Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2024

    Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair You will also agree with the point that after an exhausting day, how perfect massage values for you. Although, every busy individual want to provide an extreme level of comfort to their body!

    Subsequently, they opt for various massages options, but they don’t get that type of experience as they expected.

    Therefore, Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is gaining popularity among people since it has been fulfilling the need of people who were seeking a self-care option to which they could use at home.

    After all, our body also demands some unique things to recover from tiredness. It is general advice that we should give some time to ourselves since only we’ll be able to do our best in our life if our body is relaxed and proficient at doing all those things what we want. Therefore, relaxing on this massage chair is, therefore, a perfect option to do this.

    Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

    Zero Gravity Massage Chair - A real relax full body chair by BestCartReviews

    Best Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chairs

    Main Features of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    The zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is a budget-friendly massage chair that comes with appealing features. This model delivers an extremely comfortable massaging experience. Its concessional features will provide you with a soothing experience that you’ll also be praising about this marvellous product.

    Although, this model is best since it provides you with a demulcent all-over body massage whereas other massage products that are available in the market only targets some significant area of your body.

    Let’s take a look at the features of this gravity massage chair.

    Unusual Massage Intensities and Options

    Also, you get four options for preset massages that activate from the remote control that you will get along with this. You can select from sleep, relaxing, durable, and mild modes.

    However, mainly depending on how calmative a massage you fancy. Also, you can manually manage the functions of massage in case if you don’t need to use the options for presetting.

    Also, this massaging chair is the best options since it also gives special attention to the crucial area like the shoulders and neck.

    Shiatsu Massage with Fixed Roller

    In this real relax 2024 massage chair eight fixed rollers are provided in the rear of the chair that provides a calming feeling to your back. The best thing about these rollers is that in the same spot they rotate in circles to relieve stress and tension in your muscles.

    In spite of these rollers you also get some additional roller located at the feet and calves. So no doubt that whenever you are sitting on this chair, it will be ready to give you surprises. Thanks to the rollers, since this chair can maneuver the strains and stresses away.

    Air Massage

    To provide you with a comfortable air massage, the chair has an in general of 50 airbags located all over the chair. The 24 airbags to massage your legs, eight wraps around your arms, 4 airbags positioned at the shoulders, and further airbags are located at the hip’s side.

    The airbags aren’t like the airbags to provide you from crash or accidents; instead, they are provided in this chair to massage your entire body by gently inflate and deflate the airbags. This also followed from techniques that an expert therapist uses. The air massage will firmly compress and release your muscles to lighten the tension.

    Hip Massage Vibrator

    As well as airbags and built-in-heater, this chair includes a vibration function at the side of the hip area. These unite to soothingly massage your hips and butt, helping you relax and releasing tension.

    Zero Gravity – Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    Three zero gravity setups tend to disperse the weight in the space uniformly, so you have a sense of weightlessness. The chair offers you a comfortable relaxation, and you feel like ‘float’. The choices for zero intensity include the location of current, ease or low gravity.

    In these places, the knees are just above the heart level, which imitates the location of the astronauts before departure. Better breathing and less tension on the neck are among the advantages of being in a zero-gravity position.

    As you settle down, most of your body weight lies on the back of your chair. It implies that the impact of the set rollers are improved, and better relaxation is given.

    real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair review

    Best Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chairs

    Built-In Heater

    Heating pads are placed in the waist area straight into the chair. Heat therapy can boost your metabolism and blood pressure.

    For anyone with lower back pain, this can be particularly useful. Popular function seen in various massage chairs, it increases the relaxation experience in this area and reduces stress.

    Armrest Linkage System

    With this feature, the arms move in sync when you will return or recline the chair to its standing position. Also, this will Be Holding your arms in place and maintain pace with the rest of the chair. This is also a unique feature in this massage chair. Besides, while massage, you also get an option for further adjustments.

    Timer Function

    Only 15 minutes to experience a soothing massage? Don’t fret. A timer can be added to the chair for 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. Place the timepiece, lie down on it and allow the chair to function.

    If you’ve something important to do, be cautious not to sleep too comfortable!

    Extendable Footrests

    With its extendable footrest, the chair can comfortably accommodate people up to 6 meters tall. This functionality is perfect if you’re a little bigger than the average individual.


    You can revolve this chair. Because the two rollers provided at the rear side of this chair that let you relocate it devoid of too much exertion.

    Remote Control

    The chair has a remote control that is simple to use, along with a storage pocket on the back. You can use the optimized preset choices or shift to manual mode and adjust your massage. The remote has a clear and easy-to-read VFD monitor.

    Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

    Best Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chairs


    • Affordability-For less than a thousand dollars, this chair is a budget option.
    • First-rate Air Massage
    • Zero Gravity
    • Simple Assembly
    • Vibration and Heat for Lower Hips and Back
    • Quiet Operational
    Best Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, Real Relax Full Body Massage Chairs


    • Fixed Massage
    • Can’t Alter Massage Once Reclined
    • Leg Massage Can Be Too Strong
    • This chair might not suit if you are under 5 feet 4 inches or over 6 feet tall
    • No Memory FunctionNo Memory Function
    • It’s Not a ReclinerIt’s Not a Recliner

    Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair FAQs

    What is the weight capacity of the zero gravity shiatsu massage chair?

    The Max Weight of the user should be 440.9 pounds and is possibly less in actuality.

    Does the real relax massage chair rollers on the back go up & down or go round in the same place?

    No, the chair roller no go up and down, it just goes round in the same place!

    What's the max height of the user the chair can accommodate?

    The user’s Max Height should be 6 feet.


    The Real Relax Massage Chair Review no doubt has definitely satisfied you, and why not? After all, you never get this massaging chair quickly in the market. Besides, this chair also comes with a reasonable price. Therefore, if you want a basic massage chair, then this Real Relax Favor-03 Plus will meet your needs.

    Since the zero gravity and air massage features that you get in this massage chair, possible you won’t usually get in any other massaging chair at this price.

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