Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners 2024

    So you have decided to hem the clothes in your home, and you need an ideal sewing machine for it? Well, there are some compact and affordable sewing machines available in the market that you can use for hemming.

    Our review team has shortlisted the best machines that are easy to use and are way more compact than other bulky machines available in the market. If you are finding it hard to select an ideal sewing machine for hemming, then here is a list of top-rated sewing machines for hemming.

    Best Small Sewing Machines Reviews

    SINGER | Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine

    Singer is a famous brand in the US that manufactures high quality, durable, and easy to use sewing machines. This sewing machine is perfect for hemming and other tasks and can fit anywhere due to its small size. Moreover, it has an automatic needle threader, so things will become more comfortable for you.

    singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine reviews

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    Robust Body

    The body of this mini sewing machine is made using metal, which makes it a durable and sturdy option. Unlike other machines, it has fewer plastic parts, so there is no need to worry about any possibilities of damages.

    Ideal for All Types of Fabrics

    Singer 4432 is ideal for sewing on all types of fabrics and materials, including thick clothes. The powerful motor and the needle can sew with ease, the machine will not struggle even if you use it on thick denim.

    Reserve Stitch Option

    There is a reverse stitch lever available on the machine, and you can use it to make reverse and reinforce stitches. There is no need to take out the cloth and put it again when you can use the reverse stitching lever.

    Pressure Foot System

    The pressure foot system that comes with this sewing machine is durable and will make sewing effortless. You can use both of your hands to hold the fabric while the foot pedal will assist you in adjusting the speed of sewing.

    SINGER | Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine

    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Ideal for all fabrics
    • Built-in 32 stitching system
    • Three needle positions
    • Lightweight
    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • A bit pricey


    If you are concerned with the quality of stitches, then this machine is what you need. The needle has three different positions, and you can set it for the best possible stitches for hemming.

    W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine

    Here is an affordable mini sewing machine from W-Dragon that has a portable design. The machine also works on battery so you can use it without power supply. It is perfect for sewing a multitude of fabrics and materials, including leather, and you can use it with the utmost ease.

    Easy to Use

    This sewing machine from W-Dragon is easy to use, all thanks t the user-friendly design and automatic moving. Even if you are a beginner, you can use this sewing machine to work on different materials and to show your DIY skills.


    The overall weight of this mini sewing machine is 9.3 ounces, and the dimensions are 9.1 x 3.2 x 2 inches. You can carry it in your suitcase whenever you need it. Also, it requires less counter space, so you don’t need a bigger table to use with this sewing machine.

    Tension Control

    There is a tension control switch available on the machine. You can use it to adjust the tension to attain the best stitches. Also, the sewing machine is widely applicable and can work on different materials, including aprons, gloves, and pre-threaded materials.

    Battery Operated

    The machine is operated by a 600mAh battery. You can even use this machine if there is no power supply available. You can quickly put the batteries in the dedicated battery compartment.

    W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine

    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Extremely lightweight
    • Ideal for beginners and advanced users
    • Large bobbin
    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • You need to buy a battery separately
    • Not ideal for fabrics above 1.8mm thickness


    If you are on a low budget and still need a sturdy sewing machine, then this machine from W-Dragon is worth considering. It doesn’t require any assembly and requires four batteries to work efficiently.

    SINGER 1304 Sewing Machine

    Singer is here with another reliable best mini sewing machine for beginners and professionals that can do wonders for you. The machine is compact and is budget-friendly. Also, it comes with a reverse sewing switch so you can sew on both directions for better stitching.

    singer 1304 sewing machine review

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    Stainless Steel Bedplate

    The stainless steel bedplate ensures seamless sewing as the fabric moves smoothly. The sewing is even, and you can easily control the thread structure without any difficulties.

    4-Step Buttonhole

    You can make fantastic buttonholes easily with this Singer sewing machine. It has automatic 4-Step Buttonhole that can make buttonholes quickly and with uncompromised preciseness.

    Dual Spool Pins

    The machine has dual spool pins so you can use two thread rolls for twin needle sewing. It is up to you, as you can also use only one thread roll to sew the clothes seamlessly.

    Easy Stitch Selection

    With the help of the stitch selection dial, you can choose between different types of stitches. Whether, you want to switch a quilt, or you want to prepare a school project for your kids, you can do it by using the stitch selection switch.

