Best HD Projectors for 2024: Reviews and Comparison

    Bring Movie Night to Your Living Room

    With one of the best HD projectors, you can set up a movie theatre at home without stepping out of the house!

    Whether you want to play games on a bigger screen or your kid loves to watch YouTube videos, having an HD projector is a must.

    But do you know choosing the top HD projector is a bit taxing? Well, there are umpteen models available in the market that selecting the right one becomes daunting.

    Our review team created a list of the best HD projectors so that you can easily pick the best device. Furthermore, we have compared different HD projectors to break down which projector is best for whom. 

    Go through the article to know about the HD projectors that should be on your list if you want to enjoy theatre-like quality at home.

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    Top 8 HD Projectors Reviews 2024

    Table of Contents

    After extensive research and after comparing different models, we selected the top 8 projectors for you. Go through the reviews to select a suitable option based on its features and performance.

    1. Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast

    Bestseller No. 1
    Epson Home Cinema 2150, Wireless, Full HD, 1080p, 2,500 lumens color brightness (color light...
    • Bright ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 2,500 lumens of equal...
    • Widescreen Full HD 1080p entertainment up to 11 feet (132 inches diagonal) or more over 4x...
    • Amazing dynamic contrast ratio: up to 60,000:1 for even richer detail in dark scenes and...

    This HD projector from Epson is a versatile device that you can use for watching movies, playing games, and other professional tasks.

    The wireless projector allows you to connect your devices without using wires, and you will get an unrivaled experience with it.

    Convenient Controls

    Epson offers a remote control with the projector, so all the controls are at your fingertips. You can adjust the brightness and access other controls on the go with the controller.

    In addition to the remote, the controls are also available on the projector so you can adjust the settings easily.

    3LCd Technology 

    Epson has used its exclusive 3LCD technology with the projector that improves the picture quality, and you get a rainbow effect on the screen.

    Along with HD content, you will experience sharp visuals, and that’s what you need with an HD projector.

    Superb Contrast 

    The contrast ratio of the HD projector is 60,000:1, which is highest in this list of best HD projectors. You will get superior picture quality, which is enough to prove why we have included this projector on this list.

    Compatible with Streaming Devices

    You can connect streaming devices with the projector to stream content using the internet. The projector supports Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

    In a nutshell, you can replace the TV with the Epson projector 4K projector as it offers everything that you get with a TV.

    Motorized Lens

    The motorized lens allows you to adjust it using the remote to correct the picture quality. Unlike other HD projectors, you don’t have to struggle with the Epson Home Cinema HD projector. Correcting the picture will now be easier than ever.

    Epson Home Cinema - HD Video Projector Review


    • Best picture quality
    • Handy controls
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Versatile


    • Expensive

    Bottom Line

    Epson Home Cinema wireless HD projector is the perfect option if you want to eliminate the hassles of connecting wires. Also, the projector has an HDMI port so that you can connect your PC or TV with it.

    Lastly, Epson offers best-in-class customer support, and you won’t regret buying this projector.

    2. BOMAKER Native 1080p Full HD Projector

    SaleBestseller No. 1
    HOMPOW Projector, Native 1080P Full HD Bluetooth Projector with Speaker, Outdoor Portable Movie Mini...
    • ????【Native 1080P Full HD resolution】: If you have a high requirement for clarity of...
    • ????【Bluetooth 5.1 Function and HiFi Stereo Speakers】: The projector's built-in dual HiFi...
    • ????【200'' Giant Screen & ±15° Keystone Correction & 50% Zoom】: The portable projector...

    Check out this HD projector from BOMAKER that is compatible with gaming consoles, smartphones, and computers. It is a full HD projector that comes with a handy remote, and you can control multiple settings on your fingertips.

    Also, the HD projector mini is versatile, and you can use it for office and personal use.

    4D ±50° Horizontal / Vertical Keystone Correction

    The HD projector comes with 4D ±50° Horizontal / Vertical Keystone Correction, so you don’t have to change its position even in a small room.

    The projector offers better picture quality than most of the projector with 4D ±15° Horizontal / Vertical Keystone Correction.

    Digital Zoom 

    The digital zoom feature eliminates the need to adjust it manually. You can adjust the focus on the go using the handy remote controller available with the projector.

    Whether you are enjoying a movie in your room or playing games in the backyard with your friends, the digital zoom feature will be a great help.

    Dual HDMI Ports 

    You can use the dual HDMI ports to connect two devices at a time and choose one from the remote. Now there is no need to remove the PC cable if you want to want to connect your gaming console with the projector.

