Enjoy the world of adventure and experience immense mystery with the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office! In the game, you get the barbershop and an open archway, and some customers you get in the large wall mirror’s reflection, whereas next door, pool play by competitors and beneath the comforting whir darts of a rotating ceiling fan.

    On the first floor, you get a Venture and in the mainstream Detective’s office that includes a safe enclosing valuable evidence, a concealed wall compartment, and a desk strewn with clues.

    Apart from this, there is an adjacent bathroom, featuring a classic pull-chain toilet, stairway, a well-equipped kitchen, a cute roof terrace where you can easily access, and at last finishes with a large water tower.

    Simple to remove the roof & ceilings allows you to enter the lovely interior, while the exterior built façade of the building adorned with a rooftop. The game becomes more interesting since, in the game, you’ll have to solve the mystery of smuggling.

    Lego Creator Detective’s Office Instructions

    How many mini-figures do we get with this game?

    The game includes six mini-figures with some special accessories:

    1. Detective Ace Brickman,
    2. Policewoman
    3. Dart Player,
    4. Pool Player,
    5. Al the Barber,
    6. In Red, A Mysterious Lady.

    lego creator expert detective's office reviews

    Best Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office Review & Buying Guide

    What includes unique in the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s office game?


    However, with the game, you get attractive that comes with a new design to some extent. You’ll see some little to little things mentioning over the box, and talk about the inside of the box, then everything you get well arranged in the box.

    The first, you’ll open the box; you’ll no need to worry about managing the game. Since along with the instruction manual, you get each item in the box very clear.

    Well managed & beautiful Contents

    There are 18 bags of different sizes inside the package, each numbered 1, 2, 3, or 4, and the bigger bags are filled with smaller bags. These are so many bags! That’s a great thing. I assume that these parts are separated into four groups, rendering it an advanced building.

    The packages include a manual, a dark gray plate in 8×16 size, and a 32×32 reddish-brown base plate that first shown in this color are also included in the box. Following the Parisian restaurant context, in this collection, all decals are precisely printed.


    There are six Minifigures in this collection, all of them with the famous smiley eye. Next, there’s the Detective Ace Brickman. It comes with a magnifying glass and a fedora. His torso is J. hands of the Jonah Jameson are yellow.

    So Al the barber is there. He arrives with the latest scissors, which also feature in some 2015 collections of Friends and Elves. We saw his torso before since they match very well with him and also we have seen it in other D2C sets, such as the Fairground and Palace Cinema.

    On the other hand, you get a pool player and a dart player. The dart player has a red baseball cap and uses Indian feathers smartly as a dart as a pool cue, and the pool player uses a 4L bar.

    There is also a female cop that arrives with a cute police hat. She’s using the same body that suits as Ma Officer. And then there’s a lady in red, which is a mysterious part.

    Very! Very! Attractive Design

    The whole building appears pretty fantastic. It’s very similar to those classic crime movie series because it also has the same usual features many of those we see in old movies. The colors are bright, but still a little real, and the walls have quite a great texture to them. There is also a lot of brilliant info all over this box.

    Build Like a Pro

    Moreover, this is definitely a compliment about the game, as you build the entire structure like a pro, each brick is so precisely fabricated that once your building is completed simultaneously without any stress, the building will fully maintain its entire structure.

    The thing that enables you to do this is the lego creator detective’s office instructions, which you will find on a manual book equally. There is no doubt how much fun it is for you.

    Amazing Playability:

    Each package has more play tools that make it best from any of the prior sets. I appreciate the fact that they’ve come up with a story for this package, and they’ve planned the house and built the fun elements around it. This collection has several secret compartments and traveling stairs to which you can compare with Hogward’s castle.

    lego creator expert detective's office reviews

    Best Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office Review & Buying Guide

    Unique Parts

    Like every modular package, this collection has many new and unusual colored tiles, such as light blue. It also has a base plate with brown color, tons of tiles, as well as some different molds like the scissors and even round tile in 2×2 with just one stud. Besides, all the printed decals make it marvelous.

    A quick look over the details

    • Features a barbershop, pool hall, bathroom, Detective’s office, kitchen, a cat and water tower
    • In the Detective’s office, you get a desk, brick-built lamp, assorted clues, safe, filing cabinet, fan, painting, newspaper, concealed wall compartment, menu, a wall lamp, and a wanted poster
    • Poolhall includes a hinged, pool table, rotatable ceiling fan, pool cues, printed dartboard, a drinking glass, and pool balls.
    • Barbershop features scissors something like never-seen-before and two wall lamps, reflective mirror element, barber’s chair, two mannequin heads, a broom, and a hinged cabinet.
    • The kitchen includes a table, barrel, a stove, cabinet, a rolling pin, a wall clock, and a refrigerator.
    • For easy access Detach the floors and roof
    • The bathroom detailed well pull-chain toilet like real.
    • The game becomes more interesting since, in the game, you require to Search hidden clues

    Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office FAQs

    Does this LEGO creator detective office connect to other buildings?

    Yes, to other LEGO Modular buildings.

    How many pieces are there in this kit?

    There are 2,262 pieces in this set

    Where do you find the "story" for the detective set?

    The story is a candy smuggling thing, you can find it on the Lego website, and you piece together the clues like a detective and use your imagination.

    Final thoughts

    Just like other edition of the LEGO game, this Lego Creator Detective Office is also an attention-grabbing thing.
    Usually, in other editions, you maybe get bored. Still, there’s nothing with like that with this game, because whenever you take a look at this game even after building it entirely, you’ll be finding fun in exploring and experiencing each piece of this game.

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    Overall, the game is fantastic, if you are also a true LEGO game lover, then this edition, you’ll definitely be loving it.

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