4+ Best Residential Fingerprint Door Locks 2024

    Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews – Unfortunately, the cases of trespassing and thefts are increasing at a rapid pace, and it is indispensable for all of you to equip your doors with something that can ensure uncompromised protection!

    Most people in the US are opting for finger scanning door locks as these are incredibly safe, and you don’t have to carry bulky keys. These locks have smart technology and only get unlocked after detecting a natural fingerprint.

    Only you will be able to unlock the door along with the people you have granted access to the lock! Here is a list of 4 best fingerprint door locks that can reward your home with unmatched protection.

    4+ Best Fingerprint Door Locks For Residential 2024

    Best Fingerprint Door Lock Review, Fingerprint Door Locks For Residential

    1. Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock

    Here is the first biometric door lock of the list that opens with your fingerprint as well as with a digital code. This good looking smart lock has a significant touch display, and you can use it to set the numeric system. Also, the battery lasts longer, and there is no need to worry about its replacement.

    Works with Fingerprint and Digital Code

    In any case, you don’t want to use the fingerprint; then, you can use the digital code to unlock the door. The numeric code is also beneficial to let your family members in the home whenever you are not around. You can easily enroll up to 95 fingerprints at once, so it will be easier to grant the access of lock to the people you need.


    This fingerprint scanner door lock is made using a zinc alloy that is solid and keeps resistant ay bay. It is a weather-proof and dust-proof lock that will remain as it is even without maintenance. You can get it to install on the interior or exterior doors of your home or office.

    Tremendous Battery Life

    The lock requires 3 AA batteries to work, and there is no need for any charging. Also, the batteries last longer, and you will get around 8,000 times access to the lock with a set of 3 batteries. You will see an alert blinking on the OLED display when it is time to change the batteries.

    Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint Door Lock


    • Uncompromised safety
    • Works with up to 95 different fingerprints at a time
    • OLED display for better visibility
    • Durable built


    • A bit pricey

    Residential Fingerprint Door Locks FAQs

    Is there any mobile app available for this lock?

    Yes, you can download the mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphones in the dedicated app stores. You can use the app to unlock the door and to check some other details on the go.

    How many locking modes does this lock have?

    This smart fingerprint lock has three locking modes i.e., freeway passage, privacy lockout, and auto relock. You can choose the locking mode by using the smartphone app.

    Can I use mechanical keys with this lock?

    In case the batteries go dead, and there is no other way of opening the lock, then you can use the mechanical keys. There is a hidden keyhole in this smart lock, and you can use it to unlock the door as many times as you need.

    2. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

    Ultraloq is here with another intelligent fingerprint lock that comes loaded with Bluetooth technology. With this lock, you will get 5-in-1 keyless entry methods, and you will love how easily you can lock your door.

    Sharable eKey

    If you want some guests to enter your home between the dedicated timeframe, then you can share the eKey with them. There is no need to share the digital code, and that will enhance the protection. The eKey will only work with the smartphone of your guest, who has received the eKey.

    Advanced Fingerprint

    The door unlocks quickly after detecting your fingerprint, and then you can proceed into your home. With this lock, you can enroll up to 95 different fingerprints and can manage them through the mobile app. All the information of the enrolled users will be available on the Admin panel, and you can delete any fingerprint when you want.

    Shake/ Knock to Open

    You will get some advanced features with this smart lock. If you are an iOS user, then you can knock on the display of your phone to unlock the door. In the case of Android users, this lock offers to shake to open feature, and you can shake your phone to open the door. These keyless entry features are only available for the connected smartphone that has the Ultraloq app installed in it.

    Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock


    • Multiple keyless entry techniques
    • Safe and secure
    • Durable body
    • Easy to install
    • Batteries last longer
    • Log records available on the app


    • Shake/ knock to open doesn’t work sometimes

    Residential Fingerprint Door Locks FAQs

    Can I connect this lock with Alexa?

    Yes, you can use this lock with Alexa! There is no built-in Alexa, so you need Amazon Echo Dot to use Alexa with this device.

    What is the battery life?

    As per the manufacturer, the batteries last somewhere around 10-12 months, and you can unlock the door up to 8,000 times. But some users complained about less battery life.

    How can I delete my friend’s fingerprint from this lock?

    You can use the mobile app to delete any fingerprint on the go. Also, you can check the log records to find out the users that have unlocked the door.

    3. Schlage FE595 CAM 716 Acc Camelot

    Well, this may not be a pure fingerprint door lock, but you can unlock it using on using your fingertips! This is a code-operated door lock that will eliminate the need for carrying mechanical keys. The design of this lock is just like a regular one, but you will see a keypad available on it for smart unlocking.