    It even supports smartphones, including Android and iOS devices, using an HDMI connector adapter. 

    HD Quality 

    The projector offers HD quality output as it promises so that you won’t be complaining about the picture quality anytime.

    The HD projector 4k from BOMAKER has 1080p native and comes with 6500 lumens. Also, the contrast of the projector is 8000:1, so you will get sharp and crisp visuals with it.

    HD Projector Mini Review


    • Easy to set up
    • Handy controller
    • Digital zoom
    • Supports 4K
    • Compatible with gaming consoles and PC
    • Dual HDMI ports


    • No HDMI adapter available for connecting smartphone
    • Some users complained about the customer service

    Bottom Line 

    If you need a reliable and portable HD projector that offers promising picture quality. Setting up the projector requires a couple of minutes, and you can even mount it on a ceiling stand.

    Overall, the brightness and keystone adjustments seem excellent, and the projector makes the right choice if you need a versatile device to use at home and office.

    3. BARZAA Video Projector 4200Lux Full HD Projector

    SaleBestseller No. 1
    Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, AILESSOM 20000LM 450" Display Support 4K Movie Projector,...
    • ????????【20000LM & Native 1080P & 12000:1 Contrast Ratio】The Ailessom video projector with...
    • ????????【450" Giant Screen & ZOOM Function】Adjust projector distance to get 450" huge...
    • ????????【Fast & Stable 2.4G/5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Function】The 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi has...

    BARZAA is here with an affordable HD projector with a screen that should be your choice if you are looking for something portable and handy. The 4200 lumens projector is highly compatible with most of the advanced devices, and you can use it with gaming consoles, PC, and smartphones.

    Coming to the picture quality, then you can expect decent quality as the projector runs using HDMI, VGA, or USB port. You will get all the accessories with the device, so setting it up will be an easy task.

    Dual Cooling Fans 

    You can use this HD projector for a prolonged time without worrying about any heating issues. The dual fans fitted inside the shell dissipate the heat efficiently, and the device will remain cool while working. 

    Bigger Screen

    The portable HD projector may look small, but it offers a bigger screen, and you will surely enjoy every bit of it. You can adjust the screen size from 44 to 200 inches, depending on your needs.

    Furthermore, the projection distance varies from 4.98-20 feet, and you can even mount the projector on a wall to enjoy HD quality under your budget.

    Long-lasting Lamp 

    The average life of the lamp is around 70,000 hours, so you don’t have to replace it frequently. This is a budget HD projector that saves you some bucks as you don’t have to spend a lot of money on its maintenance.

    Phenomenal Hi-Fi Sound 

    The blockbuster Hi-Fi sound will definitely make you go wow over the HD projector. The projector comes loaded with an SRS Sound system and dual stereo speakers.

    Whether you are watching movies or playing games, the experience will be good when you have this BARZAA HD projector at your side.

    HD Projector with a Screen - HD Video Projector Review


    • Reasonably priced
    • Decent lumens capacity
    • Portable
    • Comes with a remote
    • Built-in headphone jack


    • No HDMI adapter available with it
    • Build quality could be better

    Bottom Line 

    With this HD projector 1080p, you can even connect Chromecast, DVD player, and other such devices as it has HDMI, VGA, and USB support. Additionally, you can carry it to your office as well because the projector weighs under 4 pounds.

    The manufacturer offers all the accessories and cables you need to set up the projector.

    4. Crenova Video Projector, 6800 Lux Home Movie Projector (550 ANSI)

    SaleBestseller No. 1
    Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, Projector 4K[Auto Focus/6D Keystone]Native1080P Projectors with...
    • [Auto Focus & 6D Keystone Correction] The Agreago projector with WiFi and Bluetooth features...
    • [1920*1080 Full HD and 600ANSI Lumens] The movie projector produces vibrant and sharp images...
    • [Latest WiFi 6 and 5.2 Two-way Bluetooth] This WiFi projector has a faster and stable wireless...

    Check out this interesting HD video projector that comes under the brand name Crenova. The design of the device looks fantastic, and the wide LCD lens offers a phenomenal picture quality.

    The HD projector comes with multiple connectivity ports, and also you can connect your smartphone or tablets with it on the go.

    Bigger Viewing Screen 

    The screen size offered by the HD projector ranges from 60″-200″, and you can adjust it using the remote. Talking about the projection distance, then you can mount the projector 3.7-19.7ft away from the screen.

    It even fits ceiling mounts, and you can expect a pleasing experience with the device.