    SINGER1304 Sewing Machine

    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • 6 built-in stitches
    • Heavy-duty frame
    • Three presser feet included
    • Reverse stitch lever available
    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Adjusting bobbin tension is a bit hard


    Apart from the challenging bobbin adjustment, there is nothing to complain about this mini sewing machine. You can automatically sew buttonholes and can choose from 6 different stitching styles for a flawless stitching experience.

    Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

    You need a separate table with a sewing machine for ideal sewing. Still, with this Varmax Mini, you will get a table attached to the sewing machine. The machine is compact and weighs just 2.7 pounds. You can use it easily as it is perfect for beginners and pro sewers.

    varmax mini sewing machine with extension table

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    Built-in Thread Cutter and Lamp

    This mini sewing machine and extension table from Varmax has a thread cutter, so you don’t need a pair of scissors to cut the thread. Also, it comes with a lamp, and you can sew with more preciseness, even in the dark.

    Multiple Power Options

    Either you can use this small portable sewing machine on AC power using the AC wall outlet, or you can use batteries t power it. It not only makes this sewing machine versatile, but also you get the option to use it wherever you need even without an AC wall outlet.

    Easy to Rewind Bobbin

    With the help of the threaded spindle and the winding pole, you can rewind the bobbin on the go. You can even set up the machine if you want automatic rewinding for the bobbin.

    Versatile Application

    This sewing machine from Varmax can sew multiple fabrics and materials, including aprons, leather, shopping bags, and much more. With this easy to use a sewing machine, you can work on different materials without changing the needle.

    Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Large extension table
    • Two-speed controls
    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Cannot use two thread rolls simultaneously


    With this sewing machine, you will get the option of two-speed settings. Also, you can use it on Ac supply and with batteries as per your convenience. Overall, it is an affordable sewing machine that has a durable body and foot pedal.

    Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

    We have another Singer sewing machine for you that has a metal body and comes at a reasonable price. This machine has got a similar design like other Singer machines, but it functions differently. The users who want to stitch on all fabrics can consider this machine into their bucket list.

    singer heavy duty 4411 sewing machine with 11 built-in stitches

    Frequently bought together

    11 Built-in Stitches

    The machine comes with 11 built-in stitches types, and you can choose the type you need. It has 6 basic stitches, one buttonhole stitch, and 4 decorative stitches so you can sew anything from decorative arts to quilts.

    Adjustable Needle

    The position of the needle is adjustable, and you can choose from the three available positions to get the best stitches on the fabric. You can easily change the positions depending on the type of fabric or material to be stitched.

    Adjustable Foot Pedal Presser

    With this Singer small portable sewing machine, you can stitch thin as well as thick fabrics. Apply less pressure on the pedal when you want to stitch on thin fabric like cotton, and you can increase the pressure for leather and other thick materials.

    Drop-In Bobbin

    It comes with a bobbin chamber where you can drop the bobbin for enhanced ease. Also, the cover of the chamber is transparent, and you can see through it to make sure that the bobbin is working fine, and here is enough thread available for stitching.

    Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Adjustable stitch length
    • Reverse stitching
    • Compatible mobile app
    • Stainless steel bedplate
    5 Best Mini Sewing Machine Handheld (Leather) for Beginners, Industrial


    • Work only on AC supply and no batteries


    Sewing machines from Singer have added durability and are ideal for beginners as well as professionals. You can use the mobile app as well to check FAQs and to know more about the sewing machine.

    Buying Guide

    Why Use a Mini Sewing Machine?

    There are tons of benefits associated with using mini sewing machines. Here is a list of such benefits.

    Easy to Use

    Mini sewing machines are easy to use. These machines can stitch neatly and correctly as bulky machines and are much friendlier for beginners.


    You can carry a mini sewing machine wherever you want. These machines are lightweight and are compact in size.

    Less Power Consumption

    Mini sewing machines have less power consumption, which makes it a decent option to buy.

    Handheld Sewing Machine vs. Regular

    It is quite common to get confused between mini sewing machines and the regular ones. We have differentiated these two so that you can choose the best one.


    You cannot take a regular sewing machine with you, as these machines are bulky, and transporting them is a challenging task. On the other hand, you can take a mini sewing machine with you, even in your suitcase. These machines are light in weight and have a detachable foot pedal for ease of transportation.


