Top Best Robot Coupe Immersion Blender (Tested) Reviews 2020

Top Best Robot Coupe Immersion Blender Reviews 2020

Best Immersion Blenders in 2020 – I always prefer to have a kitchen tool that is versatile and easy to clean. So, if you want the same versatile kitchen appliance, then these immersion blenders are for you.

An immersion blender is an excellent kitchen tool for multipurpose. You can use it for pureeing, emulsifying, whisking eggs, preparing smoothies, cocktails, and a lot more tasks.

Unlike bulky mixer grinders, food processors and juicers, which only perform limited tasks and are challenging to clean. These immersion blenders are super easy to clean and can perform multiple tasks in less than one minute.

Isn’t it great, right!

In this article, we’ve selected the best commercial immersion blender from Robot Coupe. Our review team has picked them after testing a bunch of immersion blenders. And we are pretty much convinced of their performance.

So, let us start reviewing the best Robot Coupe Blenders

About Top Best Robot Coupe Immersion Blender Reviews

Robot Coupe is one of the most trustworthy brands in the world of kitchen appliances. The company is manufacturing the best quality and affordable kitchen appliances over the past five decades, including immersion blenders, commercial blenders, mixer grinders, food processors, and juicers.

These kitchen appliances are user-friendly and have the best quality features that make your kitchen work easier. Robot Coupe immersion blenders help in performing various kitchen tasks like making purees, smoothies, blending fruits, and also helps in preparing cocktails.

Top Best Robot Coupe Immersion Blender Reviews

Best Immersion Blender Reviews by BestCartReviews

#1 Robot Coupe MicroMix Immersion Blender

Bestseller No. 1
Robot Couple Robot Coupe MicroMix Power Mixer
  • Robot Coupe MicroMix Power MixerThe Robot Coupe MicrioMix 7 immersion hand blender features a...
  • New bell design for even speedier performance. A powerful and ultra-quiet appliance.Sturdiness
  • These attachments are driven by a powerful but quiet 220 watt motor with a variable speed...

Best Robot Coupe MicroMix Immersion Blender Reviews

Versatility and durability, this Robot Coupe Stick Blender provides you with both features for acceptable performance. From crushing to chopping, blending fruits to make desserts, to whisking and emulsifying eggs, this machine helps you in performing all tasks within 60 seconds.

It has a stainless-steel blade that is capable of chopping cooking ingredients smoothly.

The powerful 220 Watts motor provides a variable speed of 1500-14,000 rpm. With this much rotating speed, you can blend ingredients effortlessly.

The detachable blades ensure easy cleaning. You can easily detach these blades for optimum sanitation. Also, all the parts of the blender are dishwasher safe.

Its vertical design fits perfectly in the kitchen without dominating the space. You can also hang it on your kitchen wall too. With its Turbo speed controlling button, you can easily control the speed for perfect blending.

Though it looks simple and elegant, still, it is powerful enough for preparing consistent sauces, smoothies, purees, whisking, and chopping.
Regardless of its size, I’d recommend this blender for your kitchen. It is worthy of having a Robot Coupe blender in this affordable price range.

Robot Coupe MicroMix Immersion Blender Reviews


  • Detachable blades
  • Turbo speed
  • Powerful motor
  • Assemble design
  • Lightweight and highly affordable


  • No accessories
  • Easily hot

#2 Robot Coupe MMP 160 VV Power Mixer

Bestseller No. 1
Robot Coupe MMP 160 VV Mini Power Mixer
  • Handle designed for easy grip and effortless use.
  • Variable speed button for easier use and speed control.
  • Blades and shaft can all be taken apart for cleaning, to ensure perfect sanitation.

Best Robot Coupe MMP 160 VV Power Mixer Reviews

If you are looking for a blender that doesn’t consume a lot of space, then this mini immersion blender is for you. Despite its small size, it can perform a variety of functions such as blending, crushing, and preparing purees.

The 240-Watt powerful motor provides excellent performance. Also, the 7inch shaft length with an S-shape blade is perfect for crushing the toughest cooking ingredients with ease.

With its unique portable design, it reduces muscle efforts too. You can handle it with ease and operate it for long hours.

The best part of this Robot Coupe blender is that it is dishwasher safe. You can easily clean it in a dishwasher without getting injured with its blades.

This Robot Coupe immersion blender is perfect for handling five-liter processing capacity. It offers you continuous blending for hours without getting hot.

