Hobart Handler 140 mig Welder 115v (Best One) Reviews 2024

    Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115VWelding in today’s scenarios plays a vital role in almost every field, whether it is in the automobile industry, construction works, and any other manufacturing industries. Even if you are amongst the small manufacturers, you still need to have the best welder equipment in your hands that meet your needs perfectly.

    However, the hurdles remain the same when you are looking for the best welding brand in the market. It would help if you looked after many things while purchasing the best welding machine for yourself and your industry.

    But that doesn’t mean to have the most significant known brand and make a massive investment in impressive-looking welding machine when you don’t even need to have such a messy machine.

    Sometimes even the smaller companies make impressive welding machines, and that’s also worthy of having.

    So, what’s going to be the best welding machine for your needs?

    Don’t need to worry about this!

    We are here for you to help you in selecting the best welding machine for you. Thus, be keeping your business needs in mind, we scratched every brand available in the market and concluded that Hobart Handler 140 MIGis the best welding machine that perfectly meets with your needs and company type.

    Before you proceed for purchasing this welding machine, take a glance at the review of the product to have a clear vision of it.

    Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder 115v Reviews

    Hobart Handler 140 mig Welder 115v Reviews

    Hobart is the most promising name in welding machine manufacturers who is serving their services since 1917. The Hobart 500559 handler 140 MIG Welder 115vis amongst the most powerful MIG welders’ machine.

    This machine is helpful in welding even the thickest steel, and that makes it ideal for welding. With 4.5-star amazon ratings and thousands of positive reviews, this welding machine is stealing the topmost position in the best welding machines.

    The most impressive thing about this Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder is that it is self-tunes to its base metal, which prevents you from burning and any injury. It operates on 115V standard household current, and its wire-speed range is around 40-700IPM.

    However, it can range up to 50-740IPM with no overloading. It gives phenomenal amperage output of 25-140 on a 20% duty cycle at 90Amps, even on 19V power. Moreover, its five-position voltage control selector helps in stable, providing a stable arc with consistent welding thickness.

    Its handler 140 makes it versatile and portable to work on household repairs, yard art projects, and autobody too. Moreover, it in-built with an industrial cast aluminum drive system that offers industrial performance. Also, being the best-known brand, it comes pre-pack with welding gloves, helmet, and jacket. It gives a smooth, stable arc with perfect welding thickness.

    To enhance its stability, it designed perfectly with stainless steel material. Moreover, this portable welding machine is perfect for entry-level wire-feed welders in the most promising price range of around $14,00.

    And the best part about the Hobart handler 140 MIG welder machine is it comes with five years warranty. The company is reliable in repairing or replacing devices in case any defect that arises at a particular time.

    Some Essential Features Of Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Machine

    Welding material: It perfectly welds steel material with smooth arch welding. However, most processes recommend cast iron, brass, copper, alloys, flux-cored, aluminum, brass, etc.

    Hobart model: Hobart 500559 handler 140 MIG Welder 115v

    Power source: Its primary power source is corded-electric

    Installation method: Whenever we heard the name of Hobart, the only installation method that comes to mind is MIG-welding, which makes it portable for steel object welding perfectly with smooth arch formation.

    Operating system: The Hobart MIG welder perfectly runs on 115 standard currents with a standard speed range of 40-700 IPM. However, it can range even higher up to 50-740IPM when working on no loading.

    Amperage output: It gives a significant production of 25-140 with a 20% heavy-duty cycle at 19 V power with 90Amps. Its five-position voltage control selector helps in providing a stable and smooth arch with perfect welding thickness. Moreover, even welds up to ¼ in mild steels impressively.

    Portable design and dimensions: The Hobart welding machine is lighter in weight, which only weighs around 65 pounds with overall dimensions of 19 x 11 x 13 inches. It beautifully designed with stainless steel, which lasts longer and enhances its durability.

    Product warranty: The Hobart MIG welder comes with the most extended warranty period of five years.

    Versatile design: It is portable to work in multiple niches like household welding products, auto-mobiles repairing, farm art projects, and many more slots.

    Other features: Additionally, it comes pre-packed with welding equipment like welding helmet, gloves, and jacket.

    Price range: The Hobart MIG welder machine comes in an affordable variety of $1400 to $1600.

    Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder 115v Reviews

    Pros Of The Hobart Handler 140 MIG

    • Lighter weight and portable designs
    • Versatility in working and useful in welding multiple fields
    • The maximum warranty period of five years
    • Five-position voltage controller selector helpful in providing stable and smooth arch design for perfect welding
    • Offers maximum welding thickness
    • Affordable range
    • Pre-pack with welding gloves, jacket, and helmet


    • The only cons of this product are that it only provides limited MIG welding in this price range


    Hobart is serving the best MIG model in such an affordable range since 1917. Its five-position voltage controller system proven to be best for creating a stable and smooth arch design in such affordable fields. Although being versatile, it still only fits in one size, and that may not be favor by everyone.

    Moreover, it comes with the maximum five-year warranty period, which saves your time from the hurdles of repairing and replacing on your own because the company is self-reliable in correcting the defect in that warranty period.

    The Hobart is best known for its various MIG welding machines, which offers versatile design in such affordable ranges. Its sturdy and portable design attracts the most about this machine. The above mention reviews and its incredible features will help you in making your decision easier.

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