Best Macerating Toilets 2024

    If you are searching for the best range of macerating toilets with reliable features at a decent price range, you have stepped in at the right place. I can assist you in picking out the most efficient macerators with the best performance.

    Besides, you can also be ensured of gaining enough knowledge about the function and operation of the macerators by the time you finish. Thus, providing a simple way to pick up the best possible deal from the market on a wide variety of macerating toilet systems. 

    These models use a highly efficient grinding or blending mechanism to reduce human waste to the slurry. Thus, the reduced waste can flow faster than the standard ones even with low pressure of water.

    Macerating Toilets - Saniflo Toilet - Two-piece SaniPlus

    But if you want the best Macerating Toilet system that meets your expectations you should look for the best manufacturers as well. Finding such manufacturers with an unmatched reputation in making all efficient Macerating Toilets can be quite tough for you. This is due to the availability of numerous companies in the market with the same specs and almost similar claims.

    However, I have the best solution for you that can reduce your confusion to zero. I have been through all the reputed brands in the market that guarantees extreme performance and compare the specifications as well. You can just go through the buying guide and the essential considerable factors to know the basics of the macerating toilet system. 

    After that, all you have to do is go through the products ranked based on features, efficiency, performance, and reliability as well. I can ensure you for the best deal in the market with the features that meet your expectations from all aspects. Moreover, you can even try your hands on learning the tips to install macerating toilets along with picking up the best product.

    Here are the list of Best 5 Macerating Toilets 2024

    1. Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet

    An efficient macerating toilet packed with heavy-duty applications is surely the best choice. This Saniflo Macerating Toilet is also one such system that can upgrade your toilet to a whole new level.

    From the best design to the most comfortable build, it is infused with all incredible tweaks that make it a step ahead of others. I like the seat which is comfortable to sit beside being incredibly compact with a small footprint that doesn’t occupy a lot of bathroom space.

    This kit from Saniflo also has the option for elongated bowl and extension pipe for wall mount installation. It doesn’t create noise in either flushing or refilling as well. The pump can be connected to a spigot of the horizontal outlet while the tank is connected to the water supply.

    The pressure chamber of this Toilet kit has a motor to drive the stainless-steel blades and the pump to reduce the water into a slurry. The macerator blades can rotate at the speed of 3600 RPM which causes a centrifugal force to eject the reduced solids into the same container.

    This SANIBEST Upflush Toilet is also designed to discharge the gray water from several other sanitary fixtures. You can surely trust this kit with 2 years of straight manufacturer warranty for both replacement and repairs as well.

    Pros: –

    • It is quiet even during refilling and flushing as well
    • 6 gallon of water is used in each flush thus saving a lot of water
    • Wastes are completely turned into slurry for a flawless transfer
    • White color merges and compliments with any interiors

    Cons: –

    • A bit slow in preventing clogging but the motor is efficient
    • A little towards pricey side but the features make it reasonable

    2. Liberty Pumps ASCENT II Macerating Toilet

    Efficient motor performance accompanied by the most reliable features together makes a perfect combination for a macerating toilet. This ASCENT II Macerating Toilet from Liberty Pumps can meet your expectations completely in this case with its enhanced feasibility of the whole system.

    This ASCENT II Macerating toilet ensures 1.28 Gallon per flush efficiency which is quite impressive for a macerating system. By using this macerating toilet, you can place your bathroom anywhere without needing to break the floors. It can be just placed on the floors so that there is no need to tackle the construction from any aspect.

    Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilet comes with an advanced RazorCut technology that improves the maceration for waste. Besides, the service panel of the toilet is removable that simplifies access to the cutter area without plumbing or the need of disconnecting the whole system from pipes.

    With an elegant design, this macerating toilet from Liberty Pumps can merge with any bathroom easily. The glossy design of the surface prevents the clogging of debris on it and makes it easy to clean from the surface. It requires less maintenance when compared to other Macerating Toilet Systems. You can rely on the build and durability for many years to come.

    Pros: –

    • Advanced Razor cut technology
    • Toilet seat is also included
    • Service panel can be removed easily to access the cutter area
    • Requires less maintenance

    Cons: –

    • The speed of the motor can be a bit faster but the present motor is quite reliable and makes the work done
    • A bit noisy but efficient in performance and provides long term performance

    3. Saniflo Two Piece Saniplus Toilet

    The Saniplus system is known to be one of the best systems used to install a complete bathroom and this Saniflo Macerating Toilet is infused with many incredible perks. You can install a complete bathroom anywhere without breaking the floor or tackling the construction.

