Top 5 Best Toilet Plungers 2024

    Is your toilet sink filling up faster than emptying?  This is a common problem in older toilet tanks and septic tanks that needs to be emptied. It is probably one of the most dreadful situations for any household. You need to have an efficient tool to control such extreme situations. Well, a good quality toilet plunger can resolve your problem instantly.

    Using plungers neither require professional help, nor complex mechanical knowledge. You can unclog your toilet by following simple operation techniques. If you are buying a new toilet, make sure to get a new toilet plunger as well.

    Searching the best toilet plunger is surely a problem as you have to consider many factors such as type of drain, type of seat, size, and many more. Moreover, there are numerous options available in the market from different manufacturers.

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    Most of them have the same features and the same claims for performance from the manufacturer. This makes your work even tougher and time-consuming as well. I can help you to find the best deal on the toilet plunger that meets your requirements. Besides, you can also be ensured of gaining complete knowledge about the features that you need to look out for.

    All you have to do is go through the essential factors to be considered and look out for those features in individual products to be chosen. One of these plungers is surely the best thing for your needs.

    Here are the list of 5 Best Toilet Plungers reviewed by BestCartReviews

    1. MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger for bathroom cleaning

    A powerful toilet plunger able to clear tough clogs easily is probably a better choice but what if it is complemented with a toilet brush and other accessories as well.

    This Toilet Plunger from MR. SIGA is one such product which comes with accessories like a toilet brush and a two-compartment steady holder as well. One of the top reasons for which I have selected this product is its all-round applications.

    A commercial-grade suction cup made of high-quality rubber is equipped in this plunger that can clean tough clogs easily. Besides, its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip while operating and thus delivers effective plunging as well. The availability of accessories for shower drains and sinks make it best for both residential and commercial uses.

    The toilet brush which comes with this product is also packed with strong bristles that are efficient in deep cleaning of the area under the rim and other unreachable corners. The refreshing cleaning experience is guaranteed with the bristles and hygienic holder.

    Apart from these impeccable features, this MR. SIGA plunger is the best toilet plunger and sink plunger you can get currently. Furthermore, it comes in a compact size that saves a lot of space in your bathroom and also can be hidden easily for hygienic conditions around.

    Pros: –

    • Heavy-duty rubber toilet plunger
    • Compact size and can be stored anywhere
    • Comes with a toilet bowl brush
    • Works in any bathroom easily

    Cons: –

    • Can be small for some large size smart elongated toilets but doesn’t have any clogging problems on most of the toilet system
    • The handle is a bit shorter but has a good ergonomic design

    2. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger

    A plunger is undoubtedly the best tool for your toilet to get a clog-free faster performance, but what if you can get a perfect plunger with industrial design? I would suggest this 60166A toilet plunger from Neiko in this perspective with the high-grade feature that can surely be my pick for best toilet plunger 2024.

    Heavy duty all angler design accompanied by a unique 4-step industrial-grade suction cup fits perfectly in all sizes of the toilet and its drain openings as well. Besides, you can also be assured of its durability with the mold-resistant aluminum handle which is rustproof and also comes with a peg hole to hang as well.

    The plunger is extremely lightweight with a super-pliable industrial rubber cup having tiered ridges. These ridges can form a good tight seal on the drain due to which maximum pressure is used to bring out the clogging source easily. The cup design never flips back and can be highly convenient with the handle with good ergonomics.

    One of the best things about the plunger from Neiko is it comes with a smooth edge and bottom design. Thus, the toilet water can’t stay inside the cup and a good pressure is attained to pull out the clogging source easily.

    Pros: –

    • Extremely lightweight and durable with industrial-grade materials
    • Ergonomic handle for better hold of the cup
    • Efficient suction cup to create good pressure
    • Comes with peg hole to hang

    Cons: –

    • Can be quite rough for the elongated toilets with the smart electric-based feature but the cup is highly efficient
    • The handle is lightweight but at the same time smooth too

    3. OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger

    A Plunger which suits all kinds of toilets saves a lot of money in buying other tools. Universal design is one of the highlighting features of this toilet plunger from OXO which is why I have included this in the section of the best plunger for the elongated toilet. It works on almost all kinds of toilets and drainages which also includes low flush type as well.

