Best Microwave Ovens to Look For in 2024

    Kitchens without microwave ovens aren’t up to the mark, isn’t it? The trend is gradually catching up in several parts of the world. The modern-day homeowners wish to invest in the top microwave oven that will help them in the long run. 

    The smart move is due to the fact the microwave ovens are fit for every kitchen type. You can cook plenty of vegetarian recipes with a great degree of efficiency. The microwave ovens made in the USA work as the all-purpose ovens with some cool features. 

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    Most of them come with incredible features for preparing the favorite eatables without compromising with the quality. Cooking also requires less amount of oils due to pre-programmed cooking times and temperatures. All the features automate themselves for preparing the dish.

    Let’s have a look at the microwave oven reviews 2024

    1. Toshiba Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

    The Toshiba em131a5c microwave is the stainless steel model that is ideal for the apartment kitchens as well as the office break room. You will get the availability of the sensor heating that will let you cook optimally the tasty dishes with just the touch of a button. 

    Control buttons

    It has a 1.2 cubic feet capacity large chamber and turntable of 12.4 inches. There are 10 power settings along with the kitchen timer and clock. You get the availability of the 10 power levels up to 1100W. 


    You get the availability of the large digital display with the easy-to-read control panel. The turntable of the Toshiba em131a5c microwave oven along with the large digital display will give you additional support. 

    Automated timer

    You can get the availability of the microwave oven 2020 timer that will manage the time for cooking. If you wish to stop the buzzer of the microwave oven, you can long-press button number 8 for around 3 to 5 seconds. It gets off automatically after a long beep. 

    Long-lasting durability

    You get the protection film during the shipment on the keypad of the Toshiba em131a5c-bs microwave oven with a smart sensor. The one year warranty on the packaging is a benefit. The build quality is also fantastic. 

    Toshiba Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Review


    • The glass turntable is also an added benefit
    • Availability of softening or melt function
    • Easy to clean interface
    • Availability of energy-saving Eco-mode


    • Aggressive custom defrost cycles

    Bottom line

    The Toshiba em131a5c-bs microwave oven review suggests that it comes with the pre-programmed sensor menu for optimizing the heating unit. You can cook food like pizza, potato, veggies, and others due to the voltage 120V at 60Hz. You will get the one-touch start popcorn, as well as two different settings like auto, defrost, and custom with this oven. In every way, it will be an incredible oven for you.

    2. Panasonic microwave stainless steel built-in inverter oven

    The sleek stainless steel microwave oven is now A perfect model with the built-in inverter technology that is stylish and consonant for any kitchen setup. The microwave oven comes as a perfect peace for the apartment or condo kitchen. You can cook breakfast dinners after school snacks and everything else with just a single touch of a button. Well, it’s time to have a look at the Panasonic microwave oven in-sn686s review.

    Constant cooking power and cooking time 

    The new technology generates a steady stream of power for different temperature settings. So, you can get it up and running for poaching, braise, and steam. You will get everything in this oven and it will be well cooked. In addition to that, you will also get more color and nutrients in the food.

    Minimum footprint 

    The smart and compact design of the Panasonic nn-sn686s microwave oven inverter is now a remarkable choice because it provides more interior capacities and others. Moreover, Panasonic microwave nn-sn686s is an efficient unit with the control interfaces and weighs around 8 pounds lighter than the conventional microwave ovens. The interior space of the Panasonic microwave oven nn-sn686s is also a small one that will not take a large portion of your kitchen top. 

    Easy to control features 

    You will get intelligent features like inbuilt controls for the high-end look, Turbo press menus for cooking food evenly, features for maintenance of the food, versatile food preparation controls, to name a few. 

    Optional trim kit for the Upgraded kitchen 

    In case you want the microwave built-in to the new or existing wall or cabinet, it’s worth choosing this Panasonic optional stainless steel trim kit. 

    Panasonic microwave stainless steel built-in inverter oven Review


    • Easy to install interface
    • Control units are optimized
    • Spacious interior


    • Reheat feature problem

    Bottom line

    This Panasonic nn-sn686s is the designed piece for your modular kitchen because it will cook almost anything in minutes. It has a precision kit in it that will enhance the look and fit of the microwave. You can keep the Panasonic microwave oven nn-sn686s stainless steel in any kitchen set up because the stylish trim kit will add beauty to space. 

    3. Panasonic stainless steel microwave oven

    The stainless steel exterior of this Panasonic microwave oven will match every kitchen. The oven works on the feature of 100 percent power by simply touching a button.

