The Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition) no doubt is one of the most loving games for people, whether a child or adult, everyone just loving this game. The game provides you with an adventure of galactic conquest, and it is so enthralling since in this game up to three to six players take enjoy together.

    Almost 20 years ago, when the first edition was released of Twilight Imperium, it has collected a massive range of people’s interest in it. Simultaneously this 4th edition for sure is going to keep you busy for long hours but with thrilling fun. Through this game, families can spend quality time with each other.

    Since this Twilight Imperium 4th edition review will satisfy you, why do people love it a lot that they are ready to spend a half-day on playing this game? This exciting game will make you explore the galaxy, and you’ll be loving it.

    Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Races

    Know Twilight Imperium 4th edition

    In Twilight Imperium, Only one will lead of 17 diverse factions competing for intergalactic domination. And you will engage in wars and trade negotiations, complete objectives, claim new planets, and pass laws, all in pursuit of 10 victory points. Use political maneuvering, economic bargaining, and, when all else fails, the military might get what you want.

    twilight imperium 4th edition review



    A speaker token will be randomly assigned to someone, but when the game starts simultaneously, this match will go first.


    This game comes with a home planet tile with matching home planet cards, and each player will receive a faction sheet, rectangle control tokens, two faction-specific technology cards, and triangle command tokens. A list of the starting units and starting technology will appear printed on the back of each faction sheet.

    Placing units

    The ships should be placed in space, whereas the starting units should be placed in your home system, planetary defense systems (PDS), infantry, as well as space docks, which are generally positioned on planets.

    Choose the color

    Each player takes the plastic units according to color preference and command sheet and technology cards that match that color. Eight command tokens will be placed by each player on their command sheet, two in strategy, three in tactics, and three in the fleet.

    The galaxy

    The galaxy is consists of a tiles system, which either includes anomalies, planets such as space, or supernova. Each world will consist of influence in blue and a resource in yellow. Whereas, the resources usually are utilized to buy technology or units, and power is an exercise to vote during the agenda phase and to gain tokens of command and.


    The cards for the secret objective will be a mix-up and be positioned near the board of the game.

    Victory point track

    On space zero of the victory point track, each player will place a token of control.

    Best Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Review and Buying Guide

    Secret objectives

    Every single player takes two secret target cards and holds one.

    Other components

    Along with D10 dice, there will be unlike eight strategy cards, commodity tokens/supply of trade, fighter tokens/infantry.

    How to play Twilight Imperium 4th edition Game?

    Published by Fantasy Flight Games-Twilight Imperium, is excitingly played over an exciting series of enthralling game rounds, whereas each round includes of four phases that are required to resolve in sequence.

    twilight imperium fourth edition review

    1. Strategy Phase

    With going clockwise, the game begins with the speaker; each player selects a card of strategy which will give dominant abilities throughout the phase of Action. The cards are as follows.

    Leadership –

    On the enabling of more actions, you will subsequently gain more command tokens throughout the action phase.


    This card is mainly used to reuse planets or prevent attacks.


    This card concludes for the next round, who’ll receive the speaker token and allowing you to represent action cards that provide you with exceptional abilities.


    Also, you build space docks or PDS units. PDS units are superior for planets defense, and to produce units, space docks are used.


    This card will allow you to trade to other players and trade goods to use upon commodities, technology/ units. Commodities turn into trade goods once bought; otherwise, they have no value on their own.


    To build units or shift the same units twice, A player may select this card and then change them in a similar turn.


    TO the technology card, a player may research new technology. This card upgrades your units or gives you powerful abilities.


    This card allows you to achieve secret objective cards and score extra victory points. This card for the Secret objective gives you further options to gain more points.

    2. Action Phase

    This phase belongs to one of the essential steps of Twilight Imperium, where you will resolve combat, move units interact with other players, use strategy cards, and produce new units. Players who are neighboring to your systems, you may also trade with them.

    You can do one of the following on your turn:

    A) Tactical Action – space combat, Move ships, produce more units, and invade planets.

    B) Strategic Action – Use your strategy card.

    C) Component Action – On action cards Utilize any ability, faction sheets, and technology that have the described with word Action.

    D) Pass – You can’t execute any additional actions or no longer wish for. The action phase is over once everyone has passed.

    3. Status Phase

    However, it is mainly a round of refreshing of Twilight Imperium since this status round includes scoring objectives, the below points followed in series:

    • Objectives Achievement.
    • Disclose a new objective.
    • Take action cards.
    • Take away command tokens commencing the board.
    • Redistribute tokens on the command sheet after Gain two command tokens and.
    • Prepare any (face-down cards) exhausted cards.
    • If applicable, Repair any units.
    • Return strategy cards.

    You need not remember all these points since all these instructions will come along with the Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Game.

    4. Agenda Phase

    In the middle, once the planet (Mecatol Rex) reaches, the agenda phase is unlocked. At last, the winner will be decided, and this is an exciting phase that you should try after purchasing this game.

    Best Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Review and Buying Guide

    Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Review FAQs

    How long does an average session last for this Twilight Imperium 4th edition game?

    An average session on this twilight Imperium lasts for about 4-5 hours. But it is sometimes based on players since, usually, players complete it within 3 hours, whereas others might take some long hours while enjoying it a lot.

    Does this twilight Imperium 4th edition game contain dice?

    Yes, you will get eight 10-sided dice in the box with this Twilight Imperium 4th Edition.

    How many players can play in this game at a time?

    This game can be played with 3 to 6 players.

    Final thoughts

    So overall, you can summarize it as Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Races game, since one after one, you’ll have to take numerous steps that make this game exciting with the coming of each level. So no doubt you’ll also love it since whoever the person play this game,

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    He or she can’t ignore its adventure of space. If you are also looking for an exciting match that completes your day, then without any delay, get to bring this game at your home and play with your family and friends.

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