maxxhaul 70275 aluminum cargo carrier with 60 folding ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ’s 2021

Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle

Whosoever, discovered this wheelchair give them a hearty hug! Mayabe they are motivated by his/her own life challenges, experience, or by its loved ones. Whatever be the reason that individual has given huge relief to the disabled person as well as their loved ones.

If you are disabled or suffering from some type of mobility issues or taking care of someone who has such a situation, then you might be aware of how essential it is to offer appropriate equipment like wheelchair carrier to them.

This wheelchair equipment is very vital for the person, especially when they have to go far. It has the capability to solve many issues and deliver great freedom when the point is personal transportation. Even more, it also provides utility and also for carrying heavy-duty equipment.

So, in this article, you will come to know about how the wheelchair is vital for you, its types, and you also know some of the famous wheelchair models from top companies.

Wheelchairs Reviews

1. Prohoists Electric Power Wheelchair Carrier with Loading Ramp

When talking about the best electric wheelchair carrier lift, you cannot get better than this 400lb heavy-duty power mobility scooter or electric power wheelchair. It is specially designed to support the person with comfort, and it can also be adjusted at the back of the car.

prohoists 400lb electric power wheelchair carrier with loading ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021

Bestseller No. 1
KUAFU Folding Wheelchair Scooter Carrier Rack Luggage Basket Disability Medical Lift Rack Loading...
  • Durable black powder coated finish,heavy duty steel construction. It can be used as a carrier...
  • Folding ramp can also be locked flat when not in use. 3-position carrier (closed flat, open...
  • Fits All 2" Receiver, Hitch Class III Or IV. Has a 3 inch safety rail. Highly recommended for...

Its unique features are: –

Sturdy design

Thanks to the company that its all the parts came with the unit. Every unit is designed seamlessly, solid and very well constructed. The strap is handy as per locations and has well-designed reflectors.

Electric wheelchair carrier

The best part is it comes with electrical power, and with one charge, it can go up 20 miles. Even more, the electronic system installed in it is energy-saving means while charging it will save your lot of energy, and you cannot say the bill is very high due to everyday charging.

Easy installation

After you get this electric wheelchair, you can assemble it within no time means it is straightforward to assemble. This feature is making this wheelchair more living as there is no need for an expert.

Light in weight

It is best suited for cars, SUVs, or vans. The maximum weight os this electric wheelchair is 75 lb, which any small car can handle easily without any issues.

Prohoists Electric Power Wheelchair Carrier with Loading Ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Built-in reflectors
  • Easily folds against the car
  • Anti-wobble device
  • Easy to put on the car
5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Only class III hitch is required

2. Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier

This silver spring SC500-V3 is a costly option but with a drastic higher price. This wheelchair carrier offers excellent safety and security, as it is the main attribute of the best wheelchair. The best part is none of the wheelchairs can match this carrier.

silver spring sc500-v3 folding steel scooter and wheelchair carrier with ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021

Bestseller No. 1
Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp
  • Carry scooters and wheelchairs behind any vehicle with a Class III or IV 2" hitch receiver
  • Folds upright against vehicle when not in use and includes ten tie-down points for maximum...
  • Includes a three-position, folding loading ramp, anti-rattle device, and 5/8" hitch pin

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Bestseller No. 1
Tokept Black and Orange Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover (XXXL).116" for Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki...
  • Size:XXX-Large,Ideal for outdoor use in all climates
  • Condition: Brand New; Fits 116'' Harley Davison Victory Suzuki Yamaha Honda etc
  • Material:Durable black 190T oxford fabric and special waterproof layer provides maximum...

Its best features are: –

Very satisfying carrier

Overall, you can say that it will surely work well. All the parts are of the wheelchair is of high quality and with a guarantee. Even more, you can quickly load it on the car when not in use without damaging it.

Extra-long ramp

The ramp of this wheelchair carrier is extra long, which can be released when loading with the help of T-shaped handles. After that, it will slowly stow in an upright position on the car for better visibility.

Made up of heavy-duty steel mesh

Steel is the most used metal in various vehicles that is light in weight and very durable. This wheelchair carrier is also very durable and makes your money worth it.

Excellent stability

When disabled individual rides it with the button it will deliver excellent durability. It is best for the uneven surface as it prevents the person of severe injuries.

Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Easily foldable
  • Durable T-shaped handles
5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Takes time during installation

3. Goplus Wheelchair Carrier Mobility Scooter

This wheelchair is very cheap as compared to other mentioned wheelchairs. But if you talk about its features, it is quite similar to them. This mobility wheelchair scooter is a hitch mount made for easy loading and transporting. It can be used both as a carrier and ramp by merely attaching to the hitch.

goplus wheelchair carrier mobility scooter 500 lbs

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021

Bestseller No. 1
Goplus Aluminum Cargo Carrier, 50"x29.5" Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Carrier Medical...
  • 【A Perfect Transportation】 Our aluminum cargo carrier is ideal to carry wheelchair,...
  • 【High Quality Aluminum Material】 Constructed with heavy duty aluminum structure, the cargo...
  • 【Humanized Designs to Keep Safe】 a. Multiple tie-down points for securing your cargo; b....

Sturdy and balanced

This wheelchair carrier has four sides steel safety rails for extra sturdiness and balancing, which saves the persons from sliding while driving.

Perfect built

This Goplus wheelchair carrier is built of every vehicle for smooth and loading and transporting. On the other hand, it can be used for loading things from one place to another.

Easy to use

This hitch wheelchair is the lifesaver of disabled individuals. You can travel with this carrier anywhere, and it also has a locked facility. The best part is to travel anywhere and enjoy life to the fullest.

Easy installation

This top-class quality wheelchair carrier has a straightforward installation. Open the brand-new carrier and read the essential instructions and assemble it within no time.

Goplus Wheelchair Carrier Mobility Scooter Loading Ramp Heavy Duty Strong Hitch Cargo, 500 Lbs Capacity

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • 3-position carrier
  • Quality coating
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Affordable
5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Requires assembly

4. Maxxhual 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier

When you are talking about the best aluminum cargo carrier, how can you miss out on Maxxhual 70275? In terms of durability and reliability, it comes at the top position. You are wondering, other than these two qualities, what are the other things that is making it apart from others.

Its best features are: –

maxxhaul 70275 aluminum cargo carrier with 60 folding ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
TITIMO 60"x21"x6" Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier - Luggage Basket Rack Fits 2" Receiver - Rear...
  • 【Durable Build】– This TITIMO trailer hitch cargo carrier is constructed from heavy duty...
  • 【Enhanced Security】 – Featured 6-inch high walls around the cargo basket and mesh bottom...
  • 【Folding Design】– This hitch cargo carrier is equipped with a folding shank, the folding...

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  • Anti-slip & anti-heat handles: The anti-slip pot handles and the silicone cup protector are all...
  • Convenient & Incredibly Durable: The mini stove can be folded to save space. So do the handles...

Excellent transportation power

This hitch mount aluminum cargo carrier is best for transportation several things like wheelchairs, scooters, garden equipment, etc. The material used in this is highly supportive and of excellent quality.


The aluminium basket of this Maxxhaul’s cargo carrier is rustproof and durable, even in winters and fog season. That’s why it is liked by most of people.

Extra-wide carrier bed

Maxxhaul’s 70275 cargo carrier bed is vast to carry even big things with full power and safety of the things when not in use. The best part is it is highly affordable.

Well-built rack

The rack of the carrier is very friendly and well-built. It was easy to assemble and best suited for various needs. For added safety, you can also add trailer lights.

MaxxHaul 70275 52-1/2

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Folding ramp
  • 8-inch side rails
  • Reflectors for extra road safety
  • Anchor points
5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Expensive

5. ECOTRIC Wheelchair Carrier

When the point is of the best hitch mounted wheelchair, it cannot be better than this ECOTRIC carrier. This specially designed wheelchair can easily adjust at the back of the car. It can be used as a carrier and ramp, which is quite useful according to your needs.

ecotric carrier for electric wheelchair cargo mobility scooter

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021

Bestseller No. 1
ECOTRIC Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier with Mobility Ramp for Wheelchair Scooter Lawn Mower Snow Blower...
  • -Product Dimension: 31-3/4” (W) × 44-3/4” (L) × 6”(H). Inside Bed Dimensions: 29-3/4"...
  • -Heavy-duty steel construction with Pull locks. Durable black powder coated finish.
  • -Has a 3" safety rail. 2" hitch Receiver, hitch class III or IV. 2-position carrier (Open...

Its best features are: –

Three safety rails

The design of this wheelchair carrier is specially meant for disabled people for their safety while driving. It can be used as a carrier and a ramp both.

Durable handle

The company has given a handle on the ramp for easy folding and unfolding. This feature is one of the best, which is liked by most of people. Even more, the handles are highly durable.

Heavy-duty steel used

It is made up of heavy-duty steel, which is making this wheelchair more durable, light in weight, and reliable for any type of use. Even more, the black powder is coated on it for extra longevity.

Easy installation

This wheelchair cum carrier is very easy to put together when the opposite person doesn’t know its ABC. In the client’s, manual everything is entirely explained so that they don’t face any difficulty.

