Powerblock Elite Dumbbell Set Black 70-Pound Review 2024 – Every individual, both men, and women nowadays, want to be fit and healthy. For this, they want to buy various equipment like Dumbbells, trend machine, etc. But keeping everything unique and adequate is quite challenging as it can be a costly affair.

    So, they look after buying a set of dumbbells as the best solution to keep themselves healthy and fit. This compact and versatile weight allows you to change the option you want to load quickly. So, to make you fit and healthy, Powerblock has come up with Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Set Black 70-Pound.

    powerblock elite 70 lb adjustable dumbbell set

    Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Set Black 70-Pound

    Powerblock is one of the surpassed and leading brands that offer the best free weights. These adjustable dumbbells have been bestselling ones for quite a long time, and no doubt, they are relatively surprising.

    People who are looking forward to individually adjustable dumbbells can surely buy this at a very affordable price. However, in all aspects, this dumbbell has an unusual design with countless benefits. On the other hand, it also saves a significant amount of space, time, and, most fundamentally, money.

    So, before you choose the chief dumbbells for the exercise gaze at the advanced features of Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Set Dumbbells Black 70-Black and then make a purchase.

    Features of the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Set:

    Sturdy and durable construction

    Going for stainless steel dumbbells is an excellent choice for strength training. That’s why Powerblock Elite can be your best choice. The weight plates of these dumbbells are made up of heavy steel that offers robust fitting while handling and lifting.

    On the other hand, to make it the extra durable company has applied a thick black enamel coating on the steel part. This enamel coating is very thick than any other product has. The two steel rods that are connecting weight plates are also of steel with high welding processes. So, overall you can say that this Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Set is quite sturdy and durable.

    Space-saving design

    At first sight, this Powerblock Elite Dumbbells delivers you an impression of large-sized free weights. But in reality, these adjustable Elite Dumbbells are smaller in size and can easily save a lot of space at your home.

    If you measure the space occupied by it is 40 centimeters by 23 centimeters per dumbbells. So, by doing this, you can assume how space-savvy it is. The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells dimensions are 14″L*6.25″ W*6″H.

    The unique weight adjustment mechanism

    This adjustable dumbbell helps the user to fix the weight by flexible selector pin according to the exercise they want to do. Thus, this selector pin also serves as a safety mechanism means it helps to secure the weight when they get stacked together.

    Dial lock

    These Powerblock Elite Dumbbells adjust in 2.5 lbs increments. To lock the dial, you have to tilt the handle back while placing a dial lock in an open position to remove the adder weight. After that, the user has to put this weight in lower ballast tubes while locking the dial lock.

    Revolutionary and attractive design

    The engineers and designers who have invented this Powerblock dumbbell have thought out of the box. The shape of these dumbbells is boxy means if anyone is not familiar with it, then they get confused about what it is.

    It has five bars that are forming solid assembly, which is connected to world-class, substantial-quality, and duty plastic boards on both ends. The center part serves as the grip of the dumbbells, which has a rubber coating for a secure grip.

    Overall, you can say that this Powerblock Elite Dumbbells set has a very unique and impressive design.

    powerblock elite dumbbell set black 70-pound

    Best PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell Set Black 70-Pound - Buying Guide, Reviews

    Frequently bought together

    Minimum noise

    The Powerblock Dumbbells have very minimal noise. The plates of these dumbbells are coated with urethane that keeps the blocks silent while performing exercises. So, this is one of the best and advanced features of Powerblock Dumbbells as compared to other brands.

    Highly comfortable

    In addition to equal weight distribution across the dumbbells, it is very comfortable also. The holding grip had a nice padded feel that offers a comfortable feel while holding and minimal risk of slipping.

    World-class quality

    Powerblocks Elite is a well-known brand that has introduced many products. So, it is straightforward to say that these dumbbells sets are also of high quality that offers optimum results.

    Easy to clean and store

    In context with lightweight and adjustable features, the Powerblock Dumbbells are also easy to clean and store. This means it will take less space of your home as compared to traditional dumbbells.

    Powerblock Elite Dumbbell Dimensions

    What we like

    • Space savvy design
    • Ergonomic and very grippy handle
    • A fully safe and secure mechanism
    • Versatile free weight with adjustment
    • Covers all possible exercises
    • Highly durable steel weight plates
    • Weight range is 5 to 70 lbs

    What we don’t like

    • The handle is too small for fat people
    • Insufficient weight for power trainers

    POWERBLOCK Compact Weight Stand

    Make your work out best and most with Powerblock weight stand. It is very sleek in design and can be easily folded when not in use. You no need to assemble it means you have to open and place your dumbbells on it.

    On the other hand, it’s dimensions are 18L*20W*24H and easily handle Powerbloacks up to 50 lbs to 90 lbs. So, make your room attractive with this stand.

    powerblock compact weight stand black large

    Best PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell Set Black 70-Pound - Buying Guide, Reviews

    Powerblock eElite Dumbbells FAQs

    What is the Elite 50 expansion capability?

    If you talk about classic Elite 50 plus, it can be easily expanded to 70 lbs with width 6.25". On the other hand, the Classic Elite 50 can be developed to 130 LBS with diameter 6".

    How many pairs of replaces available?

    The Powerblock Elite dumbbell set replaces 22 pairs of dumbbells, or you can say around 1575 lbs of free weight.

    Is this Dumbbell set being expandable?

    Yes, of course, it can be expandable up to 90 lbs afterward.

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    Final thoughts

    After reading all the advanced features of this Powerblock, Elite Dumbbells set, you might have taken the right decision. It is highly versatile, adjustable, space-savvy, and can be an excellent choice for home gym users.

    They are reliable weights, and most essentially cover all basic exercises that can be performed at the gym.

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