    Minimum footprint

    The smart and compact design of the Panasonic piece makes it consumes less space and will provide more internal capacity. There is also the 1.3 cubic foot capacity along with the 13.4 inches turntable. So, Panasonic nn-su696s countertop microwave oven becomes ideal for accommodating the after school snacks, breakfast foods as well as the dinner time meals. You will also get the 8 pounds lighter setup than other models.

    Preset cook time

    You can set the number of minutes you want it to run. In case of the additional time requirement, you can press the start button for adding 30 seconds of the cooking time. The three favorite times and power combinations offer convenience.


    Large and easy to grip a door handle of the Panasonic microwave oven nn-su696s is a convenient option. The smart and compact design of the inverter oven is now a remarkable choice because it provides more interior capacities and others. Moreover, you can keep it in any kitchen set up because the stylish trim kit will add beauty to space.

    Auto defrost 

    With Panasonic microwave nn-su696s ovens, you will get the feature of auto to defrost for thawing of the food quickly and evenly. It makes use of the advanced auto-defrost that will utilize the microwaves based on the power delivery method for solving the food quickly and evenly.  

    Panasonic stainless steel microwave oven Review


    • Easy to clean setup
    • Serves versatile purposes
    • Amazing durability
    • Quick microwave oven installation


    • Produces noise while working

    Bottom line:

    This oven has a genius sensor for the measurement of the amount of steam. You can get the right standards of cooking and signals. Panasonic nn su696s works based on remaining cooking time. With it, you will get the availability of the appropriate power level. You will also get the best of the 7 pre-programmed settings for convenient cooking.

    4. Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven

    The microwave oven works on innovative technology that is better when compared to traditional Technology. The unit relies on the power and temperatures with the constant stream of the cooking power at all temperatures. It is quality cooking equipment for the output and will cook the healthy dishes in no time.

    Plenty of controls

    You will get the availability of microwave cooking that is easy and quick.  The stainless steel countertops are with the smart levels of powers and cooking temperatures. The controls will work with the Popcorn button. You can get the interior auto as well as the manual controls. 

    Inverter technology

    It works based on inverter technology for the generation of the seamless stream of microwave cooking.

    Even cooking

    You will get an even distribution of the heat on the surface from the edge to the center. The Panasonic compact microwave oven cavity dimensions are optimum for smart cooking. So you will get the sensor automatically assisting in the cooking approach. With this unit, you can get the Food Industry-level popcorn. The additional button for the popcorn will also be a suitable option for the Popcorn lovers. You can get Panasonic microwave oven 1.2 cu ft 1200 watts set to the optimal popping temperature. 

    Defrost option

    You will get healthy meals cooked in seconds. Moreover, the turbo controls can work in seconds for the cooking of frozen foods. You can get the acceleration of the defrosting option that will cook the frozen food quickly.

    Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven Review


    • Plenty of control units
    • Easy to move the device
    • Available options for cleaning


    • The device is fragile

    Bottom line

    You will get the sensor that will measure the amount of the steam produced and will cook optimally. There are also microprocessors in the Panasonic compact microwave oven with 1200 watts for the calculation of the remaining cooking time. The feature makes Panasonic microwave oven 1200 watts an incredible model. So, if you want to cook a healthy meal like corn, soup, pasta, pizza, and other dishes, it’s the right time to choose it.

    5. Toshiba countertop Microwave oven with convection

    The stylish steel finish microwave oven amazon comes with the timeless look that will match your cooking style. Toshiba ec042a5c-ss convection microwave with sensor cooking function also has the convection unit for better heat distribution. The overall system comes with the bright LED capacity and turntable to make it an incredible piece. Now, let’s start with the Toshiba ec042a5c-ss review.

    Convection cooking

    With this Toshiba ec042a5c-ss microwave, you will get versatile cooking methods. The microwave comes with the convection unit because it will offer the four auto roast menus. You can use Toshiba ec042a5c-ss countertop microwave oven for reheating, baking, grilling of the foods using the functions. 

    Sensor menu 

    The smart sensor with the 13 auto menu of the microwave that will give the sensor function that will give the optimized cooking standards. It can give the built-in sensor constantly for the detection of the humidity levels of the food. It will also give the automatic adjustment of the time and temperature.

    Stainless steel cavity 

    The microwave oven online unit comes with the easy to clean stainless steel cavity for even distribution of the heat. It is also free from scratch and rust. You can clean it with the damp cloth for cleaning the interior. Maintenance is also a simple one with this unit. This is one of the top microwave ovens on sale.

    Heat retention capacity 

    The heat holding function of this oven is an amazing one that will prepare the dishes and will keep them warm up to 99 minutes. The Toshiba ec042a5c-ss can cook ready to serve meals by optimizing the temperature. Your family can also enjoy optimum cooking results anytime with the   Toshiba ec042a5c-ss countertop microwave oven with convection. 