And it also has a speed control button so that you can have control over the blending speed as per your needs. Also, the detachable cord features allow instant disassembling in case any defect arises during operating.

It has everything that makes it a perfect immersion blender.

Robot Coupe MMP 160 VV Power Mixer Reviews


  • Portable size
  • 7inch shaft length
  • Five-liter processing capacity
  • Affordable
  • 240Watt power


  • Less variable speed

#3 Robot Coupe CMP 250 VV Compact Power Mixer

Bestseller No. 1
Robot Coupe CMP 250 VV Compact Power Mixer
  • There is a $100 min. order requirement from this manufacturer

Best Robot Coupe CMP 250 VV Compact Power Mixer Reviews

If you don’t want to compromise with the size, then this professional immersion blender is perfect for you. It has a ten-inch-long shaft that offers remarkable performance. With speed controlling button, the operator can easily control its speed according to their need.

The powerful 250VV capacity motor ensures excellent performance. You can easily blend any cooking ingredients such as nuts, ice effortlessly. Its Stainless-steel S-shape reverse blade allows perfect blending.

Also, it’s easy to disassemble design and makes it super easy to clean. You can easily detach its blade and cord for and clean it.

It comes with a stainless-steel hand free resting base, which allows you to hang it on the kitchen wall easily.

The Robot Coupe immersion blender is perfect to handle your daily kitchen requirement effortlessly. Also, its versatile speed controlling features makes it worthy enough to handle your bulk kitchen work.

The 10-inch-long shaft ensures perfect blending, pureeing, and emulsifying. You can prepare food items for making delicious soups and desserts.

You will also have an additional benefit from the one-year warranty period, which saves your time and effort in repairing it. The company is reliable in repairing or replacing it if it gets damaged within the warranty period.

Robot Coupe CMP 250 VV Compact Power Mixer Reviews


  • Ten-inch-long shaft
  • Easy to disassemble design
  • Speed controlling button
  • 250VV powerful motor
  • S-shape reversible blade


  • It is a little costly

Buying Guide-Things to Consider Before Buying Best Robot Coupe Immersion Blender

Amazon is having a flood of immersion blenders. These blenders are available at different prices range and a lot of more exciting features.

Thus, selecting the best commercial immersion blender becomes trickier.

So, here in this article, we’ve compiled up all the essential things that you need to consider before purchasing a blender.

This buyer guide will help you to compare immersion blenders on Amazon and select the best for you according to your needs.


Only a reputable brand will serve you with the best quality products. So, make sure to look after the brand name when you are going to purchase an immersion blender for you.

This is because a responsible and trustworthy brand takes the responsibility of your product in case any defect arises in them.

Also, you are going to make a long-term investment in your kitchen tool, so it must be of the best quality and have a reputable brand name.
For example, Robot Coupe is one of the trustworthy brands which offers the best quality kitchen tools.


Speed of the blender is the second most important thing to consider before you buy an immersion blender for you.

Usually, immersion blenders come with a variable speed control button, which ensures variable speed from 2000 rpm to 15000rpm.

However, there are some models also available on Amazon which have less variable speed or a single speed option. You can select according to your preference.

IF you have bulk work, then always prefer to have an immersion blender that offers maximum speed for consistent blending. And if you have regular kitchen work, then you should prefer having a single-speed model.

For example, Robot Coupe MMP Power Mixer offers a variable speed of 14000rpm and easily handles bulk work.

Easy to clean

An easy to clean design is always preferable. This is obvious because you don’t like to waste your time in cleaning. So, I always prefer to have an immersion blender that has a detachable design.

Usually, these immersion blenders come with an easily detachable blade that ensures effortless clean. You can easily remove the blades and clean them.

Robot Coupe MM 160 Power Mixer, Robot Coupe Compact 250Watt immersion blender are some of the examples of best devices that have easy to clean design.

Also, make sure to look after a detachable cord feature too before purchasing the best blender for you to ensure complete safety. There are some other models also available on Amazon which do not have this feature. So, choose wisely according to your preference.

Power motor

A powerful motor is the most significant thing to consider while purchasing the best blender for you. This is because only a powerful motor can support bulk blending work with ease.

Usually, the Turbo motor of 100Watt or 1500Watt is preferable by the operator. With this much power, you can blend and crush the toughest ingredients such as ice, nuts, and emulsify milk.

