.
    • Before scraping off food bits that are stuck to a surface, soak them in water for a few minutes. You should never use anything metallic on the tray as it will scratch it.
    • Using hot water, rinse your oven trays thoroughly.
    • You can use the dishwasher to give your baking tray a final clean before storing it.
    • Make sure your baking tray is thoroughly dry with a paper towel so that there is no dirt or grease left behind.

    Even after cleaning the baking oven tray periodically, if you find yourself in a situation in which your toast is too dark and not crisp enough, it’s time to consider replacing the baking oven tray.

    To provide you with the best baking oven trays, we have listed the bestsellers on Amazon.

    Best Baking Oven Tray Replacement

    How to Clean Inside of Oven Door?

    • Toaster ovens should never be submerged in water.
    • Avoid soaking or spraying directly on your unit. Make sure you don’t immerse your unit in cleaning solutions.
    • Cleaning solutions should always be applied to a sponge or rag (including warm water) rather than directly to the toaster oven.


    • If you are using a microfiber cloth, dampen it with water.
    • In case you have a convection fan, make sure the sponge is slightly moist, but not dripping, so liquid doesn’t splash onto the electrical components.
    • Make sure the toaster oven is free of food residue. To remove them, you can use a dry cloth or brush.
    • Use a wet old toothbrush or a pastry brush to remove food residues stuck in tight places.
    • Prepare the vinegar mixture by mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar with half a cup of hot water.
    • The sponge should be dipped into the mixture and ensure it is slightly damp.
    • Use the smoother side of the sponge to clean your toaster oven. Use soft brushes instead of hard ones to avoid scratching the surface. Make sure your hands are not near the heating elements.
    • Let the inside of the toaster oven air dry.

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    How to Clean Outside of Oven Door?

    • With the water and vinegar solution, lightly dampen a sponge and wipe down the outside of the toaster, including the glass door.
    • Make sure the spray-on cleaner you choose is suitable for the job. Cleaners containing harsh chemicals should be avoided.


    • Before wiping down the surface of your toaster oven, apply the commercial cleaning product to your sponge or cloth first.
    • Keep your controls clean, since those knobs can get quite grimy.
    • In the case of ovens with LCD screens, you need to utilize a damp cloth to clean the screen, since a dry cloth or abrasive cleaner may scratch it.

    Make sure you put aluminum foil underneath below place where drips might accumulate. It is especially important when you are cooking meats that may drip fat. Crumb trays shouldn’t be covered in foil – this is a fire risk!

    Be sure to completely dry your oven trays before using them again so that water cannot get onto your food. When you use the oven a second time, make sure there are no residues left behind.


    The bottom, ceiling, walls, and door of your toaster oven can accumulate food when using regularly. The instructions that come with the toaster ovens all mention cleaning them once they’re done using them.

    Since the toaster ovens are generally used to be hot it is not recommended to clean them as you finish your cooking.

    If you want to keep our toaster oven clean, you must treat it like another dish that needs to be washed after dinner.


    After the toaster oven has cooled, clean the walls, ceiling, and crumb tray.

    The glass door’s inside should also be wiped down, as greasy residue tends to build there easily.

    In case you forget to wipe down your toaster oven after cooking, you can make it a habit to do so before you preheat it for your next meal.

    For those who don’t want to take much time for maintenance of their appliance, there are also special ovens on the market designed specifically for this purpose which will give you quick results without having to scrub hard!

    Self-Cleaning Toaster Oven

    A self-cleaning toaster oven – a thing that actually exists – might sound appealing right now, but it isn’t as cool as it sounds.

    Self-cleaning toasters are easy to clean because their inner coating is nonstick. However, you still need to clean your unit regularly and empty it of crumbs.

    Best Self-cleaning Toaster Oven

    General FAQ’s

    Should I use soap to clean my toaster oven tray?

    No, harsh soaps can ruin the enamel coating on your tray. Simply give it a good scrub with hot water and a sponge.

    If you have an enamel tray, never use scouring powders or any kind of cleaner containing bleach.

    How do I clean off the crumbs from my toaster oven tray?

    Most trays are easily removable so that they can be placed in the dishwasher after cooking. However, if it is a solid sheet of metal, use some hot water and an abrasive sponge to wipe off the crumbs.

    How can I remove stuck-on food from my toaster oven tray?

    A: If food is stuck on, let the tray cool down first. Then lightly scrub with hot water and a fine brush or nylon pad. Do not use anything metal as it may scratch the enamel coating.

    Should I use soap to clean my toaster oven tray?

    No, harsh soaps can ruin the enamel coating on your tray. Simply give it a good scrub with hot water and a sponge. If you have an en

    How often should I clean my toaster oven tray?

    You should always clean the tray periodically after you have used it. Detach one corner of the tray from its housing and gently lay it out in a sink full of water while cleaning it with soap and a scrubber. Rinse the tray out thoroughly and put the tray back into place.

    Can I put my toaster oven tray in the dishwasher?

    No! Dishwashers are not equipped to handle aluminum materials, and your toaster oven’s aluminum tray will wear down over time.

    Can I use abrasive cleaners on my toaster oven tray?

    No, abrasive cleaners can scratch the tray and destroy its non-stick metal.

    Why is my toast always too dark?

    If your toast is burning because your tray isn’t clean, try cleaning it again with hot water and soap. Your toaster oven will produce a more even browning on your toast if you have cleaned it regularly.

    How can I avoid toasting my loaves of bread all on one side?

    If your tray is not properly cleaned, it may be preventing the heat from reaching your bread evenly. Cleaning the tray regularly and letting it run for 30 minutes or so before using it should produce.

    As a daily user, you should clean your toaster oven with a gentle cleaning after every use, and once a week if you’re a frequent user. You are more likely to remember this task if you tie it to your kitchen maintenance routine.

    We’ve provided a few ways to clean your oven tray, but you can also use these techniques on any hard-to-clean pan or pot. If this article has helped you get started with cleaning your oven tray and want more instructions on how to keep it looking new, let us know!

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