ECOTRIC Carrier for Electric Wheelchair Cargo Mobility Scooter with Hitch & Loading Ramp

5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • The capacity of the ramp is 500 lbs
  • Pull locks for safety
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • 11 tie-down points
5+ Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle Reviews & FAQ's 2021


  • Easily gets rusted
  • Not able to secure the ramp with pins

What is a Wheelchair and its Importance?

As the name says, the wheelchair is just a chair on wheels for disabled people as their mobility assistance. For example, any elderly who is disabled can carry this wheelchair into the car for further commutation. Not only at the back of the vehicle, but it is also compatible with scooters, power chairs, etc. but while buying wheelchair carrier just remember various points that are very crucial to consider like: –

  • Several safety features of the wheelchair carrier so that individual can safely ride it and prevent from serious injuries
  • The ability of the user to ride itself or not

Now, after knowing what a wheelchair is, let’s put some light on its benefits.

It is a convenient device that offers complete freedom to the individual here is why: –

Offers freedom

When the point is of picnic or vacations, the wheelchair can be the best carriers that can quickly solve your agony even if you don’t have a big car or van. This means it is that type of device that offers mobility to the person to roam wherever they want to without any restrictions. So, enjoy your life to the fullest while having freedom.

Very versatile tool

A modern wheelchair is not just a wheelchair means it can offer significant benefits than ever. The updated design of this wheelchair is such that even seniors can lift equipment, luggage, etc.
This means for seniors as well; it can be a perfect device to show young.

Very cost-effective

There are vehicles in the market that have fitted wheelchair inside the car, but they aren’t cheap, and you have to struggle for funds. So, this solution to a wheelchair is the most affordable and immediate for your loved ones.

Saves space

No matter how big a car you own traditional wheelchair still takes space. But with this wheelchair, you can avoid ample area as it is foldable.

Simple to use

The wheelchair carriers are very light, compact, and that’s why it delivers breeze of the mount. If you or your any loved one is disabled, then you need user-friendly things. So, this foldable wheelchair is one of the surpassed product according to your convenience.

Understanding Wheelchair Sizes & Measurements

While buying a wheelchair, you will be aware of widths and several dimensions of various things like doorways, elevators, passageways, etc. on the other hand, around your home, must consider bathroom door or any other way that limits access. Let’s have a look at the proper measurements of consider which one is best for you: –

  1. The width of the seat should be wide enough to accommodate the hips, but keep in mind it has to be appropriate while stretching the wheels.
  2. The overall depth of the seat must be two inches far from the back of the knee, so that blood vessel is avoided.
  3. Is in case the individual will use feet to move, the height also plays an essential role. This means it should be on appropriate height.
  4. Footrest style and length must ensure legs don’t get dangle and don’t even pushed.
  5. Weight is according to the importance of the person.

Types of Wheelchairs

In the market, you will get countless types of wheelchair which the individual can choose according to their need, preferences, taste, etc. let’s put some light on the basic three types of wheelchairs: –

Folding Wheelchair Carrier

This foldable wheelchair carrier is best for cars, and when it is no longer in use, you can sue it for storage. On the other hand, some people fold this chair to save space in the car and put extra luggage. This type of foldable wheelchair is straightforward to use means it is user-friendly.

Manual Wheelchair Carrier

A manual wheelchair carrier is top-rated among folks as it is highly affordable than an electric wheelchair carrier. They don’t take power to use means when the car is off; you can still use them. Even more, to carry it forward, you have to push the wheelchair up.

On your part, it requires more effort as compared to other traditional wheelchair carriers that need at least two persons to carry.

Power Wheelchairs Carriers

If you talk about power wheelchair carrier, it is the most reliable and easy to use product invented by most of the companies. It is a fully powered wheelchair and scooter platform. The disabled person just has to press the button, and it will do all your work. As compared to other wheelchair carrier is expensive but offer very ease while using. Other than this, it is also easy to load and unload, can carry weight up to 350 lbs. The best part is it automatically folds up when not in use. So, buy this power wheelchair carrier to enjoy life to the fullest without any restrictions.

Wheelchair Parts

After discussing the main three types of wheelchairs, have a look at some of its components so that if you got some issue in the wheelchair carriers, you know something about its components as well.

