Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap Review 2024 – The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is the perfect trap for the shooters wanting to own a trap that will definitely help them to improve their shooting skills.

    It is an exciting shooting-range accessory that heap targets naturally and fire them off into the distance. It is quite popular in the whole business of shooting.

    It is lightweight and has a two-wheeled frame with pull handle. It can fire up to 50 targets at once. The new Easybird Wobbler is useful for a variety of flight paths, and its flawless activity makes it be known as “King of the Air”.

    champion wheelybird auto feed trap thrower review

    Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap Review

    Why Should You Buy Champion Wheelybird Auto-feed Trap?


    The Champion Wheelybird has a compact and stylish design. It is sturdy and durable. It weighs 48 pounds and with a dimension of 26 x 12 x 12 inches. It is lightweight, ultra-mobile, and easy to carry. It also has a pull handle that makes it easier for customers to move the trap from one place to the other.


    This product has this unique flexible launch angle feature. Clients always look for customized features, and this flexible launch angle feature helps them to make shooting quite more interesting. The flexible launch angle system allows users to customize their settings to their preferences. It helps you to shoot down targets starting up to 30 degrees of elevation.


    The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap is quite easy to assemble. It takes only a few moments. First, you need to connect the deep cycle battery to the trap. You can get the 12-volt battery from any auto store. This full charged 12-volt battery helps you to enjoy around 3,000 throws. This trap is easy to use, store, and easy to transport.


    You can experience up to 55 yards of launch distance while shooting clays from this tool. The champion Wheelybird auto-feed trap is highly efficient in sending clay targets high up into the air. This 55-yard launch range is pretty much impressive in the industry of shooting.


    This device has a lightweight construction. Thus it is convenient for users to use this product as the lightweight design makes the task of loading clays into this device quite easier. It is user-friendly. Due to its lightweight structure, it is easy to take anywhere. You can carry it along with you wherever you go.


    The target capacity of this device for a single magazine is 50 targets. A charged 12-volt battery can be purchased separately by the customer. It can be used to shoot 3,000 clays without recharging the battery. This makes this device highly convenient and enables users to have fun for a long time before taking a break to charge it again.


    It has Champion’s EasyBird Wobbler that makes the trap ideal for back-forty shooting and lengthy practice sessions with friends. You can perform high-volume throwing with ease. The new Easybird Wobbler vertically oscillates for a variety of flight paths and has flawless activity.


    Another great feature of this trap is that you can operate it by yourself efficiently with the foot pedal. You just have to step on the pedal and initiate the shooting.


    This device also has another unique feature, and that is the presence of a 25-foot release pedal cord. You can step on this pedal and operate the trap on your own. This pedal cord makes it simple to start a launch from varying shooting positions.


    This product also has an on/off/safe-release switch, which helps in the process of operation and disarm, proves helpful in the situations when needed. It also has an arm path indicator ring guard along with the switch.


    Champion Wheelybird clay thrower has a good capacity, and it is capable of holding up to 50 clays at a time. This means that you can keep continually shooting with the help of this feature without the need to stop and fill. With a cycle time of 2 seconds, this product of Bushnell will keep you on your toes.

    champion wheelybird auto clay trap thrower

    Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap Review

    Frequently bought together


    This great thrower comes with an instructional DVD. This DVD includes all the instructions you need to know about using and handling the thrower, like how to assemble the thrower, along with the direction of how to adjust it and operate. With the help of this DVD, you can assemble this trap with an hour.

    Champion Wheelybird Clay Thrower


    • 55-Yard Maximum Launch Distance.
    • Convenient Foot Pedal Launching Mechanism.
    • Adjustable Launch Angle.
    • Hopper Capacity: 50 Clay Targets.
    • Approximately 3000throw on a fully charged battery.


    • Battery not included.
    • Can expose you to Di (2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP).
    • Metal poles are not sturdy.

    FAQs - Champion Wheelybird Wobbler

    What is the weight of this champion Wheekybird auto-feed trap?

    This trap approximately weighs 48.1 pounds. It is quite lightweight, and this feature of the trap makes it user-friendly. Because of its lightweight design, it is easy to handle, and you can carry it along with you wherever you go. It is easy to use, handle, and transport.

    Does this champion Wheelybird model, come with a foot pedal?

    Yes, this champion, Wheelybird model, comes with a foot pedal. It has a 25-foot release pedal cord on the manual foot launcher. It helps you to shoot from various positions. This feature makes it user-friendly.

    Can conventional extension cords be added to extend the release button?

    Yes, you can use the conventional extension cords. According to the champion Wheelybird auto-feed trap review, you can cut the cord, install female and a male extension plugs to the two ends. Then you can use up to standard length or extend with whatever length extension cord you want. It is easy and works great.

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    Final Thoughts

    Champion Wheelybird Auto-feed Trap is one of the best devices available in the market right now. You can purchase this auto-feed trap to take your shooting skills to another level. Plus, it has a foot pedal so you can shoot the feed with more focus.

    This product proves to be suitable for many different types of customers. This device can be used by the beginner shooters for the practice sessions. It can also be used for entertainment purposes, too, for example, shooting with friends and family, etc. Thus, users can compete in shooting competitions, friendly practices, or casual fun with the help of this product.

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    1. I purchased my first Champion at the Cabelas in Ft Worth. I am now in my third unit after returning the first two for the same reason, the crappy remote foot pedal. The third one has the same problem. Champion won’t reply to my complaints and right now I’d like my money back. I’ve done all I can to support the product and a US company but no more. Do not buy a Champion Skeet Thrower!

    2. Have had my champion wheelybird for about 11/2 years, used less than A dozen times, now it is broken. Will not throw, l assume needs new motor. Would not recommend it’s junk.

    3. I need some parts for my champion whirlybird target thrower.
      Can you tell me where to pull up a parts list? Thanks

    4. Thomas j Gilson on

      My remote control failed with less than 100 throws. Want to buy the foot pedal rig. I have a Wheely Bird 11. Please advise how to proceed with the purchase.

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