    Easy Keystone Correction 

    With Crenova Video Projector, you don’t have to adjust the projector’s position multiple times when you correct the keystone with a few clicks on the remote. 

    The projector offers the ultimate keystone correction, and you can enjoy using the projector even in a small room.

    Bold Colors 

    The projector home theatre system displays a range of 16.7k colors on the screen that look bold and interesting at the same time.  Also, the device has a native resolution of 1280X800, and it supports 1080p content.

    You can enjoy the ultimate indoor and outdoor experience with this quality HD projector.

    Multiple Connectivity Ports 

    The multiple connectivity ports allow you to connect the projector with a variety of devices. You can connect soundbars, speakers, and other such devices with this superb HD projector. 

    You can even use the 3.5mm audio jack to quickly connect the projector with headphones to enjoy a personalized listening experience.

    HD Video Projector Review


    • Affordable
    • Comes with a ceiling mount
    • SRS sound
    • Easy to set up
    • Supports 1080p resolution


    • Life of the lamp could be better
    • Projector gets hot sometimes

    Bottom Line 

    If you need a budget projector for gaming and for enjoying movies with your family, then Crenova Video Projector is a good choice. The projector has everything you need, and you can connect it with multiple devices on the go. 

    5. YABER Native 1920x 1080P Projector 7000 Lux Upgrade Full HD Video Projector

    Bestseller No. 1
    YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector 15000L Brightness Full HD Video Projector 1920 x 1080, ±50° 4D...
    • [Innovative 4D Keystone Correction & Zoom Function] Our HD projector is the first projector...
    • [1080P Native Resolution (1920*1080), Support 4K Video] The projector with a real native...
    • [Hifi Stereo Sound & Latest Advanced Cooling System] The Y30 LED projector has built-in 3W dual...

    When it comes to performance and excellence, Yaber HD projector should be your choice. The projector has almost every feature you can expect in an HD projector, and that’s the reason we added it to our list. 

    You can even attach the projector with a ceiling mount to enjoy watching movies and viewing office presentations without any hassles.

    Three Cooling Fans

    The three cooling fans included inside the projector will keep the heat at bay. You can use the projector for an extended time period, and it will not get hot, which is a major advantage.

    Furthermore, the three cooling fans don’t interrupt with the audio quality, and you can continue to watch your favorite movies and shows with it.

    Durable Lamp 

    The lamp used in this projector lasts longer, and you don’t have to replace it any time soon. The manufacturer claims that the lamp lasts somewhere around 100,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Also, the quality of the lens is good, and you can expect a promising picture quality with this HD projector.

    Adjustable Brightness 

    YABER HD Projector is a portable device, and you can take it anywhere with you. Additionally, you can enhance the brightness with just one click, and there will not be any issues of struggling with the remote.

    Just click on the brightness button, and you will see a significant change in the brightness of the picture quality.

    Automatic Vertical Correction

    The projector corrects the vertical orientation itself, and you don’t have to do anything instead of enjoying a decent experience with the projector.  

    Additionally, the projector works in tight rooms as well, all thanks to the automatic vertical correction.

    Yaber HD projector Review


    • Full HD quality
    • Remarkable audio
    • Easy to use
    • Lamp lasts longer
    • Easy control buttons on the projector


    • Customer service is not that great
    • A bit overpriced

    Bottom Line

    This HD projector from Yaber can be the right choice if you don’t want to indulge in the hassles of correcting the keystone manually.

    Overall, the projector works great, and you will have a good time using it.

    6. VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

    Bestseller No. 1
    Native 1080P Projector with WiFi and Two-Way Bluetooth, Full HD Movie Projector for Outdoor Movies,...
    • ????【WiFi & Airplay & Screen Mirroring】Dxyiitoo WiFi projector supports the "Airplay"...
    • ????【Native 1080P & 12000 lm】The 2023 upgraded Dxyiitoo projector is native 1920x1080p...
    • ????【Built-in speaker & Bluetooth 5.0】Efficient heat dissipation system of the projector,...

    VANKYO HD projector is among the highest selling projector due to its reliability and quality. The compact projector is easy to use and is based on LED technology that has better quality and lasts longer.

    Furthermore, you get a travel bag with the projector, so carrying it to your workplace won’t be a hassle anymore. You can set up the projector in minutes, and then it is ready to serve you with the best.

    More Bright 

    The LED lamp used in the projector offers a clearer and better picture as compared to other projectors available at the price point. VANKYO claims that the projector has an 80% more bright picture, which means that you can use it in well-lit rooms as well.