Wheelchair Carrier Adapter

This adapter of wheelchair carriers works best with 2” class III and IV hitch receivers to offer comfort while travelling. Basically, it is made up of world-class quality durable steel and also with a smooth back finish to make the person highly comfortable while sitting.

maxxhaul 70283 4-bolt stuardy anti-wobble 2 x 2 hitch adapter stabilizer

Bestseller No. 1
9TRADING Folding 2" Trailer Hitch Mount Shank Adapter Cargo Wheelchair Carrier Fold Up
  • Brand New and High Quality. Folding Cargo Carrier Adapter For 2 Inch Trailer Hitches.
  • Works With 2"X2" Trailer Hitches. Made Of Solid Steel, And Max Weight Capacity Reach 500lbs.
  • Add Versatility To Your Cargo Carrier And Wheel Chair Buy Using The Folding Adapter. This...
Bestseller No. 2
New DEAL 500LB Folding 2" Trailer Hitch Mount Shank Adapter Cargo Wheelchair Carrier
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Folding Cargo Carrier Adapter for 2 Inch Trailer Hitches
  • Works with 2"x2" trailer hitches

Its other unique features are: –

  • It has a maximum capacity of 500 lb
  • It can easily be adjusted to multiple heights according to the need
  • Even more, as it is adjustable, it quickly makes the mobility carrier to be raised at the height of 4.5′ for the improved ground clearance

Wheelchair Storage Cover

After spending money on the wheelchair, it becomes mandatory to keep it safe and durable. So, this mobility scooter cover is highly sturdy and durable. It is made up of polyester fabric with the help of a PVC coating that is waterproof and dustproof.

tokept power assisted scooter mobility waterproof scooter cover

Bestseller No. 1
Vive Rollator Travel Bag - for Folding Walker, Compact Wheelchair Transport Chair - Lightweight,...
  • MULTIPURPOSE TRAVEL BAG: Measuring 35” by 26” by 9.5”, the Vive travel bag holds most...
  • ADDED PROTECTION AND CONVENIENCE: Enclosing a rollator, walker or hybrid transport chair, the...
  • PADDED CARRY STRAPS: Comfortably carry the rollator travel bag with a padded shoulder strap or...
Bestseller No. 2
ConPus Mobility Scooter Storage Cover, Wheelchair Cover Waterproof for Travel Lightweight Electric...
  • Long lasting PVC backed 210D Oxford 67 x 24 x 46 inch (L x W x H)
  • The Cover protect your scooter from sunlight damage
  • Elasticated cord runs smoothly through the eyelets so the cover is easily fitted

Its other features are: –

  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Protects the wheelchair from all-weather
  • Very light in weight
  • Have a cord in the bottom of the cover to secure the wheelchair from any type of damage
  • Its dimensions are 55*26*36, and weight is 0.8lb
  • Its size is enough for three- and four-wheel scooters

FAQs - Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle

How long does a wheelchair battery last?

If the battery of the wheelchair is fully charged, it can last up to 8 hours, and it can quickly achieve 10 miles. But this statistic is for a good one, and also it can go up to 20 miles. In reality, the overall health of the battery influences the time and distance it can cover in one charge.

On the other hand, if your battery is ancient around one or one-and-a-half years, then think of changing it because it can dwindle in between the way.

Do wheelchairs come in different heights?

After seat width, the height of the wheelchair also plays an essential role while buying it. Well. The height of the wheelchair must be a regular chair for some users. Still, it also depends upon the height of the individual as well so, while wheelchair considers various factors like footrests, cushions, transfers, and foot propulsion.

How much weight can a standard wheelchair hold?

A standard wheelchair is most frequently carrier used by disabled individuals. And these wheelchairs weight over 350 pounds without its front rigging. Usually, all other necessary wheelchairs can easily weight up to 250 to 300 pounds.

What is the standard wheelchair seat width?

Basically, the wheelchair seat width is the measurement of full seat upholstery in between the rests of the arm.

Measurement Average size (inches) Procedures (Item # on W/C Seating Form – see handout) Confirmation of Fit
Seat Height 19.5-20.5 11, 12 (add 2″ for footrests) Footplate 2″ from the floor; 2-3 fingers fit between the thigh and seat upholstery
Seat Depth 16 5, (subtract 2″ to avoid pressure behind knees) 2-3 fingers fit between front seat edge and popliteal fold
Seat Width 18 10 Easily slide hands between thighs and clothing guard on the armrest
Back Height 16-16.5 3, (subtract 4″) Four fingers fit under axilla and above upholstery
Armrest Height 9″ above the chair seat 4, (add ~1″) shoulders level when elbows are supported


Let’s wrap up the discussion on wheelchair carrier, hope you have got all the required information and idea of what you are looking for in the product. All the featured products and its parts discussed above are sturdy and have the power to offer reliability and durability at an affordable price.

All the wheelchairs above are of top-notch quality and can make the disabled person comfortable and relaxed, keeping safety in mind.

According to your needs, you can buy any one of them and enjoy life to the fullest without any restrictions. If you don’t believe, check yourself and see the difference from your traditional wheelchair.

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