    Buying a mini sewing machine doesn’t require you to invest hundreds of dollars. You can even buy a decent sewing machine at $100-$150, which makes it worth buying.


    The power consumption of a mini sewing machine is much less than a regular sewing machine. You can even buy a mini sewing machine that works on batteries to save some money on energy bills.

    Multiple Applications

    Both mini and regular sewing machines are ideal for stitching on different materials. So you can consider a mini sewing machine as it will do the job correctly while saving you a lot of space inside your home.


    Mini sewing machines are ideal for domestic purposes due to their small size. But if you need a sewing machine for commercial use, then a regular sewing machine will be best for you.


    Here are some parts of the sewing machines in case you need to replace the existing faulty parts.

    HONEYSEW Foot Control Pedal

    If the foot pedal of your mini sewing machine is not working, then you can consider buying a new one for it. We are here with an affordable and reliable foot pedal that works perfectly with most of the advanced sewing machines available out there. Also, you will get a power cable with this pedal, so there is no need to purchase anything separately.

    honeysew foot control pedal

    Axis Foot Controller

    Here is another foot controller that has a variable speed option. This foot pedal or controller is ideal to use with Kenmore sewing machines. Lastly, it comes with a power cord and other required accessories.

    axis foot controller

    Enduro Sewing Machine Motor Kit

    If you want a powerful and reliable motor for your sewing machine, then here is what you can buy. This motor kit from Enduro comes with a foot pedal, so you will get a combo that works excellently together. The motor works on 6000RPM and requires 110 volts – 100 watts. You can plug the cord in a regular wall outlet to use this motor with the sewing machine.

    enduro sewing machine motor kit

    FAQs - Small Sewing Machine for Hemming

    How Do You Put a Bobbin In a Mini Sewing Machine?

    Putting a bobbin in a sewing machine is an easy task. Here are the steps to do it on the go.
    - Raise the presser foot
    - Make sure that the needle is in its highest position by turning the handwheel
    - Now open the hinged cover
    - Keep the bobbin case open until you insert the bobbin and the thread in a clockwise direction
    - Now put the thread to make sure that it passes through the slit
    - Lastly, close the hinged case as the bobbin is installed properly

    How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Quilting?

    Hard Space: Hard space of throat space is the amount of space available between the bed-plate and the needle. If the hard space of a mini sewing machine is less, then there is no chance that you can sew a king-sized quilt using it. More hard space means that you can easily sew the quilt.

    Knee Lift: Most of the modern sewing machines come with a foot pedal. But you should look for machines that have knee lift as it will make it easier for you to carry out the quilting process.

    Speed Control: If you are a new quilter, then you need a machine with a variable speed setting. Quilting with high speed has more chances of uneven and unclean stitches.

    Auto Thread Cutter: A sewing machine with automatic thread cutter will save a lot of your time and thread as you can cut the thread with a tap of a button. The best sewing machine with an automatic thread cutter is Varmax Mini (add a hyperlink in it).

    Needle Up/Down: The best sewing machines for quilters should have needle up/down functionality. If the needle is up while you are removing the quilt, then there is a chance of uneven stitching.
    Presser Foot Pressure: Adjustable foot pressure will help you while quilting. In the case of thin quilts, you need to apply more pressure while thick quilts require less of it.

    How to Reverse Stitch On a Singer Sewing Machine?

    Reverse sewing improves the neatness and the durability of the stitches, but making a reverse stitch requires a compatible sewing machine. If you have planned to buy a Singer sewing machine, then you can do reverse sewing with ease.

    Just engage the reverse sewing lever, and the machine will start stitching in a backward direction. It is similar to engaging the reverse gear of your car.

    How to Thread a Janome Mini Sewing Machine?

    - Start with placing the thread spool on the pin
    - Pull out enough thread
    - Follow the “How to thread a bobbin” process
    - Put the bobbin back in bobbin pin
    - Start winding the bobbin and finish it
    - Remove the bobbin


    These are some of the best mini sewing machines for hemming. Also, you will get decent after-sales service as these machines belong to renowned brands. Make sure to go through the FAQs section so that you can buy the best compact sewing machines that fit in your budget and is ideal as per your requirements.

    Happy Sewing!

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