Are you looking for a tankless water heater? Then you probably get to hear the name Rinnai a couple of times by people. Although, there’s no doubt why it is because Rinnai is one of the top-notch brands, serving brilliantly in the industry of water heating appliances.

    Rinnai is a brand that may already exist in your house because it is a widely renowned and trusted brand. Rinnai overall is famous for their expertise. Therefore just like their other extraordinary product, the brand brought an extremely helpful Rinnai V series HE Tankless Hot water heater.

    Yes, because it’s just not a hot water heater, but it is an instant water heater. Install it in your bathroom and fresh up your life. Forget all those traditional water heaters, since this system is entirely safe and tankless so you can trust over the product’s water heating functions.

    rinnai v series he tankless hot water heater outdoor installation

    Notable Points of Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater

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    Rinnai RU160iN Condensing Tankless Hot Water Heater, 9 GPM, Natural Gas, Indoor Installation
    • Endless Hot Water: Our tankless hot water heaters offer unlimited whole-home hot water flow and...
    • Energy and Space Efficient: The tankless design of this small hot water heater saves on space...
    • Optimal Water Pressure: With a hot water flow rate of up to 9 GPM, this tankless water heater...
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    Rinnai RU130iN Condensing Tankless Hot Water Heater, 7 GPM, Natural Gas, Indoor Installation
    • Endless Hot Water: Our tankless hot water heaters offer unlimited whole-home hot water flow and...
    • Energy and Space Efficient: The tankless design of this small hot water heater saves on space...
    • Optimal Water Pressure: With a hot water flow rate of up to 7 GPM, this tankless water heater...

    Tankless water heaters today are high in demand because they are also considered instant water heaters that instantly supply hot water if needed.

    As compared to traditional heaters, they don’t produce the energy losses that can save money. Although there are lots of water heaters available in the market, you’ll be choosing a high quality on picking up this Rinnai tankless water heater.

    Rinnai sets a high level of quality for itself. For instance, before shipment, all appliances are subjected to strict tests. The Canadian Standard Association has certified tankless hot water heater by Rinnai for their standard certification. They also comply with the American National Standards Institute’s strict standards.

    Endless Bathing Experience

    Again, you’ll never require to choose between taking a hot shower through piping, running the dishwasher, or doing a load of laundry. Now, you no need to thrilling with the freezing water of water and no require averting your habits of bathing. Just enjoy a beautiful hot bath with this Rinnai water heater. Because it is one of the best heaters in the modern age.

    Don’t waste it while you wait.

    Also, the Rinnai tankless water heaters are coming up as the best water heater with excellent perfection, because you get this water heater with ThermaCirc360 technology that evenly recirculates hot water through your pipes if you want to get instant hot water. Then this water heater definitely incorporates with the user’s choice.

    However, this technology has been making its water saver. For instance, you can waste a significant amount of water while you stand and wait for hot water to pass through your old tank to your shower, which is equivalent to twenty-four 16-ounce bottles of water every time. ─ that means an average of 8,700 bottles of water per person, per year.

    Conveniently Balanced With Space

    It is the distinctive feature and identifies this notable tankless hot water heater of which the great reviews are mainly coming from its size and shape. Because ordinary water heaters look odd and cover a lot of space.

    But the Compact design of this Rinnai heater allows non-traditional spaces that make installation much more uncomplicated. For instance, in such a crawl, attic, space, or even a closet, it can smoothly fit. The Rinnai tankless water heater is just the size of a small suitcase that can save 16 sq feet of space.

    Affordable, Efficient Savings

    These are the most common thing what customers high demands. So yes, all these salient qualities are fulfilled in this Rinnai water heater. The product is full Efficient, and as compared to water other water heaters that come along with tanks, this water heater cut CO2 emissions since it comes in a compact design means.

    Simultaneously, you can expect a huge from this water heater, because it not only consumes less energy but conserves water as well. Rather than all those traditional tanks, it uses 40% less energy. Moreover, this happens because, in this water heater, you heat water only when you need it.

    Strong Commitment

    Feel relaxed with the unparalleled efficiency and creativity of tankless water heater by Rinnai. Because this water heater fulfills all of your water heating needs. Ultimately that makes it considered to be the No. 1 gas tankless water heating brand all across countries.

    Your trustworthy Rinnai service provider will track the performance of your water heater and address problems with smart technological assistance such as monitoring with Wi-Fi, before a break-in operation. So yes, they’re actively committed to their product.

    Sustainable Reliability

    For now and for the future, it is a smart investment that provides you with something special which already combining with efficiency and durability. With this premium product, you’ll save–both money and worry–in the long make it easy to switch components over buying a new device.

    Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater

    Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater Reviews & FAQ's


    • Simple outdoor fixture
    • Light in weight.
    • Enormous hot water supply
    • Specific warranty
    • Advanced technology
    • The long-lasting life expectancy of the tank
    • Replicable components

    Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater Reviews & FAQ's


    • You may have to spend extra cost for Rinnai v series the tankless water heater on an outdoor installation

    Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater FAQs

    How do I increase the water temp on the Rinnai v65en? Does it come with a remote control so I can increase the water temp from inside the house?

    Yes, It has an indoor wall mounted remote. Kind of looks like an AC control. Do not buy the water filter. They suggest it froze and cracked the one night freeze New Orleans had last week and burst. Otherwise, it works fantastic.

    Can this be mounted in a garage or carport?

    It's an external unit meant to be mounted outside. It's not meant to be "IN" for an apparent reason.

    Does this unit need electricity?

    Yes, An electric receptacle needs to be installed near the unit. If it is outside, the receptacle housing needs to be the waterproof type. It should also be a GFI.


    Final thoughts
    Rinnai is famous for its water its instant water heating quality. With efficiency, it values space. Especially if you have a small bathroom, then it is the only thing that you should buy right now.

    Rinnai’s tankless boilers are most excellent because they are able to handle many fixtures at the same time. That is undoubtedly an actual thing that distinguishes Rinnai from the competition. So no doubt why this water heater is giving a fierce competition to other water heating systems.

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    Lastly, Wi-Fi monitoring is also a salient quality that enables the use of this product without any grievances. So from the installation till the use of this water heating system Rinnai has noted down each thing and delivered with trust to their customers, and unquestionably you’ll be loving it if you bring it your home.

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