Sun Mountain 2024 C130 5-Way Cart GOLF Bag 2024 – Only a person knows the importance of a golf bag who regularly play golf. Also, a golf bag is essential since you can comfortably carry the entire necessary equipment and accessories of golf around with you.

    In all golf bags, you get some compartments that are provided so you could place some essential things along with you that you often like to carry. However, each golfer has their own habit of putting things in their golf bag.

    Also, your golf bag isn’t just a bag; indeed, it is a friend of yours. Ensuring that your entire things are safe, it let you play free of mind.

    But today, golf bags come in lots of sizes, shapes, types, colors, and designs. Therefore, Picking up the best one for a lot from you can be a bit challenging, especially when available options are manifold.
    SO, are you thinking of buying a new golf bag too? Then here, we have brought the best-selling sun mountain 2024 c130 cart bag that having enough space to meet the entire needs of golf players.

    Sun Mountain 2024 C130 5-Way Cart Bag 2024

    sun mountain 2020 c-130 5-way cart golf bag

    Best Sun Mountain C130 5-Way Cart GOLF Bag | Review & FAQ's

    Why should you buy a C130?

    Once you pick a Sun Mountain pack, yourself, you will note the first thing. There are 12 color combos in the C-130, and now they have the option “create your own.” I assume this is a more critical characteristic since people can opt for their much-preferred option. This is the specialty of C130 as they care for their customers.

    However, the color is the key point of sale of a product. I’ve seen their option of the bag with hundreds of players, and this bad has been functioning with one of the best golf bags for players. You want a bag that looks like God in your Cart. When you go to a large box golf shop and check out for hundreds of packs, a golfer gravitates to the one he likes the most.


    The bag is one of the most critical pieces of equipment we purchase in golf. Not only does it accommodate all of your things, but it can substantially lower your risk of back pain and shoulder pain if you buy the right model.

    It might seem like a simplistic purchase. Only buy the cheapest one, huh? Not exactly that. You want to see something that structured well. Something, with a lot of space and a compact structure, and this masterpiece model by Sunmountain has lived up to the expectations. Since you get in this Golf bag;

    Open space

    In this Sunmountain c130, you get Top Diameter with 10.5 inches, whereas you also get 5 ways on top divider side. Besides, user-friendly 5 spacious club compartments let you easily carry entire golf equipment or accessories with you. So overall, you no need to worry about the space.

    Pocket specifications

    In this durable bag, you get a total of 13 pockets; all pockets are handy when the bag is on a cart, and also, the pockets are forward-facing, so you can quickly take out the equipment from the bag. Pockets include two full-length clothing pockets, two pockets with velour-lined, one of which is water-resistant to protect your electronics and ventilated cooler pocket.

    To keep extra apparel and outerwear handy, two full-length clothing pockets are also provided. During the golf course, the Cooler pocket will keep your drinks cold. Besides specialized attachment, you also get an umbrella holder and Zip-off ball pocket face for customization.

    Easy handling

    Three integrated top handles in this sun mountain 2024 c-130 5-way cart bag make maneuvering bags easier, which implies that you can easily carry this bag all around with you. To help you get your bag onto the cart in and out of your trunk, Lift-assist handles are therefore integrated into the bottom and top.

    Integrated putter

    The integrated putter, although keeps putter readily available and protected. Also, to access your golf clubs easier, this golf bag Reverse orientation top is beneficial.

    Smart Strap System

    In this golf bag, to attach to a cart, without over-tightening reducing twisting and closing off the putter well. Uses 2 Velcro straps, you also get a Smart Strap System on the back of the bag that helps to stop the bag from twisting on the cart and prevent the riding cart’s straps from interfering with pocket usage. Also, the Single padded shoulder strap makes this bag comfortable to carry.

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    The Good

    • Lots of different color options mean that just about everyone will find a design that they like​.
    • A truly ridiculous amount of storage that will be able to hold all of your gear​.
    • Inclusion of high-end matching rain hood​.
    • Features Velcro straps so that it can secure easily into the cart​.
    • I loved how much storage you get with this bag. Literally, you’ll be able to pack your gear up, and probably one or two of your playing partners as well.

    Not So Good

    • The last bag was pricey. This bag is really, really pricey.

    FAQs: Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag

    What is the difference between the 2019 & 2020 C130 cart bag?

    In the previous sun mountain 2019 c130 cart bag, you get a total of 10 Pockets, whereas, in this latest 2020 c130, you get a total of 13 pockets. Besides, 2 full-length apparel pockets, Ventilated cooler pocket, 2 velour-lined valuables pockets, and Rangefinder pocket are all the same.

    How many compartment holders in this sun mountain 2020 c-130 cart bag?

    In this C-130 Sun mountain 2020, you get a user-friendly 5 spacious compartment holder.

    Is sun mountain 2020 c-130 cart bag has an umbrella holder?

    Yes, in this golf bag, you also get an umbrella holder.

    Final thoughts

    Almost everyone has a great space in their cart bags, but this bag brings everything to the next level. This bag offers you 13 storage pockets, all very growing. You also have a nice cooler pouch cushioned to keep your beverages cold, and 14 members of the club warehouse provide their own unique space for each club.

    The package also contains a high-end rain cover in the backpack design. For instance, you never expect to have to use the rain jacket, but if you ever catch yourself walking in the rain on the weekend, it’s cool.
    With this package, protection is also applied to a premium. The package helps secure into your cart with additional Velcro straps, which provide extra protection to keep your equipment safe and secure.

    In terms of how the pocket operates, there really are no downsides. It also has wonderfully flexible braces that make it easy to handle manually if appropriate. So overall, it is one of the best options that every golf player should buy.

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