    Factors to look for while buying the high-grade microwave oven – Buying Guide

    Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor-Bestcartreviews


    The Handy microwave oven comes in everything from 0.5 cubic feet to 1.5 cubic feet models. You can consider the space you have along with the space of putting the ingredients into it. You should measure the go-to dinner plates before going shopping. Sometimes bringing the setup that will match every food size is the best idea. 

    Defrost menu

    The modern-day microwave oven comes with the defrosting and automatic cooking functions. The application can assess the time needed for cooking with the consideration of the weight. The defrosting activity in the microwave oven is rapid when compared to the conventional methods because it uses pulses of microwaves that are random.

    Child locking

    The feature of child locking helps in the prevention of the little children from interfering with the cooking process of the device. Overall it will also reduce the chances of unwanted accidents.


    Sometimes the large buttons are easier for your eyes to read. Sometimes microwaves come with the special buttons for cooking things like frozen pizza or popcorn. You can even add 30 seconds to the cooking time using it. In case you use only certain buttons all the time on the current machine, make sure that they are or even on the new one. 


    The higher the wattage, the better is the microwave you are buying. You should always look for the oven that has 900 to 1000W range for ensuring enough power to hear the food efficiently and thoroughly. The cheaper versions usually have 700W that takes more time and will also never heat the foods evenly. 1200w microwave ovens cook foods optimally. 

    Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power - BestCartReviews

    Convection unit

    A convection microwave is famous these days because they are smaller pieces and also have incredible power for cooking the chicken, roasting veggies, baking a cake as well as heating the frozen soup. If you want to cook for the small party at your home, it is worth choosing this microwave that can even handle bigger jobs.


    The microwave that has smart sensors and will also keep down energy consumption is the smartest idea. You should always take the machine that has smart controls and can automatically switch off the device once the cooking is complete. You don’t require controlling such a microwave every 30 seconds. This can keep the meals from exploding in the microwave and will make cleaning a hassle-free endeavor.

    Best Microwave Ovens FAQs

    Which microwave is best for 2020?

    Toshiba countertop Microwave oven with convection is the best for 2020 because it comes with plenty of features and compatible control panels. The control buttons will also allow proper control of the device. The distribution of the heat will cook every food.

    How do I choose a microwave?

    Though it might seem that choosing a microwave is an easy task, yet in reality, it is not so. You have to go through plenty of features besides the quality. First of all, you have to look for the size, control buttons, cooking space, wattage, power efficiency, and accessories with it and so on. Moreover, it is also recommended to look for the branded model to stay on the safe side. The cheap models will usually come with the low-quality parts that will not even last a year. 

    How long should a microwave last?

    The average microwave oven lasts around 7 years when you normally use it. Sometimes it will last less than that if you are cooking regularly for large families. However, with the proper maintenance, you can rest assured that the appliance will run for 4 to 5 years at a stretch without replacement or repair. It is good to replace the unit every four to five years because it becomes less reliable in terms of the distribution of heat.

    What wattage microwave is best?

    It is always mandatory to look for the wattage of the microwave because it determines the efficiency of the equipment. You should always look for the devices that have the wattage between 900-1000Watt or more.  The low-grade models usually come with the wattage of 700 or lesser than that. Unfortunately, the cheap models have a low price but they will not last long. 

    Is a 1200 watt microwave good?

    Definitely, it will be a good model when the wattage of the microwave is over 1000W. Most of these devices have the capacity for cooking quickly and efficiently. Microwave oven 1200 watts will give a great baseline. The microwaves with 700W or less than that are slow and will never evenly distribute the heat. So, you should always keep in mind that the higher wattage means a good microwave. 

    What is the best microwave oven for home use?

    For home use, you must always choose a microwave oven that will have a higher wattage. It will cook faster and more evenly. The higher the wattage, the more efficient they are for homes when compared to the normal ones. They will also serve the entire family at once. Each of the above-mentioned models can fall under the category of the everyday home-use microwave oven.

    What should I look for when buying a microwave?

    You should not use the microwave oven for your home without going through the features. First of all, you have to look for the features like size, reliability, wattage, price, availability of the pre-program settings, noise level, safety standards as well as durability. Moreover, it should be a branded product with a warranty period. Only when the microwave oven has all these features, you can rest assured that it will be a reliable piece in the long run.

    Final words

    We have listed the best Convection microwave oven that is trending in the online markets. You have also got the idea about the factors you should go through while choosing the microwave oven. We recommend using the Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven that holds incredible features. By looking for the features, you can rest assured of picking the right model for your everyday use. We have gone through the customer reviews minutely before placing them in our handpicked list of microwave ovens. Happy cooking!

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