    You have to just lift the plunger and the canister will be opened automatically using the spring action. Thus, you can store the plunger easily in less space and keep it hidden for ensuring a complete sanitary space around your toilet. It looks quite modern and merges with the bathroom interior easily.

    Plunger head can work well in all kinds of toilets with a long handle that ensures that your hands are far away from water. By this design and feature, you can clean your toilet and clear it from clogs completely with dry hands for sure.

    The storage process of this Good Grips Toilet Plunger is enhanced to a whole new level by using the built-in drip tray. The plunger can be stored right away in this trial which also has a special design to catch the excess water after usage of the plunger. Additionally, the canister neck is extended to provide one-handed transport.

    Pros: –

    • Universal plunger design to suit all kinds of toilets
    • Works well even in low flush toilets
    • Good canister storage with automatic open feature
    • Built-in drip tray for sanitary storage

    Cons: –

    • Design is favorable for one-handed transport but transporting them can be a problem mainly if it can’t be stored in the same bathroom
    • The handle is smooth but the flat head of the plunger absorbs pressure and makes work easier.

    4. Supply Guru SG1976 Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

    A tight seal is a basic requirement for any top toilet plunger to work efficiently for the best results. I have filtered this Heavy-Duty Toilet Plunger due to its industry-level cup that makes the best deal on the drainage openings. It can be the most favorable tool for shower pan or kitchen sink as well with the universally accepted cup design.

    This SG1976 plunger from Supply Guru is infused with the heavy-duty force cup that is reliable with any kind of toilet easily and effectively. Both residential and commercial applications can find the best solution from clogging using this plunger.

    It comes with an 18” of a wooden handle and a 5 ½ “of rubber force cup which together makes a better combo for drainage and toilet cleaning. Being a wooden handle, it is better in handling when compared to the smooth plastic elongated handles. It works even better for flat surfaces like kitchen sinks creating high pressure which makes it enlisted in best sink plungers as well.

    The force cup by the name itself is meant to create the high capacity force to clear out the clogs of the sink easily. Long wooden handle with the red cup enhances its look to the next level when it comes to storing them in a bathroom space somewhere around the toilet seat. The handle is designed to keep your hands dry.

    Pros: –

    • The long and strong wooden handle is good for the plunging process
    • Force cap creates high suction to free the drainage from clogs
    • Good for both home and commercial usages
    • Durable design, and is best for both residential and commercial purposes

    Cons: –

    • The plunger head is a bit small when compared to the elongated toilet openings and drainage openings as well
    • The handle can be quite short for long drainage’s and sinks

    5. ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger

    Innovation in making a Plunger can be acceptable only when it features many valuable applications with less effort. This Revolutionary Plunger from ToiletShroom is one such product for which you can take my word for extreme innovation and favorable applications. It is probably the most efficient Plumb Craft Toilet Plunger with great applications that others can’t do at all.

    One of the best things about this product is the reliable caddy Holder which provides ease of access to the plunger when not in use. You will not even have to hold the Caddy holder to take out the plunger from it.

    This ToiletShroom plunger is the best and probably the most effective way to clear clogged toilet drains. It is made up of stainless steel that is rustproof while the plastic body is made from high-quality ABS plastics for better durability and long-lasting performance. High-quality TPR is also used in this plunger for better performance.

    Most toilets are supported by this plunger ensuring top-class performance in every model. You have to just insert the plunger at a low angle and then push it for a few times to create enough pressure to target the clog source effectively.

    Pros: –

    • Hands-free caddy holder for sanitary storage
    • Can fit the vast majority of the toilet models and drainages
    • Durable and made from high-grade materials
    • Clogs can be pushed out in a single step

    Cons: –

    • Not effective for elongated seated toilets due to the short handle but can effectively target the clog source
    • Transporting the plunger can be a problem after usage although caddy holder does its work

    How to pick the best one for your requirement?

    If you have already gone through the product description, you may have ended choosing two or three plungers that are suitable for both toilet and kitchen sinks. But if you want to finalize a single plunger with all the features meeting your requirements, you have to go through some considerable factors. Nowadays, several tips are also available over the internet to not only unclog or repair your toilets, but also fabulous tips to repair your homes.

    I have simplified those factors based on every single condition so that you can find the best toilet plunger easily without many efforts. All you have to do is just compare those factors before buying a plunger and you can get the one product of your choice. Some of the most essential factors that one should consider before buying a plunger include

    Handle quality: – A good plunger is one that has multiple applications around the residence or commercial complex. This means it should not only clean the clogs from the toilet but also should be able to clean the sinks and drain openings as well.

