Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Kit 2024 – There is no doubt that Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is one of the metal detectors available in the market. With this device, you can dig out the hidden treasures in your backyard that are probably there for years. It is an easy to use metal detector that comes with advanced features like auto-ground balance. Also, it is a lightweight metal detector, and you can carry it for a long time without getting exhausted.

    Here in this article, we have reviewed the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Kit to find out why you need this metal detector device.

    garrett at pro metal detector kit

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

    Garrett is a prominent brand in the US that manufactures high-quality equipment. This metal detector is a gem as it can help you in locating the hidden objects quickly with its reliable finding power. Also, there is a screen attached to the device, and you can adjust the settings on the go. Using headphones will make your experience even better as you can clearly hear the sound of the metal detector locates something under the ground.

    Features of Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    Capable of Working on All Terrains

    You can use this metal detector from Garrett on any types of terrains. You can use it in a muddy area as well as this device can help you in finding the hidden metal objects. Whether the grass or you want to find things in a rocky area, you can use Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector to make things easier for you.

    Waterproof and Submersible

    Another excellent feature of this metal detector is that it is fully waterproof. You can even submerge it into the water up to 10-feet to find the hidden metal objects. It is an entirely waterproof device that keeps on working even underwater and mud.

    Pro Audio

    You will get all the controls on the console of this metal detector, and one of these controls includes Pro Audio. With Pro Audio, you will get a continuous beep sound whenever the metal detector finds something. When you switch off the Pro Mode, then you will get a one-time beep sound as available in other metal detectors. With Pro Mode, you can make sure that there is definitely something under the area you are hovering the metal detector.

    Ground Balance

    You will get the Ground Balance feature in Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. This feature will help you in ignoring unwanted ground signals like salt and iron, which are of no use. This metal detector has both Ground Balance and Manual Balance, and you can select one with the help of the LCD console. If you live in an area where the soil contains an excess of minerals, then the Ground Balance feature will help you in finding the hidden treasures.

    Best Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector for Garden & Outdoor Review

    Iron Audio

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Kit comes with the Iron Audio feature. After turning on the functionality, you will hear a different sound if the metal detector locates iron. So if you want to collect or ignore iron pieces, then this feature will be a big help for you.

    Coil Selection

    If you are serious about metal detecting, then you might know that it is ideal for switching between different coils for a better hunt. With Garrett AT Pro, you will get the option of multiple coil selection. Garrett manufactures a series of coils for AT Pro.

    Every coil available for this metal detector model has its own benefits. You can use different coils for hunting better on different terrains.

    Single Frequency

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is based on a single frequency i.e., 15 kHz. It will help you in locating metal objects of all sizes without juggling with different frequency ranges. But you will get a little problem while finding metal objects in a salty area like beaches due to the single frequency.

    Superior Control Panel

    The control panel comes loaded with a plethora of controls like sensitivity adjustment, notch disc, iron disc, and much more. You can set the desired setting based on the type of area you are hunting in. It eve shows target ID so you can remember the metal objects you discovered from a particular area.

    garrett at pro metal detector reviews

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector


    • Easy to maneuver
    • Auto ground and manual balance
    • Proportional audio
    • Excellent LCD console
    • Iron audio
    • Waterproof


    • Waterproof headphones come at an extra cost
    • No backlit support for searching at night
    • Single-frequency


    No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is an ideal option for you. The metal detector is available at a reasonable price and requires an effortless assembly process. Also, you get the option to use different coils with this device for better hunting.

    In-Box Accessories

    You will get a multitude of elements in the box of Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Kit. Here is a list of items you will receive.

    • Garret AT Pro Metal Detector
    • Garrett headphones with built-in volume regulator
    • Operational manual
    • Warranty certificate
    • Waterproof GARRETT PROformance 8,5х11″ DoubleD coil

    Best Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector for Garden & Outdoor Review

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector FAQs

    Are Headphones Included with this Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector?

    Yes, you will get a pair of headphones on Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Kit. But the headphones are not waterproof. You have to purchase a pair of waterproof headphones at an extra cost, but that is not mandatory, as you can use the headphones provided by Garrett.

    What is the deepest on land that Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector can Detect?

    You can use Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector to detect metal objects that are 10-12 inches deep in the land. However, after switching the coils, you can increase the detection range of this metal detector.

    How to Replace Battery in Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector?

    We recommend you to use fresh batteries with Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector to get the best outcomes. Here is the process to replace the batteries:
    - Rotate the battery cover to remove it
    - Now grasp the cap and pull it
    - You will see the battery connecting area where the old batteries are connected
    - Remove the old battery and put in the new one
    - Switch the metal detector on to check if the new battery is placed correctly

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    Final Thoughts of Metal Detector Kit

    With Garret AT Pro Metal Detector, you can turn your hobby into your living. This metal detector will help you in finding different metal objects, including iron, gold, copper, silver, and much more. It is an easy to use device that has fantastic battery life.

    You can use it on all types of terrains, including water, as it is a waterproof metal detector.

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