    An elongated toilet bowl comes with the two pieces Saniplus toilet from Saniflo which is comfortable for a wide range of users. The motor of this macerating toilet rotates at the speed of 360 RPM which causes a powerful centrifugal action. This speed can reduce the solid waste to the fine slurry.

    The slurry is ejected to a container through a grill where the pump-action takes place and the slurry is picked up. Pressure action caused by the pump is also quite efficient and feasible in any adverse condition. The pump operates at 10 PSI and can send the effluent to 12 feet upward and 150 feet horizontally.

    Gray water discharge is the best thing about the two-piece Saniplus Toilet from Saniflo. It can discharge gray water from several sanitary fixtures which include a bath, bidet and hand basin, etc.  However, the best thing about this macerator is the motor action and pump action on which you can completely rely for a long period.

    Pros: –

    • Efficient motor with 3600 rpm speed
    • 10 PSI operation from the pump
    • Gray water discharge
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty

    Cons: –

    • A bit noisier than the standard ones but works efficiently
    • Consumes more power but the flush system is flawless and reliable for a long period

    4. Thetford Marine Nano ECO macerating toilet

    The ECO Macerating toilet from Thetford is probably the best marine macerating toilet system available now. It is compatible with less than 12” height and is the best option for the raised platforms of the boats. All kinds of energy-efficient features are infused in this macerating toilet which can provide efficient performance besides consuming less power as well.

    One of the best things about Thetford’s Macerating toilet is its quiet operation due to which maceration becomes quite feasible. It utilizes onboard freshwater as well as the existing freshwater in the vessel for efficient macerating operation.

    Made from Italian Vitreous plastic seat and lid, it is quite durable and can withstand adverse conditions as well. It is also equipped with the slow closing feature which prevents sudden slams and thus breakage of the toilet surface even in long term usage with high frequency.

    This self-contained macerating toilet from Thetford also has a powerful macerator pump with a high-pressure jet nozzle. Thus, the entire bowl can be cleaned easily with minimal water required. A rocker-style flush switch is available to operate the toilet’s macerating system for a feasible usage throughout.

    Pros: –

    • High-pressure jet for quick bowl cleaning
    • Reliable rocket style flush switch
    • Powerful turbine macerator pump
    • 2 years of manufacturer warranty

    Cons: –

    • Chances of strong foul odor but the macerator is quite efficient ensuring reliable flush
    • Motor runs for a long time but bowl can be cleaned quickly due to high-pressure jet

    5. Jabsco 37245 Macerating Toilet

    This 37245 Macerating toilet from Jabsco is extremely quiet which is tough for the entire macerating toilet present out there.  Quiet operation is the first and foremost reason that I enlisted this macerating toilet in the top 5 toilets in the market.

    Besides, it is equipped with some of the most advanced yet reliable features such as a single button flush actuator and a self-priming pump. The actuator comes with a dual function water level control switch which can regulate the water flow from the incoming pipe as per the preference of the user.

    A PAR-MAX 4 self-priming pump is a very beneficial addition to this macerating toilet. This is because it can pump up the seawater or lake water to rinse the bowl easily without any extra efforts of the user. Additionally, the white vitreous china bowl with the macerator comes in a compact household size which can be placed on the small-sized bathroom as well.

    Furthermore, the most efficient high capacity water macerator does its job flawlessly providing the best outcomes. Bowl discharge pump available with the macerator takes care of the fine slurry by showing the way to the sewage system of the septic system faster than ever.

    Pros: –

    • High Capacity waste macerator
    • Extremely quiet while macerator which is quite impressive with an efficient motor
    • The bowl discharge pump comes along with the toilet
    • Comes with both baked enamel seat as well as cover

    Cons: –

    • Small in size can be a problem for some users, but widely accepted
    • A small footprint accompanied by a round bowl makes it a matter of choice of users.

    How will you come to know which macerating toilet is best suited?

     I hope you have gone through our product reviews. One of them is surely made for your expectations.  But before finalizing the product of your choice you should also go through these considerable factors to ensure a better deal for the features.

    These factors are quite essential for a macerating toilet to be the best option in the market. All you have to do is search for these features on the products that you have filtered. It will make your choice easier and trustworthy as well.