    Thus, you should always go for a plunger which is having a good length followed by sturdy ergonomics for a better cleaning operation. I would suggest you prefer a plunger having the handle made from high impact plastic or any sturdy and long-lasting metals.

    You should also make sure that the handle doesn’t add much weight to the whole plunger which may require more effort while cleaning.

    Quality of suction cups: – Plunger head plays a major role in ensuring the best results while cleaning the toilet or sinks. Thus, you should always go with the plunger having a high-quality suction cup. There are two types of cups commonly found in the market.

    One of them is a flat bowl type having a standard feature of creating pressure action to stretch out the clogged source from the drainage openings. The second one is a tiered shape rubber made cup which is highly efficient in creating a seal around the targeted area.

    Both of them have drawbacks and advantages but if you are having an elongated two-piece toilet then tiered ridges work better than the standard ones. However, it will be quite hard to clean when compared to the standard one due to the ridges.

    Storage: – You should have a proper storage space to store the plunger after usage. To maintain a proper hygienic condition around your house, you should make sure that the plunger comes with a drip tray or good canister storage.

    You can also find the plunger with dedicated automated canister storage space with an anti-drip body that can be placed anywhere and the plunger can be hidden. A compatible drip tray is better for both small and big size bathrooms.

    Ability to make a good seal on the drain: – A plunger having a good quality suction cap can create a good seal in the drainage openings or on the targeted clog source. But, you should make sure to buy such a plunger having good seal action. I would suggest you should go with a plunger having rubber suction with a good force of action in the clogged area.

    Weight of the plunger: – Make sure to buy a lightweight plunger having sturdy build and good durability. Preferring a metal hand could be a good choice but metal adds weight to the plunger as well. There is also an option for a wooden handle which gives a comfortable weight while pulling out the clog from the drainage openings.

    Additional accessories: – A plunger that comes with some additional yet favorable accessories is probably a good choice. Some useful equipment like peg hose for hanging, a good storage space or drip tray to store and replaceable cups can surely add value to your chosen plunger

    Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo for Bathroom Cleaning - BestCartReviews

    How do toilets get clogged sometimes?

    A clogged toilet is surely one of the most frustrating things that one can come across. This becomes even more irritable if you are having a busy work schedule as your routine. Several reasons can lead to a clogged toilet. Some of them are

    Type of toilet used: One of the main reasons that cause blockage of the toilet is the type of toilet being used. A toilet with a narrow passage or with a weak pressure system often causes a clogged source on the drainage openings.

    Low flush toilets which are known as water-efficient toilets are the most common reason for the clogged toilets. The power attained by the water spray is often not enough for complete flush thus resulting in frequent clogging.

    Hard water: Hard water contains a high amount of chlorine and can calcify easily to form a white color substance around the walls. These minerals block the wastes to enter the drainage system flawlessly thus causing blockages. You can look for a basic water purifier that can filter out this high amount of minerals from the water or else call a plumber for it.

    Flushing toilet papers or wipes: There are some toilets with a wide opening and good pressure action that can allow flushing the wipes but not all toilets are meant for this. Mainly the rounded seats never support flushing the toilet paper or wipes in it. You should avoid flushing such wipes and toilet papers if you don’t want your toilet to be clogged any sooner.

    Clogging in drain line: Sometimes drain lines can also be clogged if you are not having a conventional septic tank system. These are the issues that require dedicated plumbing and cleaning work. But it is less frequent that the drain line is clogged unless huge solids are not flushed.

    Flushing solid objects: There are chances of flushing solid objects, mainly waste materials and toys by the kids. No matter what type of toilet you are using, flushing such solid that can’t be reduced will surely cause clogged drainage.

    Slow-moving septic systems: An efficient septic system is always a good choice no matter how expensive it is from standard ones. Slow septics followed by frequent usages by a large family causes blockage frequently.

    How to unclog a toilet with a plunger?

    You need to understand the operation of a plunger if you want to successfully unclog your toilet without causing mess around your bathroom. Starting with unclogging a toilet with a plunger, you need to have an efficient plunger as well. There are two types of plunger namely cup plunger and flanged or closet plunger.          

