What is Black Friday & When is Black Friday in US 2024?

    For shoppers across the globe, Black Friday isn’t like any other day! It is a day when the shoppers can shop for thousands of products for Christmas at irresistible discounts. Not just the offline stores but the online stores like Amazon offer some exciting discounts that give you the chance to purchase your favorite products for the price you may have never thought before.

    Black Friday in US 2020 - Get Ready to Avail Great Deals - BestCartReviews

    But what is Black Friday, and what it is in the year 2024? Get all your answers below in this article.

    What is Black Friday?

    You might be wondering what black Friday is and why it is termed as black and not any other positive color. Back in the year 1960, black and red were the two colors used to indicate the profit and loss. That year businesses made a whopping profit, and it was termed as the Black Friday.

    Ever since then, people are celebrating this day by shopping for Christmas.

    Why is Black Friday a huge success?

    When retailers saw that a massive crowd came for shopping on the discounted days, then the concept of Black Friday caught fire, and it spread across the globe like a forest fire. Not just the gadget stores but also other outlets also offer discounts in the name of Black Friday.

    When is Black Friday?

    The Black Friday is on Friday, November 27, 2024. But the deals may be available a week before or some days before depending on the policies of the store.

    Where Can I Find more Information about the Sale and Deals?

    Finding the best deals in the sale can be daunting as you can land on a fake website that claims to reward you with coupons but at the end you will get nothing.

    BestCartReviews is a reliable site that will keep you updated about the deals you can expect in the Black Friday sale. We cover a lot of categories of products for your home like: home automation, gadgets, fitness, kitchen appliances and much more so you will get everything in one place with us.

    Keep visiting the site as we will upload the required information as we get it from the respective sites where you can shop for stuff during this sale.

    Furthermore, we don’t charge anything. You will get all the valuable information for free.

    Is Black Friday a national holiday?

    Black Friday isn’t an official holiday, and everything will be up and running as usual.

    Tips to get the best discounts during Black Friday

    Black Friday - Get Ready to Avail Great Deals

    To get the best discounts on electronics, accessories, bathing equipment, and other gadgets like pool cleaners you have to follow the below-mentioned tips.

    Visit our site regularly

    Visit our website regularly to check if we have updated anything about the coming discounts. We will update the discounted deals and more information once the stores release their policies and the categories that will be available under the discount.

    Avoid scams

    Never buy coupons or anything from untrustworthy sites as you can end up losing your money. We will not charge you anything for the information on discounted deals. Also, we don’t sell any coupons so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us.

    Prepare a list

    When you know what categories are under discount, then you can prepare a list of what you want to buy. These sales are so irresistible that these can leave you baffled and you will forget what to buy and whatnot.

    Buy on the very first day

    Shopping on the very first day allows you to enjoy the discounts which can be pulled back after some time. The first days of the sale are important, and you can get the best deals because first comes first serve.

    Final Thoughts

    This year the Black Friday sale in the USA will be different due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 But you can enjoy shopping in online stores while safely sitting at your home.

    Stay tuned with us to get more updates about the upcoming sale where you can buy a lot of things at discounted prices.

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