    Programmable Code

    You can change the unlocking code whenever you want. This lock comes with two pre-programmed codes from the manufacturer, and you can also use them to unlock the door. Setting up a new code is as easy as a breeze.

    Low Battery Indicator

    The lock comes with a low battery indicator so that the users can find out whether it is the time to replace the batteries with a set of a new ones. You can also unlock the door using mechanical keys if the batteries go dead.

    Premium Body

    The body of the lock is made using premium metal so that no one can break it using any tools. The handle is also made using metal, and there are no plastic parts involved in the making of this lock.

    Easy to Install

    You can install this smart lock without any professional assistance. All you have to do is just follow a simple DIY process, and you will be able to install this lock in the inner and outer doors of your home or workplace.

    Schlage FE595 CAM 716 Acc Camelot


    • Affordable
    • Available in multiple colors
    • No hassles of adding and removing fingerprints
    • Auto relock


    • Not as secure as a fingerprint lock

    Residential Fingerprint Door Locks FAQs

    Is this lock resistant to water?

    Yes, this is a water and dust resistant lock. You can expect a decent lifespan from this smart lock.

    How long do the batteries last?

    The life of the batteries depends on how much you use the lock! On average, the batteries last for up to 1-1.5 years if used moderately.

    Does this lock have a deadbolt inside it?

    No, there is n deadbolt present inside this lock. However, there is a switch, and you can use it to lock the door automatically.

    4. SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

    SoHoMiLL is here with an electronic lock that unlocks using the electronic keypad. You can install this lock on both interior and exterior doors based on your requirements. Also, this lock can fit both rights and left hinged doors, which makes it an attractive option for the users.

    Heavy Duty Construction

    The lock is made using heavy-duty materials to protect it from the trespassers. Also, the keypad buttons are of decent quality, and you can use them to unlock the door thousands of times.

    Easy to Install

    There is no need to call professional locksmiths to install this lock. You can follow the DIY installation process, and thus it will help you in saving some bucks. Lastly, you can install this lock on both right and left hinged doors.

    Low Battery Indicator

    There is a low battery indicator available on the lock, and this is for the reference of the users to check the state of the batteries. You can have a look at the battery indicator to check whether the batteries need replacement or not.

    SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob


    • Affordable
    • Auto-lock from outside
    • Low battery indicator
    • Anti-slip door knob


    • No keyhole
    • No smartphone connectivity

    Residential Fingerprint Door Locks FAQs

    Does this lock have any wires connected to it ?

    No, there are no wires connected to this door lock. It is a wireless lock that comes with the battery compartment where you can insert AA sized batteries.

    Is it waterproof ?

    Yes, this biometric lock for home is entirely waterproof and can sustain all types of climatic conditions.

    How many codes can I set for this lock?

    You can set up to 8 different unlocking codes at a time. Also, you need the master code to set different codes, or you can even delete them using the master code.

    Buying Guide: Features to Look for in a Residential Fingerprint Door Locks

    Here is a list of features you need to look for in a fingerprint door entry lock before buying it.

    Ease of Installation

    First thing first, you should check whether the lock is easy to install or not! If the lock has a hard installation, then it would require you to call for some professional locksmith assistance, which will cost you more money.

    All the fingerprint locks for doors available on this list are easy to install, and you can follow the DIY guide to install them.

    Modes of Unlocking

    Check for the number of modes available to unlock the fingerprint scan door lock. Some of the locks listed here have multiple unlocking methods like fingerprint, digital code, and much mode. The choice is entirely up to you and your budget.

    Weather Resistance

    It would be great if you go for a smart lock that is resistant to weather. Harsh climatic conditions can damage the lock, and then you have to replace it. You will be glad to know that all the locks listed in this article are resistant to weather.

    Battery Life

    Check how long the battery lasts so that you can ensure the exact battery life. Some smart locks last for up to 1-year with a set of batteries, whereas some locks can last for u to 2-years with a set of AA batteries.


    Lastly, you need to make your budget before buying any of these fingerprint security locks. These locks are available at different prices, and you should buy a lock that suits your budget.

    Final Thoughts 0f Residential Fingerprint Door Locks

    These are some of the best fingerprint locks for 2024. With these locks, you can ensure better protection of your home and your family. These locks require very little electricity to work, and most of them are based on AA batteries.
    Make sure to check out the buying guide so that you get better information about how to purchase a fingerprint lock for your needs.

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