Vector Robot by Anki

    A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With Amazon Alexa Built-In 2024

    Need a fulltime home assistant?

    Ankis latest invention: Vector Robot is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology to help share burdens at a personal level. Equipped with Alexa voice command, selfnavigation, WiFienabled Cloud service, HD camera, inbuilt sensors, and selfcharging

    Vector can comfortably move around objects, respond to queries via custom texttospeech. Vector always knows where he is, his surroundings and knows his companion. He also offers uptodate weather information, sets important reminders, and much much more. The allinone home companion incorporates Ankis selfservice.

    Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out - BestCartReviews

    Enjoy a wide array of features powered by Qualcomms highend AI technology. Vector is programmed to be compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. Look no further! Vector is always there for you.

    Anki: The Company’s Overview

    Anki is a reputable toy and home robot developer. The American company holds a high position amongst its competitors; Hexbug, Makeblock, Pololu Electronics, etc. Its well known for manufacturing smartphonecontrolled toy cars; one of them being the legendary Anki overdrive. Anki is also a manufacturer of personal robots that people buy to keep them company at home. Its also famous for good products, customer support, and supporting easy payment methods.

    However, the company was closed down last year April, plunging its customers into a period of uncertainty. Luckily, new hopes arose when Digital Dream Labs announced that it would purchase Ankis assets and continue making similar products.

    Vector Robot Key Features

    • Ultrawide 120P camera
    • Alexa Voice control
    • Qualcomm  AI Tech
    • Cloud Service
    • Fourmicrophone setup
    • Sensors: Drop sensors, Capacitive touch sensor, IR Laser scanner
    • Highresolution IPS Color display

    Artificial Intelligence Tech

    Ankis Vector robot is equipped with one of the latest Qualcomms platform 200 AI. This technology is used in smartphones and having it on the vector bot is an added advantage.

    It allows the Vector robot tothinklike a smartphone. Qualcomm AI constitutes a 1.2GHz quadcore Snapdragon processor to run its functions.


    Enjoy a fully functional Cloud service enabled through WiFi connectivity. The Vector bot connects to Cloud service via WiFi to update e.g weather. Just make sure you have a strong WiFi connection to support your device and receive realtime data.

    Display & Camera

    Ankis Vector robot has a powerful wideangle HD camera with 720P resolution. It automatically detects the people around it and relays any messages addressed to them. This feature comes in handy especially if you have to remind somebody to do something like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, etc

    The camera also helps the device to detect objects and move around safely. As for the IPS displays, its located on the moveable head of the robot.

    The IPS display shows a variety ofemotionsto make the robot seem a little bit more human. Something like aboredface with raindrops on a rainy day.

    Vector robot Alexa

    One of the most interesting features of this device is how it works with Alexa. The Vector bot supports Alexa voice control to reply to queries

    For example, if you ask what the weather looks like outside, the robot will understand the question and show you on its screen. Thanks to the fourmicrophone setup. But if Alexa doesn’t hear you, you can turn to the mobile phone app.

    Alexa voice commands also help in setting alarms and controlling other domestic gadgets e.g. lights, temperature, etc. The vector bot tends to listen very well and respond to commands.


    Ankis Vector robot knows when it’s almost out of power. After detecting this, it will simply travel to its base station, which is powered by a USB cable

    The charging port is located just below the treads and the process of going back to its charger is automated.

    This way, you dont have to worry about it going off. A simple command likego home will also send the robot to its charging booth to await further orders.

    Vector Robot Accessories

    The device has several accessories including a USB cable, its own vector space. The developer also made a carrying case for portability, decoration kits, screen guard, etc. Some of these accessories are not provided by the manufacturer, so you have to go find your own.

    Fortunately, dealers at places like Amazon have many accessories you can shop for.


    The device has an accelerometer sensor and a gyroscope that enables it to respond to touch. It can intelligently know when it’s being moved. But try not to shake it.


    Vector bot has a robotic design with a pivoted head. The body looks like a tank/tractor treads with forklike arms to pick up the vector cube. The Vector robot is a small machine but dont underestimate its capabilities. Once you use it, youll find out how much of a companion it can be!

    Now that we have looked at the features of the device, its time to look at what people buy it, what they like and what they hate. Here are the pros and cons at a glance

    Pros & Cons of Vector Robot


    • Easy controls thanks to Alexa voice control and Vector robot mobile app.
    •  Its compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be found in Google Play and Apple store for download. Its free.
    • Personalized response
    • The fourarray microphone setup enables the device to listen to its owner and also turn around to answer
    • When you ask for the weather, it will display a characterized response including showing raindrops on its face
    • When you ask questions, it will pay attention and respond to you. But this only works when the robot understands your query.


    • The Vector robot does not support some music services including Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM. However, the device can connect to an external sound device and enjoy your playlists.
    • Absence of active customer service. Anki has no available agents since its closure and this has created the need for selfservice. However, Anki stated that it would provide long term support for its customers and their apps.
    • Missing components like the USB adapter mean you have to find your own from external dealers.

    What does Vector Robot do?

    It’s a home assistant that helps you remember important dates, speaks, and keeps you company. It helps you control other devices at home including lights, control smart plugs,

    Do you need a smartphone to control the device?

    Vector Robots can function without a smartphone. However, it is advisable to download the smartphone app for better control and to monitor what it’s doing.

    Can it climb stairs?

    Unfortunately, no. You have to keep it on a flat surface.

    Can I have two vector robots at home?

    Yes, it’s possible. However, if they are too close to each other, they will respond to the same commands.


    The vector robot is designed to be a fun companion. From its features, weve seen that it plays its part as your faithful assistant.

    Unfortunately, Anki went out of business and due to a lack of sufficient working capital. This is a big blow to anxious customers waiting to get the next of Ankis releases.

    The device has many amazing features and is worth a consideration if youre looking for a robot assistant.

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