But the blender with a low power motor says 500Watt is not capable of supporting bulk blending work. Also, these kinds of mixers only support light blending. And may get hot if used for the long run.

So, always prefer to have a blender with high-voltage power so that you can blend your cooking ingredients consistently and effortlessly.
The above-mentioned immersion blenders have powerful Turbo motor, which provides you with optimum performance.


Some buyers prefer to have accessories with their immersion blenders like a pitcher, wall mounting hanger, etc. These accessories allow smooth operation and storing. So, make sure to look after the accessories while purchasing the best blender for you.

Usually, the immersion blenders come with a pitcher so that you can hold your ingredients with ease in the container while some others have a hand-free wall hanger so that you can mount your blender on walls easily after using it.

So, always prefer to have accessories with your blender. There are several models available on Amazon which provide these kinds of accessories with mixers. You can select according to your requirements.

Best Robot Coupe Blenders Review FAQs

Can this mini immersion blender support bulk requirements?

Yes, the Robot Coupe mini immersion blender can easily handle a job up to 7-liter large in capacity. These blenders are specially designed to handle commercial requirements. They have a compact design and are sturdy enough to handle maximum blending at a time.

Moreover, they also have a variable speed controlling button so that the operator can easily control the speed according to your preference.

But if you want to have a blender for commercial use, then there are some other models also available on You can select according to your needs.

Do I get a pitcher with a Robot Coupe MicroMix immersion blender?

No, you will not get the pitcher with Robot Coupe MicroMix immersion blender. But if you prefer to have a pitcher with an immersion blender, then there are specific models also provided by Robot Coupe, which have a jar with it.

Also, there are some other brands available on Amazon which provide certain accessories with blenders like wall mounting hangers, pitcher and a lot more.

You can select by checking these accessories and choose wisely for you.

What if the motor of the blender gets damaged within the warranty period? Do I get any replacement facility in that case?

The majority of blenders provided by Robot Coupe comes with a one-year warranty period. However, somehow the motor of the blender gets damaged then the company is reliable in replacing it.

If the damage is minor, then they repair it free of cost. But if the defect is major and not able to be repaired, then the company also compensates with your loss either by paying back to you or by replacing it.

There are many reputable brands also available on Amazon, which provides a maximum warranty period. You can select amongst them as per your needs.

Are immersion blenders ideal for blending hot liquids?

Yes, you can use these immersion blenders even for blending hot liquids and ingredients for making purees.

The majority of blenders can handle high-temperature liquid easily. This means you can blend your hot ingredients too. But make sure to take some precautions while handling hot cooking ingredients as they may spill on you.

Thus, I always prefer to blend carefully when blending hot mixtures. You can wait for a while before blending to avoid any mis-happening.

Is there any blender available in an affordable price range?

Yes, there are many immersion blenders available in an affordable price range. For example, the Robot Coupe mini blender comes in between $200 to $300.

However, there are certain models also available on Amazon that fits in your budget range. You can choose wisely according to your budget.

Bestseller No. 1
OXO 11166400 Good Grips 4-Cup Squeeze & Pour Silicone Measuring Cup with Stay-Cool Pattern,Clear
  • Flexible Silicone Cup is microwave safe and ideal for melting butter, chocolate and more
  • Honeycomb pattern on outer wall keeps hands protected from heat
  • Ideal shape for use with an immersion blender
Bestseller No. 2
New Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cups, 30-ounce
  • Stainless steel with satin polish interior and mirror finish exterior
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Dishwasher safe
Bestseller No. 3
Elechomes 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender with 800W Powerful Motor, 304 Stainless Steel Stick Blender,...
  • MULTI-USE HAND BLENDER: A 4-in-1 immersion hand blender with adjustable speed settings and...
  • EAST TO CLEAN & SAFE: The accessories can be cleaned with water or dishwasher (except engine...
  • OWERFUL MOTOR & EXCELLENT QUALITY: 800-watt pure copper motor provides sufficient power and is...


Blenders are portable kitchen device devices that can handle our majority of kitchen tasks effortlessly. They not only help in handling kitchen work but also are highly affordable. Also, they have a simple and elegant design that can fit comfortably in any kitchen.

But whenever we think of buying the best quality immersion blender, we always end up either scrolling Amazon or purchase something which is not worthy for us.

So, here we’ve compiled up a buying guide so that you can select the best product for you. Also, we have reviewed some of the best Robot Coupe immersion blenders that can perfectly fit your budget.

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