    Professional Customer Support 

    The projector comes with professional customer support, so you are backed up all the time. VANKYO offers three-year professional support with the projector, and you can get in touch with their quick-response team to get your issues resolved.

    Dual HDMI

    The dual HDMI support allows you to connect two devices simultaneously with the projector. You can connect your PC or gaming console at the same time while choosing one out of the list to view on the projector’s screen.

    The remote control has a dedicated button so you can choose the source on the go as per your requirements.

    Adjustable Focus 

    The projector offers an adjustable focus, and you can focus it as per your requirements. You can adjust the focus using the rotatable knob available on the projector.

    There is no automatic focus adjustability with the projector, and you cannot do it with the remote as well.

    VANKYO HD projector Review


    • Ultimate brightness
    • Reasonably priced
    • Picture quality is good
    • Compatible with TV, PC, and smartphones
    • Comes with a carry case


    • No automatic key correction
    • Some users complained about the screen size

    Bottom Line 

    VANKYO HD Projector is what you are looking for if you need a decent projector with good picture and audio quality. Setting up the projector is easy, and you can use it to watch movies and play games.

    The customer service is good, and you will get immediate help whenever required.

    7. Artlii Energon 2020 Home Theater Projector 

    SaleBestseller No. 1
    5G WiFi Home Theater Projector 4k Supported, Artlii Energon2 Outdoor Bluetooth Projector, Dolby...
    • 【???? Native 1080p FHD, 4K UHD support】Artlii Energon 2 uses an original physical...
    • 【???? 340 ANSI lumens & 17 Million Color Range】Improved with an Mstar performance chip and...
    • 【???? Fast & Stable 2.4G/5G WiFi & Bluetooth Connection】 With the latest WiFi connection,...

    Get this fantastic HD projector under $200 to enjoy a Hi-Fi picture and audio quality. The projector delivers what it promises, and you can use it with gaming consoles, TV, PC, and smartphones.

    Also, the controls available on the projector have backlit support so you can even adjust the settings in a dark room.

    Hi-Fi Stereo 

    The HD projector for home theater offers Hi-Fi stereo sound, and you will not feel the need to connect a separate speaker system with it. The placement of the speakers is also good, and you will surely get excellent audio with this HD projector. 

    Bigger Screen 

    The projector allows you to get a screen size of up to 250 inches based on your needs. Also, you can adjust the screen size, and that’s why this HD projector is here in the list of best HD projectors for 2020.

    Tap Controls with Backlit 

    The tap controls available on the projector makes it easier to adjust the settings. Furthermore, the controls have backlit so you can even see them clearly in a dark room without turning on the lights.

    Unique Zooming Feature 

    Who has ever thought that zooming with a projector would be this easier! With Artlii Energon 2020, you can zoom using the trackpad. What you have to do is place your finger on the rubber pad and move it up and down to zoom in or zoom out in seconds.

    HD projector for home theater Review


    • Affordable
    • Compatible with Fire TV Stick
    • USB remote learning
    • Excellent audio quality
    • Quick focus shifter


    • You may face overheating issue
    • Build quality isn’t that good

    Bottom Line 

    The HD projector from Artlii is perfect for watching movies at home with your family. The projector is affordable, and you can expect a long lifespan from the projecting lamp.

    Lastly, the projector is portable, and you can take it with you to keep the entertainment up always.

    8. GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Video Projector

    Bestseller No. 1
    Projector, GooDee HD Video Projector Native 1920x1080P, Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L 300'' Touch...
    • 1080p Native Resolution: Our latest model BL98 projector has an impressive native 1920x1080P...
    • Outstanding Brightness Performance: GooDee’s top-of-the-line BL98 HD projector focuses on...
    • Home Theater & Outdoor Experience: To meet your audio-visual needs, BL98 home projector also...

    Are you looking for a compact projector that fits anywhere and delivers HD picture quality? Well, if yes, then GooDee BL98 is what you need.

    The tiny projector is high on specs, and you will surely get a rewarding experience with it. The multiple ports available on the projector allow you to connect it with different devices so you can use it with phones, tablets, TV, and PC.

    Perfect for Every Occasion 

    Whether you have planned a movie night with your buddies, or you want to play games using your PS4, this projector from GooDee should be your choice.

    The HD projector works well with different devices, and you can enjoy using it by connecting it using the cables offered by the manufacturer.

    Touchscreen Buttons 

    The control buttons available on the projector have a touchscreen so that you don’t have to tap the button multiple times. Just a click is enough to process the commands, and you can increase the brightness and perform other functions on the go.