    Cup plunger varies only in the size and quality of the suction cups and handle but the rest of all features are the same in all of them. The flange plunger comes in different shapes to suit different toilet systems. Thus, let’s go through a common procedure followed by both of them.

    Make the plunger ready: – To prepare your plunger for the unclogging process, you should make sure that the suction cups are fixed rigidly to the handle and handle is not wet. This is because; wet handle slides and makes it impossible to pull out the plunger.

    Now, add water to the bowl to half of it to ensure a perfect seal around the plunger after inserted. In the case of Flange plunger, you should fold the flange upwards.

    Place the plunger in the bowl: – Position the plunger into the bowl in such an angle that the water-filled in the bowl fills the plunger cup. Make sure to fit the cup over the hole of the toilet so that the cup seals around the outside of the hole and the flange is inside the hole.

    Pump the plunger: Now that your plunger is ready, start pumping the plunger so that the pressure runs down to the place which is causing an obstacle for a flush. You should make sure that a good seal is maintained while you are pumping the plunger downwards to make a good seal around the hole.

    Test the flush system: Take the plunger out and flush the toilet system to see whether the bowl is in the same overflowing condition or flowing flawlessly.

    I came across one of the interesting toilet unclogging tricks to unclog your toilet apart from the toilet plunger which we all can give a try.

    Best Toilet Plungers FAQs

    Can I unclog an overflowing toilet myself?

    There are lots of possible reasons for an overflowing toilet and different problems have different solutions as well. One of the most common reasons seen for a clogged toilet or blocked toilet is the presence of obstacles caused by some solid substances.

    However, you can surely try out an efficient plunger to clear the blockage of your toilet. You can do it yourself without the need for professional plumbers. If your problem is not yet solved then you should surely call a plumber to fix the drainage pipes or septic systems.

    Can a toilet unclog itself eventually?

    No, a clogged toilet can’t be unclogged itself unless you use water with a lot of pressure into the bowl. You should use a plunger to clear the obstruction. It is surely helpful to clear the clogged toilet easily. You have to just pump the plunger in and out by placing the head inside the bowl to remove the obstacles.

    How can I clean a toilet plunger?

    A toilet plunger has a suction cup made up of rubber while the handle is made up of high impact plastic. Thus, they are very easy to clean just with a splash of water. But having a tier ridging plunger makes the cleaning a bit tricky. You will need to use a water jet sprayer to clean the wastes that are adhered to the ridges.

    Does flushing too much toilet paper clog a toilet?

    It depends on the type of your toilet being used and the drainage pipes or septic systems. There are some toilets which support flushable wipes but most of them are expensive and aren’t used by most of the household. But, in either case, flushing toilet paper can surely clog a toilet sooner or later.

    How can I fix a severely clogged toilet?

    A highly efficient plunger having a forced suction cup ensuring good seal around the drain hole is surely the best option to fix a severely clogged toilet. It doesn’t even require professional help and can be done in a few moments. But, if you are still having the same problem, then you should surely look out for drainage pipe systems or septic tank capacity.

    Is it possible to unclog a toilet without using a plunger?

    There are many ways to unclog a toilet but most of them require the help of professional plumbers with heavy-duty machines. A plunger is a simple yet effective way to unclog a toilet. It is cheaper and also doesn’t require professional help. Thus, it is better if you look out for a good plunger instead of other solutions.

    Is using hot water prevented while unclogging a toilet?

    There are no specific reasons for preventing hot water while unclogging the toilet. But, using boiling water or hot water can loosen the joints of the pipes that are attached to the adhesives. Some porcelain bowls can also crack while using boiled water on it due to the expansion. Thus it is better to not use hot water for unclogging a toilet.

    Final Thoughts

    A plunger can be an efficient and supportive tool for you to clean a clogged toilet without any inconvenience caused. It doesn’t add any professional help and thus no additional charges as well.

    By now, you surely have chosen the plunger which is suitable for your requirements. However, I choose the toilet plunger from MR.SIGA as the best toilet plunger for my house. It comes with all kinds of accessories like toilet brush and stands that make it the best choice besides the quality of the suction cups and handle.

    However, none of a single plunger is the best for every need. Each one of them has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. This is why you should go through the essential factors; compare them with the product reviews and get the best deal from out there. You can also learn the operation of the plunger to get ensured of the best outcomes.

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