    Size:The area of your bathroom plays a major role in choosing the best macerating toilet. All the above-mentioned products are available with different sizes and features. You have to pick the toilet that is perfect for the size of your space. A small toilet of the user’s size will not be a problem but a large-sized toilet will surely be a problem. Thus, make sure that you are going for the perfect size of the macerating toilet system.

    Comfort:Elongated toilets are considered as the best choice with favorable features and quality. But, a macerating Upflush kit with the elongated ones makes the best choice ever. Thus, you should consider comfort as the second topmost priority after the size is matched.

    Round models are also better for small size bathrooms but it all depends on the user’s preference as well. However, you should make sure that the toilet is having a comfortable space and surface beside an efficient macerating kit.

    Water efficiency:Nobody likes water wastage and saving water is probably best for both households and society. The macerating toilet is specially designed to save a lot of water by converting human waste into the slurry. But, if this adds-up with a water-efficient toilet with a good flush system, you can save a lot of water with favorable flush performance as well.

    Performance:Macerating toilets are equipped with a powerful motor and pressure system to reduce human waste into a slurry. Well, you need to consider the speed of the motor and feasibility of the pressure system before buying a macerating toilet.

    I would suggest going for a highly efficient motor having a speed of above 3500 RPM. It will not only save a lot of water but will make sure that the flush is done completely.

    Noise:Having a motor inside the kit surely means noise. But preferring a quiet macerating toilet is always best. Having less noise also depicts the efficient performance of the motor. Besides, it will not bother the people and the environment as well.

    Installation System:When it is about installing a macerating system into the toilet, you have to take care of additional installation charges as well. Although there are chances of self-installation, it will be quite irritating for the household. However, a macerating kit with a quick installation process will be surely better.

    Price:Price is surely the topmost factor while such long-term investments on toilets. But buying a cheaper one can compromise the quality side to some extent. Therefore, you should check the price based on the provided features and surely the warranty period of the manufacturer. The warranty period says a lot about the trust factor of the companies on their product and can be quite favorable for the customers as well.

    Jabsco Quiet Flush Marine Electric Toilet with Intake Pump, Seawater

    How are macerating toilet systems helpful?

    Having a macerating system attached to your toilet can provide a ton of benefits to the users. It has a motor with sharp blades to reduce human waste into the slurry. Thus, the reduced slurry can easily be flushed to the tank without requiring any other pressure system.

    It is way better than the pressure centric toilet systems that use the incoming water as a spray to force the waste to go down. On the other hand, gravity centric toilets can make the best use of the macerating system. The reduced slurry can be easily transferred to the tank without requiring any water pressure.

    Besides, there are some incredible tweaks on adding a macerating system to your toilet such as

    • Saving water: Adding a macerating toilet system to your bathroom will turn any toilet system into highly water-efficient ones. The reduced slurry is way easier to be carried away by water than the solid ones. Thus, a lot of gallons can be saved easily.
    • Long-lasting toilet: Solid waste occupies a lot of space in the tank. Thus, you need to refill the tank often. Large families often have this problem which is quite irritable while being at home. Macerating toilets make our tank long-lasting with the reduced slurry which stays down in less space.
    • Clogging free: – Having a toilet with a small footprint surely increases the chance of clogging. It can be seen both in pipes as well as on the toilet itself. Macerating toilets ensured clogged free toilets by an enhanced pressure system and feasible mechanism. This would be amazing too if we could plumb the upflush toilet easily without trouble.
    • Ensured full flush: – Flushing system of your toilet i.e. both gravity centric or pressure centric can run beyond its potential with the addition of macerating toilet system. Thus, even gravity centric rounded toilet seats with no advanced features for flushing or spraying can be ensured of complete Flushing.
    • Works for any toilet seat: Macerating toilet system can replace any type of toilet. You can just select the model of the seat, design, and surface-based on your choice and size of your bathroom.
    • Movable toilets:Self-contained toilets work great with the macerating functionality in it. Macerating self-contained toilets can produce the compost easily in slurry form. It can be a great choice for households while plumbing issues or electrical emergencies in the bathroom.

    FAQs - Best Macerating Toilets

    How does the macerating toilet system work?

    The macerating toilet system has a small diameter pipe and a macerator pump with a motor. The motor powers a pair of sharp stainless-steel blades. These blades are meant to reduce the solid human waste into a slurry. This fine slurry when combined with the flush water can easily travel through the pipes to the sewage system or the septic tanks. The pump which sends the fine slurry to the tank again won't require any maintenance.

