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    Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen or you are designing your new home’s kitchen, the place of Microwave in it has its importance. Therefore, if you are considering to buy a microwave, then you can have to go through an assortment of varieties, such as colors, models, size and features, etc.

    No doubt, a microwave is an essential kitchen appliance; it completes your kitchen. If you have everything in your kitchen that gives it a modern look, but you don’t have a microwave drawer, then it can easily mess up the entire appearance of your kitchen because your kitchen will look empty.

    Not only installing a Microwave drawer adds value in your kitchen appearance, but you can also cook delicious mouthwatering foods. But if it seems to be a difficult task for you to finding the best Microwave, then we have a perfect option- Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven Stainless Steel for you, and why you should buy it, let’s come to its features.

    Sharp KB-6524PS 24-inch Microwave Drawer Oven


    This 24-inch Microwave has been becoming one of the best choices for people day by day. Since it has some of the noteworthy features that are adding bring this product into limelight. The notable thing includes;

    sharp kb6524ps microwave drawer reviews

    New 24-inch Design

    In this new KB-6524P series Microwave Drawer appliances, you get the design on both inside and outside. With 1.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity, the cavity is quite larger and big enough to hold your beloved mug or a 20 oz. a Cup from your favorite take-out coffee store.

    To give this model a contemporary look, the new open towel bar handle and concealed louvers are provided. Although the dimension on the outside is the same, that makes it easier to install it in the kitchen.

    Minute Plus™

    In this sharp kb-6524ps, a 24-inch microwave drawer oven minute plus feature allows you to turn on the oven quickly at the level of high power.

    Easier Accessibility

    This microwave drawer also features a straightforward system to open and close it. For instance, push or pull the handle of the Microwave Drawer, and simultaneously Sharp’s elite simple Open system trigger a motor to automatically close or open the Drawer.

    Sensor Cook®

    Leave out the guesswork with these 11 accessible sensor settings for the most popular microwaved foods.

    Increased Functionality

    Sharp mostly analyzes people’s habits of placing Microwave, how you use them, or how you place them. Also, the Sharp expanded their features, and now that comes with a new upgraded version and includes “Warm,” to which they’ve developed from Short Cut options.

    Besides “Beverage Center” is also included in this Microwave that heats water to prepare hot tea or warms coffee or soup or to make instant coffee. Additional settings like Sensor Cook® and defrost options have also been upgraded.

    Keep Warm

    Once if you heat foot in this Microwave, then it allows you to keep food warm up to 30 minutes.

    Control Lock

    If you have small children in your home, then this Microwave is specially made for you, since it comes with Control Lock that protects from unnecessary drawer operation. For instance, you can set the Microwave Drawer according to yours, so that the automatic door mechanism and the control panel get locked or deactivated.

    Built-in Ready

    This Microwave can be easily fitted beneath any gas or electric wall oven.

    Convenient Placement Options

    This Sharp Microwave is Available in 24″ and 30″ widths that are the perfect size what Microwave Drawer should be. Cooking in this powerful and fantastic Microwave is not only faster but easier too. You can easily install this Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven adjacent to the area where you prepare food.

    Angled Touch Controls

    For easy viewing, Front-mounted angled touch controls are provided in this elegant Microwave.

    Easier Cooking And Cleanup

    Not only cooking but also cleaning is easier in this Sharp Microwave by installing it at a convenient height. Also, you can easily bring out hot foods from the Drawer. Without removing, you can also stir dishes. Whereas, the virtual Carousel® and the low sides make cleaning much more uncomplicated.

    Sharp Kb6524ps Microwave Drawer

    Sharp Kb6524ps Microwave Drawer Review


    • Easy to fit in Drawer & Built-In Ready, Installable Below Any Electric or Gas Wall Oven
    • Great Capacity: 1.2 Cu. Ft. (Holds 9″ x 13″ Dish)
    • Front-Mounted Touch; Angled For Easy Viewing
    • Come with LCD Display
    • Wattage: 1,000 Watts
    • Keep Warm Option: Yes, Up to 30 Minutes
    • Kitchen Timer & Control Lock is also provided
    • 12 Settings for Sensor Cook, Reheat, Popcorn
    • Preprogrammed Reheat comes with 2 Settings
    • 6 Settings for Automatic Defrost
    • 11 Variable Power Levels11 Variable Power Levels
    • 4 Programmable Stages
    • Melt and Soften Buttons
    • Great dimensions
    Sharp Kb6524ps Microwave Drawer Review


    • Little costly

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    This redesigned Sharp KB-6524ps 24-inch Microwave Drawer Oven Stainless Steel includes a more substantial capacity that considers it better than prior generations. The KB6524PS series of Sharp provides a 1.2 cu ft. Interior.

    The Easy Open handle and the Drawer allow you to easily pull out the microwave drawer and mechanically move smoothly into a fully open phase simultaneously that you can load your dish.

    The increase-in Capacity contributes to the versatility of this Sharp microwave drawer. Use the Melt feature, which is ideal for melting butter, ice cream, or warm syrup for fragile products that need a touch of fire. Additionally, a Keep Warm function is available on this Sharp Microwave.

    After heating food, the Microwave allows you, keep your hot food ready to eat up to 30 min, so you can set the oven up and stove and prepare the other meals. And Sharp KB6524PS will take care of all of your heating needs with 11 sensor systems, which remove the need to predict cook times.

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