    Ultimate Stereo Sound 

    The built-in stereo speakers of the projector offer immersive sound, and you don’t have to connect a separate speaker with it. Also, the noise level of the speaker is less, and there won’t be any distortions while using it. 

    Native 1080p

    The projector supports full HD content, and you will get 1080p video quality. Also, the lamp lasts around 50,000 hours, and that’s an added benefit of having this HD projector at your home or office.

    GooDee HD Video Projector Review


    • Easy to set up
    • Immersive audio
    • Great picture quality
    • Compatible with ceiling and table mount


    • Overpriced
    • No carrying bag available with it

    Bottom Line 

    If you need a portable HD projector that offers uncompromised picture quality, then the GooDee HD projector is an excellent choice.

    You can set up the projector in minutes, and it will be ready to use within minutes.

    Buyer’s Guide: Features to Consider Before Buying an HD Projector 

    For buying the best HD projector for the money, you should consider these factors beforehand. Also, compare all the projectors based on these factors to go with the right option.


    Where do you want to use the projector? Do you need it to use at home, or you are looking for an HD projector for your office?

    The reason why the application matters is due to the fact that you should go for a portable option when it comes to buying a projector for office or commercial tasks.

    On the other hand, you can get a bigger HD projector for your home because you don’t have to move it every day.


    The brightness of an HD projector is determined by its lumens. How dark is the room where you want to set up the projector? For well-lit rooms, HD projectors with higher lumens are good.

    In case you need a projector for a dark room, then you can settle down with a low lumens projector as well because everything will be clearly visible on the screen.


    The contrast of a projector is the difference between the brightness of white and black. For an HD projector with 1000:1 contrast, the white point is 1000 times brighter than the black or dark point.

    HD projectors with higher contrast have sharper visuals and better picture quality. No matter you need a projector for home or office. Always select the device that has higher contrast for better picture quality.


    All the projectors listed in this article have high definition resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), so you don’t have to worry about that. You can choose any of the projectors reviewed above to get an HD resolution device.


    How loud should be the sound of the projector? An ideal projector should not produce more than 30 dB sound. Generally, home cinema projectors have louder speakers, and small portable projectors are quiet.

    You can even pair a sound system with the projector to get the ultimate sound experience.


    HD projectors are available with a variety of technologies i.e., DLP, LCD, and SXRD. You have to choose the projector technology wisely to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs.

    Generally, DLP projectors are compact, and they require less space as compared to LCD projectors. On the other hand, LCD projectors have better picture quality, and they are a bit more expensive.


    Check the connecting ports available with a projector. As an example, if you want to connect the projector using an HDMI port, then you need one which has HDMI and other such ports.

    Similarly, look for audio ports and other ports before selecting the projector.

    Maintenance Cost 

    You can reckon the maintenance cost of a projector by finding out what projection lamp it uses, and how costly the lamp is.

    A lamp is one of the most replaced parts of projectors as it is prone to easy damages. Go for a projector that requires the least maintenance so that you don’t have to spend money on maintenance.  

    Best HD Projectors FAQs

    What is the best 1080p projector?

    All the projectors reviewed in this article are 1080p HD so that you can pick any of these without any second thoughts.

    Are HD projectors as good as TV?

    Yes, the HD projectors can be good as a TV if you know how to adjust the screen size based on the quality of content. Some projectors can be better than TVs.

    Which brand is best for projectors?

    There are multiple brands that manufacture high-quality projectors like Dell, GooDee, VANKYO, and much more. You can choose the brand based on your budget as every projector has a different price.

    What is a good resolution for a projector?

    1080p is considered as a good resolution for projectors, and you should buy an HD projector with at least 1080p resolution to enjoy fantastic picture quality.

    How to connect the Epson projector to Wi-Fi?

    Here are the steps you can follow to connect the projector with Wi-Fi.

    1. Turn on the projector and pick up the remote.
    2. Navigate to the settings using the remote and open the wireless menu on the projector.
    3. The projector will search for the Wi-Fi network.
    4. Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
    5. Your projector is not connected to the Wi-Fi, and you can stream content online.

    Final Thoughts

    These are the best HD projectors available in the market, and getting one of these will reward you with a fantastic experience. Make sure to go through the buying guide before you pick a projector.

    Also, consider the FAQ section to get some more information about HD projectors. The best projector on the list is Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, as it has everything you need.

    If you are on a budget, then Crenova Video Projector can be your choice.

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