    Does the macerating toilet system last longer?

    It depends on factors like the build quality and frequency of usage. But you can always go with a reputable manufacturer like Saniflo Macerating toilet system. They ensure 50,000 cycles of action which means it will surely last even longer. The pump system requires zero maintenance besides being long-lasting.

    How can I install the macerating system?

    Different macerating toilet system comes with a different installation process. You have to go through the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for a perfect installation. Hiring a pump engineer and electrician could be a safe choice to install a macerator. But many companies are delivering them with quick installation procedures which may result in fewer installation charges.

    Are up flush toilets durable?

    Yes, they are more durable than the standard ones. They have the longest lifespan than any other toilets available. Most of the toilet systems with Upflush systems come with the assurance of 10 to 15 years of service before any mechanical replacements. Besides they are quiet and reliable in frequent usages.

    Why do I need a macerating toilet system for my bathroom?

    Macerating toilet systems are designed to grind up the solid human wastes into a fine slurry. This can be carried away easily by water to the reservoir or tanks. The Septic system works best with the macerating toilet system. It can save a lot of water and ensure a clogging free toilet for a long period.

    Does the macerating toilet system make a lot of noise?

    Macerating toilet system is equipped with an efficient motor having a feasible speed around 3000 rpm. Thus, it will make some noise while functioning. But you can go for more reliable options like Saniflo with quiet operation and efficient performance. You can also prefer an elongated system with advanced features that compliments well with the macerating toilet system.

    How can I get the best macerating toilet system?

    It's a mere fact that nothing is perfect for every user. The same follows for macerating toilet systems as well. But you can get the toilet system which is best for your requirements and expectations. All you have to do is go through my buying guide for essential considerable factors and then go through the separate product reviews.

    Accessories to buy with the Best Macerating Toilets

    1. Brondell Lumawarm Heated Nightlight toilet seat

    It is possibly the best toilet seat available in the market with 4 heat settings. Besides, it is an ergonomic seat with both rounded and elongated options. The best thing about the heated seat from Brondell is that it has luminous Nightlights around the seat as well. Thus, you can feel convenient even in midnights

    2. MAYFAIR  847SLOW 000 Kendall Toilet Seat

    This Toilet Seat from Mayfair is equipped with the STA-TITE fastening system so that your seat never wiggles. It can close quietly and slow just with a tap. Besides, it requires zero maintenance with easily removable parts. A perfect fit with extreme closing features enlists it in the top macerating toilet accessories.

    3. Sanimove macerating pump

    The macerating pump from Sanimove is the best option for the buildings that don’t have a proper drainage system. It comes with 4 inlets to attach shower, sink, bidet and a toilet as well. It works with 400-watt motors and efficient non-clog blades that make it highly durable with less power consumption.  The maximum flow is set to 100L/min.

    4. Saniflo 002 Saniplus Macerating pump

    When it comes to middle size residential applications, this 002 Saniplus Macerating pump from Saniflo is the best option. It can pump vertically up to 15 feet while horizontal pumping ranges to 150 feet. The build is designed to be connected to the Saniflo discharge toilet easily. It consumes 1.28 gallons of water and suits every bathroom with an elegant look.

    5. Silent Venus Macerator Pump

    The Macerator Pump from Silent Venus is the most reliable pump that can be installed anywhere without any extra construction. It comes with 19FT of both horizontal and vertical discharge and can allow the users to install a full bathroom anywhere. The best thing about this macerator pump is that you can install it at the bottom of a slope besides a conventional basement bathroom.

    Final Thoughts

    A Macerating toilet system is by far the best option among all kinds of flush systems available with advanced features in the market. But plumbing problems can be faced in any of the types of toilets that you may use. So, one must be aware of some quick plumbing solutions too that may help in fixing your plumbing problem.

    Rather, when the question arises to choose the best macerating toilets, you have to surely go through the considerable essential factors and the specifications provided by the manufacturer. This ensures a long-lasting performance of the electrical systems such as a motor system and a pressure system that powers up with electricity.

    Best Cart Reviews recommends the Saniflo Macerating toilet as it has impressive gray discharge capabilities besides a reliable pressure system as well. Your expectations may vary from mine, but you can go through the entire macerating toilet reviews and compare the essential factors mentioned in the buying guide to crack the best deal out of it.

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