Rapid Reboot Recovery System 2024

    The fast Reboot Recovery System is a high-quality recovery technology that comes at an affordable price. This Reboot system is specifically designed to help athletes of all levels. It lessens the time it takes their hip or leg muscles to recover from exertion – so they can promptly come back to training and competing.

    In this recovery system, it basically includes recovery boots, with arm attachment and a control pump that continually fills with compressed air and subsequently deflates, providing a massage-like therapeutic pressure on the legs.

    For advanced muscle recovery, it squeezes your legs that bring the smooth flow of fluids inside your body. When switched on, the control pump Rapid Reboot pressurizes and de-pressurizes the four compartments of recovery boots at an assortment of intervals.

    rapid reboot recovery system compression boots reviews

    Rapid Reboot gives you more, for less

    The Rapid Reboot recovery system comes at an affordably priced, yet offers manifold advantages that set it sound apart from other compression systems. They include:

    • Easily customizable to fit the user’s preference with more pressure settings,
    • For the optimal fit, you get this system with a broader array of recovery boot sizes,
    • Two diverse compression modes, each designed to prop up specific results
    • More compression/decompression cycles per session for better effectiveness
    • Ability to neutralize any individual chamber to aim or evade pressure on a definite area
    • Smooth, seamless boot interiors for greater comfort, more natural cleaning
    • Three simple time settings (10, 20, and 30 minutes)
    • Integrated hoses to reduce clutter, increase ease of use
    • Triangular foot compartments to provide more targeted compression
    • Heavy-duty, dual-track zippers to house a wide range of leg thicknesses

    Who can use it?

    Rapid Reboot is perfect for every athlete who is at any stage in any sport. From basketball players to marathon runners, from weightlifters to gymnasts, users will have the benefit of faster recovery that lets them train harder.

    Rapid Reboot recovery systems have therapeutic uses outside of sports too. In a medical setting, their ability to encourage healthy blood flow makes them valuable for optimizing revitalization from injury. And from addressing poor circulation issues, and treating lymphedema.

    Best Rapid Reboot Recovery System Reviews & FAQ's


    The fluctuating pressure of these recovery systems squeezes the legs, which speeds up the body’s natural process of flushing away lactic acid, metabolites and mobilize fluids and other exercise-induced waste products. Consequently, you get the consequential result that leads to a reduction in muscle recovery time.

    Significant secondary benefits include a better range of motion, less stiffness, reduced swelling and inflammation, avoidance of delayed onset muscle soreness.

    Control unit

    This Rapid Reboot compression comes along with an intuitive interface that saliently features customizable pressure settings (20-200Hg). Besides, you get two different modes and three duration options for the measure of times. Also, a position indicator and the ability to deactivate sections (1-4).

    • Dimensions: 10 inches × 6.5 inches × 5 inches
    • Weight:5.8lbs

    Duffel bag

    Lightweight, padded duffel bag fits one control unit and three attachments. Features and adjustable, padded shoulder strap, padded interiors dividers, two side pockets, and handle grips. Included with the purchase of a combination package.

    • Dimensions 20 inches × 12 inches × 12 inches
    • Weight: 3.8 lbs (empty)

    Arm attachment

    These arm attachments come as a pair (right and left) available in 2 sizes. Apart from this, the four-chamber targets y our entire arm, shoulder, and upper chest and back. These arm attachments are provided with padded strap for comfort and security. Also, come along with integrated hoses and full-length zipper.

    Hip attachment

    This Rapid Reboot recovery system also comes with hip attachments that you get again in 2 different sizes. Plus, you also get three easy to adjust straps in this innovative recovery system for hips. Whereas, through the four chambers, it targets your hips, upper legs, glutes, and lower back.

    rapid reboot recovery system reviews

    Boot attachment

    Since each individual’s size may vary differently, so the boot attachments also available in 5 different sizes. Whereas the four chambers in this Rapid Reboot benefit your legs by target your foot, knee, calf, and upper legs.

    Best Rapid Reboot Recovery System Reviews & FAQ's

    Rapid Reboot Compression FAQs

    What are the benefits?

    The dynamic compression technology of these Rapid Reboot system speeds up the process of your body's natural healing by enhancing the flow of blood to your muscles to make natural the cellular repair and protein synthesis.

    Along with it also helps in boosting lymphatic drainage to lighten inflammation and decrease swelling and toxins mobilizing, for instance, excess fluids and lactic acids. What you'll observe is soreness and less stiffness, as well as higher than before flexibility and mobility.

    How much pressure should I use?

    A crucial thing that is necessary to clear you out is that even a reasonably low-pressure setting can endow with some benefit. For instance, you can set up the pressures as per your preference. However, some people take pleasure in tighter compression along with the upper-pressure setting.

    Besides, no matter what your preference for pressure is, the boots compression should never hurt, but it tends to be uncomfortable. Therefore, these recovery systems provide you all such little to little things that you expect from it.

    How often should you use compression boots?

    You get three-time settings – 10, 20, and 30 minutes in this Rapid Reboot system. However, the use of these will depend upon the intensity of the event, like your training or race. To recuperate from an extensive, hard workout, for instance, you'll fancy using these recovery boots for at least 20 or 30 minutes.

    For a pre-workout session or quick Reboot, 10 minutes should be sufficient to make your body and legs feel immense! One thing that you should also note down in mind is that if you expect that carry it for longer will be better. Then maybe it is not necessarily better, especially after 30 minutes.

    But yet, there is no harm to these Reboot recovery system, if you want to wear them up for a longer time interval. But you’ll get all the beneficial results that you need within 30 minutes of using the boots, even after an intense workout or a long race.

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    Final thoughts

    If you have also been satisfying with the Rapid Reboot Review, then without any delay, you should buy this work of art. Although this Reboot system is long-lasting in nature. Since each attachment is made of a durable, lightweight fabric that is easy to clean and fits in either the travel case or duffel bag.

    Each attachment is also made with seamless interiors and exteriors for added comfort and easy maintenance.

    The integrated hose allows for a simple one-step plug-in process, eliminating the need for an extra part that could be lost or forgotten.

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