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    TimTam Power Massager V1.5  – After a long tiresome day, nothing can be better rather than a comfy massage. Since all humans have somewhat stress in their life, resulting sometimes, you often feel pain in your body. Or else after a long, intense workout, you feel some pain in your body, or you love doing a warm-up before exercise. Then only a perfect massage can provide you with the ideal relief.

    Because in most of the occasions, blood flow stops inside your body, and it can also cause some pain in your body, especially in muscles area. Therefore, massage is an ideal method that provides excellent relief to your entire body.

    There are a lot of massage products available in the market, they will all look the same to you and if you find it challenging to find the best one, then without any doubt you should bring this TimTam Power Massager v1.5 at your home since it is a new generation massager that gives you the utmost level of massage experience.

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    Salient features – TimTam Power Massager V1.5

    If you are also in search of a most relaxing splendid massager, then only trust on The Tim Tam Power Massager, since it is a fantastic product that is renowned as the most profound tissue percussion massager.

    You can utilize this massager as a warm-up before exercise to loosen up the bunches and strain in exhausted muscles in the body and also can help you in muscle recuperation after a workout.

    Trigger Point Metal Tip:

    The TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Handheld Muscle Massager is made out of aluminum of flying machine grade, and it is TimTam’s most precise tip. It’s utilized to slacken muscles in issue zones by using the trigger point method.

    Warm Up Metal Tip:

    The warm-up metal tip is also Made of aluminum of airship grade. The consistent surface of this metal tip is incredible for muscle warming before an exercise. It also provides a better rub to back than the typical elastic ball attachment.

    Round Hot & Cold Tip:

    The connection is composed of silicone and functions as a connection like of standard elastic ball. It can be very nicely set in the cooler until it is ready to be used.

    Like the Cold Tip, the hot tip is also silicon-made. Before using it, it will be better if you heat it for 15 seconds. Warmth relaxes the body and improves blood circulation.

    Level metal warm-up tip:

    The contact on the chest and also the quads sounds incredible and is much less sensitive than the trigger point; that’s why they see it as a warm-up tip.

    Two plastic hot tips:

    This TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Review signifies that it is a next-level thing for a handheld massager since it using warmth to warm-up or solidified surface to chill off. This is a slick element.

    Easy to Use:

    If you find massager complicated, then don’t worry, since the TimTam massager is a handheld secure to use the massage device. It is easy to use since you have to place it in a particular area and subsequently pull the trigger.

    However, other massage tools require to apply force, but there’s nothing with this massager. Because the power of the TimTam feature does entire things for you!

    Recapitulation Blade:

    This connection will help you to move forward with more intense muscle advancement in more competitive or clear body territories.

    Sturdy and Reliable:

    While you’ll be using TimTam, you wouldn’t be facing any problems with the battery, such as you don’t need to fear if it will be cocking out, or any overheating issue device. Indeed it is quite a reliable and sturdy product.

    Battery Life

    The TimTam Power Massager comes with a long battery life as you can run it for long 30 minutes, which is not a significant problem if you use it for individual applications.

    It has been revolutionary in such a manner that for 2-3 minutes, a single session can be applied continuously without any further application. Thirdly, this product also comes with auxiliary force batteries, that are the best part of it.

    I suggest an external battery if you are a mentor and looking to make use of this device in your unit. Ultimately, the charging port is particular, so that batteries can be swapped and used easily while the other batteries are charged.

    TimTam Power Massager V1.5

    TimTam Power Massager V1.5 Review


    • Helps break down knots, increase blood flow & release stored lactic acid
    • Delivers up to 2000 strokes per minute
    • A patent-pending threaded shaft provides durability and superior performance
    • Comes standard with a lithium-ion battery, charger, carrying case and a round massage tip
    • Easy shaft connection
    • 90-degree articulating head & suite of tips give the Power Massager unmatched application
    • Advantageous and transportable
    • Redeems time
    • Redeems cash
    • Material is of premium quality: There are strength and weight in the item, and the equipment utilized

    TimTam Power Massager V1.5 Review


    • Fiddling touch
    • There is just one speed
    • The engine gets boisterous
    • Short Battery Span

    TimTam Power Massager V1.5 Review

    TimTam Power Massager FAQs

    Do you have to hold the trigger for this TimTam power massager v1.5 to work?

    Yes, you will have to hold the trigger for this TimTam to work consistently.

    How would I use this TimTam power massager on my upper back without somebody helping me?

    If you are initiating self-therapy, then reaching the upper back and middle are often seems to be the toughest thing. So, if no one else available to reach some of these places, then you can use this TimTam and extend the articulating head and reach over or around your shoulders.

    Is this compatible with 220v?

    Yes. The charger is rated up to 240V. You are able to use it in any geographic region on the globe.


    The TimTam Power Massager is including a hot connection, a cold connection, and a sharp edge formed plan, which they are calling the Recovery Blade that makes it perfect since it comes with up to six connection heads. Special purchase is required for these heads. This is the main handheld massager that I’ve known about that offers a warmed or cold tip or a sharp edge.

    This deep muscle massager, the second generation TimTam provides excellent strength and a patentable threaded shaft that increases longevity and overall performance. This therapeutic heavy-duty rhythm therapy helps cut loops, improve blood circulation, and trigger lactic acid.

    It’s perfect for chronic back pain, too. Also, this deep muscle stimulator ultimately “heals” the target area passes signals to the brain that your body is feeling perfect calm. So overall, the TimTam Power Massager Reviews clear that it is one of the best massagers that you ever had.

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