skil 10-inch table saw with folding stand 3410-02

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand 3410-02 Review & FAQ’s 2021

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand 3410-02 Reviews

Skil 10 Table Saw with Stand

In order to buy power tools according to the needs and requirements is what a brainer person is. In the market or online, you will get countless table saw that are expensive and with a bunch of features. But the thing is you have to choose best out of the rest in terms of productivity, work, quality, affordable and most essentially performance.

When you think affordable, this doesn’t mean cheap, don’t give quality, it means it will be according to the individual budget. Now, you will come to know about that table saw that fits this description and will be suitable for the application. It is a SKIL 10-inch table saw with folding stand 3410-02.

skil 10-inch table saw with folding stand 3410-02

Bestseller No. 1
SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand
  • 20-inch x 26-inch cast aluminum table extends to 20-inch x 32-inch for longer work pieces
  • 3-1/2-Inch cut height capacity for cutting through 4x materials
  • Heavy-duty steel stand for fast setup and easy transport. Bevel angle range:0° to 47°

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

In the world of technology, it is a new invention that makes the work easy, faster, and convenient. So, let’s start and have a look at its advanced features: –


This is one of the surpassed factors to consider while shopping for the table saw. Well, after reading the review, you will come to know that it is cheap, but it will not disappoint the individual in terms of precision. It is a highly accurate table saw that reads every measurement correctly as it has an EZ viewpoint. That’s why accurate the measurement is, the excellent can be the precise cut.

World-class quality

The fence and the folding table of SKIL 10 corded table saw with foldingstand are excellently made so that person will not face any trouble while cutting as it also delivers precise cutting. Even more, for the beginners as well, this table saw is very easy to use.

When the person shops for any of the equipment like this table saw, they will look for quality first no matter what the price is. So, this SKIL 3410-02 table saw is entirely made for your comfort and high performance.

Highly safe

This is another crucial feature that every individual looks for while shopping table saw that is safety. SKIL 3410-02 table saw offer three comfortable and secure to operate functions. They are: –

  • Blade guard – it is also called barrier guard. Its main aim is to contain splinters, broke blade teeth, and various pieces of wood side by side, keeping sawdust right at the source.
  • Riving knife – for extra safety, this blade guard is also supported by a riving knife or splinter that helps to keep the kerf of the cut split. This helps the work from directly pinching the blade.
  • Kickback pawls – this prevents the person from serious injuries both from riving knife and blade guard due to kickbacks.

skil 10 corded table saw with folding stand

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand 3410-02 Review & FAQ's 2021

Bestseller No. 1
SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw - TS6307-00
  • RACK AND PINION FENCE RAILS – Ensures fence stays parallel to blade for fast, smooth, and...
  • INTEGRATED FOLDING STAND – Legs quickly fold in to provide portability and convenient storage
  • PARALLEL BLADE ALIGNMENT – Available micro-adjustment of blade so that it is parallel to rip...
Bestseller No. 2
BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100XC-10
  • Powerful table saw has 15-Amp saw with 4.0 max HP and 3,650 rpm, for rip-cutting and cross...
  • Dimensions: 32.5" D x 27" L x 13" H, Product weight: 94 lb
  • Soft-start circuitry – manages intensity of motor start-up and minimizes the likelihood...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Skil 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw - MS6305-00
  • POWERFUL 15 AMP MOTOR - Delivers 4,800 RPM for quick, detailed cuts
  • DUAL BEVEL – Perform cuts in four positive stop positions at 48° & 45° left, 0°, and 45°...
  • LED SHADOW LINE - Provides high precision cuts with greater accuracy than lasers
SaleBestseller No. 4
SKIL 16-5/16 In. Magnesium Worm Drive Skilsaw Circular Saw - SPT70V-11
  • 6-1 by4 inch cutting capacity for one-and-done, clean cuts through 6x and lumber up to 6-1 by4...
  • Largest capacity worm drive circular saw that delivers relentless power for the biggest jobs
  • Tough, durable magnesium die-cast footplate ensures accurate cuts every time; All magnesium...
Bestseller No. 5
DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)
  • Portability: Compact size for ease of transportation and storage
  • Easy adjustments: Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth...
  • Variety of cuts: 24.5 inches of rip capacity for ripping 4x8 plywood or OSB sheets

Frequently bought together

Bestseller No. 1
Concord Blades WCB1200T120HP 12-Inch 120 Teeth TCT General Purpose Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade
  • Professional quality, construction grade for ripping & crosscutiing of thick hardwoods up to 3...
  • For use on Miter Saws, Circular Saws, Table Saws, Hand Saws and Chop Saws. RPM up to 4,500
  • Ideal for cutting Hard Wood, Soft Wood, Exotic Wood and Abrasive Wood.

Excellent performance

When you think of performance, then this SKIL 3410-02 table saw has a maximum rip capacity of 24.25 inches at 45 degrees. When you compare, this table saw with any other expensive table, saw then SKIL gets a high rate because they offer 15 inches rip.

Heavy-duty steel and cast aluminum

SKIL 3410-02 folding stand is made up of heavy-duty steel and cast aluminum that delivers high durability and reliability while working. With this steel stand, you can set up quick and easy work and also best for storage.

Powerful motor

After watching the size of the table, you will be surprised to see that how come such a small table saw have a powerful motor. But this is true. SKIL 3410-02 has a 15-amp motor, which is strong enough to cut some severe hardwood. Means as long as your table saw blade is perfect and of high-quality motor preciously cut the wood.

Highly durable

According to the price, you will think that it will not work for a long time. But, SKIL 3410-02 has some flimsy plastic, but it will work for a long time and delivers highly accurate results.

Easy to use

The SKIL 3410-02 table saw is very easy while using even for beginners. All the features are easy to use be in precise cut, assembling, power switch, etc. Even more, it saves energy, and you will not be worried about high electricity bills.


This feature of portability delivers great convenience means you can commute this table saw anywhere and do the cutting work. Its average weight is 67 lbs, not too bad in terms of portability. Although it also comes with stand by which you can say becomes heavy.

Comes with three years warranty

SKIL 3410-02 table saw is backed up with three years official warranty. Moreover, if you face any of the issues while using this table saw, you can anytime contact the most trusted company. This means they are just a phone call away.

Pros & Cons: Skil 10 Corded Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • Assembling is very easy and quick
  • Design is very compact
  • Have the ability to cut faster than any other sturdy lumber
  • Portable with foldable design
  • Lavish worktop
  • SKIL table saw is made up of cast aluminum and steel for higher durability
  • Highly safe saw


  • Dust collection port is not them
  • Have native blade that only cuts smooth wood
  • Plastic part cracks easily

Skil 10 Table Saw with Stand FAQs

What is the right rip capacity of the SKIL 3410-02 10-inch table saw with folding stand?

If you compare this model with another company table, it saw its rip capacity is quite low. This means it has 24.5 to 25 inches capacity with a side extension of rear outfeed support that makes the cut precise.

Can this saw cut 24 inches wide?

Well, this SKIL 3410-02 table saw has perfect side extension and rear outfeed support that easily cuts 24-inch-widewood with accurate measurements. On the other hand, while cutting, it delivers excellent performance and precision in terms of measurement.

Does SKIL 3410-02 table saw comes with a saw blade?

Yes, of course, this table saw has 28 teeth carbide-tipped blade, which is highly accurate and excellent quality. While using, you will notice that it has very fine ripping but offer very quite lousy for cross-cutting.

Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand 3410-02 Review & FAQ's 2021

After reading the above specifications and features, you might have taken a decision that this SKIL 10 table saw with stand has very advanced features. This power tool is compact and portable that can easily carry your work inaccurate way. Even more, it also best for beginners and experienced individuals as well.

If you talk about its quality, this little table saw is a hidden gem, and you will lose something precious if you don’t buy it.

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